Blah blah Brandon Jennings blah blah Contract blah blah Agent blah blah Max

Below are words about this guy’s contract. (Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)

Brandon Jennings switched agents recently.

Brandon Jennings is a restricted free agent this summer.

Brandon Jennings is somewhere between okay and very good, depending on the night. Over the course of this season, among players with at least 100 minutes played, Jennings is 66th in the league in PER, sandwiched between Mike Conley and Vince Carter.

Brandon Jennings reportedly is interested in signing a contract worth a great deal of money this off season, the most allowed supposedly. I’m interested in dating super models. They seem less interested, but hey, shoot high, right?

If he’s able to convince someone to sign him to that, more power to him. If the Bucks sign him to a contract that pays him that much, you might no longer have a Bucksketball to visit any more.

Basically, I don’t care about Brandon Jennings’ contract situation any more at this point. I’ve allowed myself to believe the Bucks would never be foolish enough to give him a maximum contract and so long as that doesn’t happen, anything is fine. Four years, $44 million? Okay. Five years $50 million? Sure. The Bucks are going to continue to be the Bucks unless they magically stop, so getting worked up about it at this point just seems silly.

I’m more concerned with Jennings shooting percentage situation, the Bucks’ win situation and the Bucks’ future situation. I recognize that he’s going to factor into that future one way or the other, but I also recognize that I can’t control it. ¬†Hopefully the Bucks will operate as a rational organization, the sort of organization that can tell what kind of player is worth maximum money and what kind of player isn’t.

None of us want to see a Redd Redux, and I’m sure the Bucks don’t either. Of course Jennings is looking for maximum money, it’s almost his job to do that. But it seems pretty unlikely any team would be crazy stupid desperate deluded enough to give him that sort of deal.

The Bucks will forever be in the driver’s seat with Jennings. If they want him back, he’ll be back. It seems insanely unlikely that he’ll be able to land a max deal and unless Milwaukee is ready to head in a brand new direction, and there’s been very little indication that that is the plan, it seems like that’s the only way he’s going anywhere this summer.


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  1. Why! At this point I’m so frustrated. We began with such promise. Jeremy is it that Monta and Jennings dont like one another or is it they dont want to play here? Is it just the fact that we are in milwaukee, and they believe there is no hope? Can we just blow up the team then? Is that an option? I’m afraid if we do that though, they will move the team away..which would equal imminent sadness.

    • Could it simply be, that Jennings and Ellis aren’t that good when it comes to the sole objective of playing basketball: to win the games

      Flashy? Yes! Exciting? Yes! Winners? No…..

  2. No way Jennings is worth a max contract, I don’t want to see another Mike Redd again type of contract unless if that player is absolutely a true all star player. I hope the Bucks do trade Jennings and Monta as soon as possible and start over on the PG and SG positions. The Bucks need size and efficient consistent effort at those two positions and will never get it from keeping Jennings and Monta.

  3. He hasn’t done anything to earn a new contract, any sort of contract.

    I honestly believe the 55 point game is the worst thing to happen to the Bucks, in regards to Jennings. It has allowed him to claim he still has potential, when all signs indicate that he should be a backup level PG and JR Smith type bench player in the NBA.

    Offer him 20mil/2 years, no one in their right minds is going to offer him more than that. If he wants to go to a large market team and they are going to pay him, good riddance.

    I really hope they don’t adopt the Toronto mindset of overpaying for average to below average talent just to keep them in town.

  4. Let’s play devil’s advocate for a second and go worse case scenario.. Monta opts out and leaves.. Brando gets offered a ridiculous contract that the Bucks decline to match and he leaves.. Udrih decides to test the market and leaves.. that would mean that Lamb is the only real guard on the team going into the future depending on where Marquis is slated.. Is that the future you want? now that Hammonds just signed a new contract and the fan interest waning?

    I have been a BJen defender since forever, but if that is legitimately what he is seeking then he must go.. he knows he hasn’t played to that contract and I do blame the bevvy of other bad contracts around the league for contributing to his mentality.. BUT THEN WHAT????

    • “Is that the future you want?”

      Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.

      Yes actually, I think that the Bucks can stay in Milwaukee even with 1 or 2 bad seasons. Ticket sales really can’t get much worse, and if we can land a meaningful draft pick in a year or two it might create some real excitement about this team. Fans aren’t buying into Monta and BJ3 as stars with any promise that is pretty evident.

      And in reality we wouldn’t be much worse off with a pg-g duo that we could obtain through FA (hopefully on short-term deals). Sanders will keep improving, Henson will be better, the rest of this team will be ok without BJEllis. Some replacements might not be all that bad, good teams and GMs pull guys out of the woodwork all of the time. There is plenty of talent in the league, trying to stretch the salary cap to keep a clearly mediocre back-court duo together is pure non-sense.

      Trading Jennings and Ellis now would get the highest possible return and I think Hammond should roll the dice and see what he can get.

      Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.

        • a step back from 8th seed in a weak eastern conference? a step back from a mediocre team that is frustrating to watch? a step back from bottom of the league for ticket sales and revenue? What do we have to lose really? This version of the Bucks will do little to rally support for a badly needed new arena and lifeline for the franchise.

          Something needs to change I think that much is clear. The Bucks haven’t tried ‘taking a step back’ as a building strategy since I have been watching them. I think the time is now to try something new.

  5. No way he is worth max money but someone might be crazy enough to do it. The suns offered Eric Gordon to a max offer sheet and Roy Hibbert got signed to max offered sheet as well. Its not out of the realm of possibility that some team will offer close to max.

  6. In theory I think his shooting problems can be fixed in this upcoming offseason. He shoots pretty well from everywhere outside of the rim and if he learns to finish with his right hand (something that we all are fundamentally taught about by the time we are 12 on the court) then I think those numbers will improve too. He cant seem to put on any more weight and he doesnt seem to be willing or able to get the right kind of contact to draw fouls so he either needs to eliminate that from his game or change it.

    I cant see a scenario where anyone offers him a max deal unless there is a GM/Owner out there who has a personal vendetta against Herb Kohl and John Hammond, I wouldnt be surprised if in the end he takes the Qualifying offer and becomes a Free Agent the following year and then we have to deal with this charade again :/

    • Ted, BJ does not shoot ‘well’ from the field. He is a career 39 or 40% fg shooter. sure he could improve but i wouldnt hold my breath.

      • he’s a career 40% shooter because he shoots a career 44% at the rim which is 12% below the league average

        • Ok, is there a site that breaks down shooting percentages from different spots on the floor? Because I would guess that his shots at the rim are not a significant enough percentage of his attempts to somehow make him an average shooter away from the rim.

          Seems like an all-around sub-par streaky shooter to me, but Id like to see the statistical breakdown for shot location fg% if one exists.

    • Players get offered contracts they aren’t worth every year. Im pretty sure Jennings will get an offer the bucks wont be willing to match, and that team will be doing the Bucks a favor because Jennings just isn’t that great of a player as a number 1 or 2 best player on a team. Oddly enough I don’t think he would fit seamlessly as a 3 or 4 guy on a team because his game is a ball dominating style. Same goes for Ellis.

      Start fresh, I don’t know how anyone could argue against that. We’re an eighth seed in a very weak conference with little promise to get much better. No reason not to break up the backcourt really.

      Sometimes you gotta take a step backwards to move forward.

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  8. does anyone watch the bucks play? early in the season sure he was awful, but how can you guys possibly just get the thought of tossing him, lately he has been doing everything to get this team wins. he is playing an all around pg role scoring passing defense. he shot selection has been EXTREMELY good compared to early on when it was very questionable, he is consitently finding the open guy and setting guys up for easy plays, hell ive even seen him pass up wide open 3’s more than once to get a better shot or get someone else a better shot. he has been driving alot more and i think thats the key to his game with his quickness and hes starting to get more fouls called and finishing alot of tough shots. everyone expects way to much of him and you guys wonder why he wants out of milwaukee he may not deserve a max contract but its definately not as simple as you guys are making it seem

    • I have watched most of the games and sure his decision making is getting better but i don’t want to pay a player 12mil+ to see stat lines of 5-15 and 6-18 and turnovers late in games when defenses clamp down on him. Sure he has had his moments of coming through, but just like his shooting, it’s inconsistent. And that’s the price you pay when you want to be considered an All-star, other all star’s don’t mind criticism besides maybe Dwight Howard but that’s another story

    • Hahaha, ridiculous commentary. No he hasn’t been playing too well in February or lately.

      Sure Jennings plays hard and as a fan I respect that. Don’t mistake the comments for hatred of Jennings, its pretty objective analysis, getting emotional about it clouds your vision. NBA basketball is a business, people like Jennings I get it, but that doesn’t change the fact that he would be a bad investment for the future of the Milwaukee Bucks if he demands a big contract in the FA market as it seems he will. He shoots (in volume, not makes) like the best player on a team, and he wants to get payed like the best player on a team. Fact is he isn’t good enough to be the best player on a team and we have 4 years of evidence to make that apparent.

      • jennings situation is extremely similar to a situation like lebron in cleavland for example, he could never win a ring there everyone critized him said he wasnt a 4th quarter player which was never true he just couldnt do it all by himself no player in the nba can. now before every starts assuming im comparing jennings talent to lebrons just stop and shut the fuck up, jennings is a great player that can do it all but when you force him to do everything his numbers arent going to look good we do not have a consistent go to scorer so he is forced to try and be that, he is a 6 foot tall 180 lbs point guard he can score the ball but without the right guys on the floor he is never going to do what all you ass clowns expect.

        fact is that if you watch the games he is doing it all, there are games where he only takes 10 shots a game or only has 10 points a game along with 10 assists and there are games where he has 30 points with maybe only half the assists and that is how it will happen with a small point guard expected to do everything. he probably wants a max contract to get out of milwaukee so he doesnt have to be expected to score 55 every night

        • putting swear words constantly in your posts just makes you sound ignorant. It doesn’t make you sound anymore intelligent or correct for that matter.

        • “Jennings is a great player that can do it all”

          Replace the words “a great” with “an average” and “it all” with “shoot 40%” and that is a factual statement.

          He certainly would be better off as a # 3 option on a team. I mean his numbers are the exact same as Jameer Nelson’s. He will always be a defensive liability and his shot hasn’t improved in any significant sort of way since his first year.

          His best situation would be as a role playing PG on a team with good efficient scoring at the 2/3 spots. But that isn’t the Bucks and never will be if they resign him.

          • Hahahaha, awesome.

            People don’t seem to understand that keeping him decreases our chances of obtaining a real #1, or hell even a real #2. If we can get a real 1 or 2 scoring option then we’ll be in business because we got some good pieces.

            and as far as jennings being a role-playing pg…Im sure he could get good at it after a while but he plays like a scorer right now, doesn’t demonstrate a great ability to do the things role-playing pgs do (find open guys, play defense, consistently knock down open shots). It would be interesting to see how his game would evolve alongside legitimate scoring threats.

          • all you guys continue to do is say er he haz 40% shotz he no good, he averages about 16 shots a game 50% shooter which would be one of highest percentages for point guards would be making 8 out of the 16 instead he is shooting 40% which is 6-7 out of 16. now if you idiots can figure this out jennings is making 1 or 2 shots less than the top percentage point guards in the league while playing on a team where he is forced to be the go to guy and is forced to take tough shots.

            if you dont like jennings thats fine its your opinion but if your going argue your reason why you dont think hes good than it should at least be a good one.

          • Okay then, if you don’t accept his shooting % as a reason, how about his True Shooting? He is the 52nd ranked PG in TS%, tied with CJ Watson.

            SP all of your arguments are saying its because he is being forced to be the # 1 guy. While that is true, if he isn’t capable of that, he should not be asking to be paid like a #1 guy when his abilities are that off a #3.

            He has value, he isn’t Monta Ellis bad (yet), but he shouldn’t get more than a 3 year deal at ~10 mil a year. That would be a fair price to him and for the Bucks to pay to see if he ever develops under a new coach or continues struggling.

          • Goran Dragic was signed for 7.5 mil last year, and truth be told he is probably a more effective PG than BJ3 despite what most people believe. Dragic is playing statistically superior to Jennings (as he did last year) on perhaps the worst team in the League. Dragic is a pure pg who would be more effective than Brandon in a situation with a star or two to feed the ball to.

            So why should Brandon make more than 7.5? I don’t think he’s really worth it. Rondo makes 11, if Brandon made 10 that would be an abomination. If we let him go he will be totally replaceable, and the pg we bring in might actually be better at distributing to the real scorer we need at G or SF if we ever want to be serious.

  9. and anyone that compares jennings to michael redd is a fucking idiot and your opinion should no longer be allowed

  10. Jennings is still on his rookie contract and both other guards are geting 6 and 11 million respectively and you can not see BJ getting a decent contract. It is not difficult to see that so many are accustomed to loosing. This team has almost all the parts, except a super star, Duran, King, Rose etc. and we probally may never have one. This team begins and ends with Jennings working to make our team better. Every team works to take the ball out of Jennings hands and othr guys need to hit shots. This is an exciting team on both sides of the ball, so quit your whinning, like the Bucks announcer. If you do not like the team, get a new job, but this team is and will be better then any Buck team dating back to the Allen, Cassel, Robinson days. Be patient and get behind your team…such whinners…should be winners.

    • Ya we have a pretty good team now, and yes there is still some room to grow, but do honestly think that a jennings lead team will be better than the Cavs, the Bulls, the Pacers, and maybe even detroit in the next 2 years? I don’t see it without some shakeup. This team dosn’t have a lot of time to be patient. If they don’t start putting up a better team than a fringe playoff team, there won’t be a Milwaukee team and thats why so many people are calling for change. Unless you’re willing to buy the team and to assure it stays here in Milwaukee, then by all means ill be patient :)

    • Larry Sanders is more important to this team than Brandon Jennings.

      The Bucks play well in spite of Jennings at times, they play extraordinary because of him at times. The end result is mediocre.

      This stuff about Jennings carrying the team is a bunch of BS. The bench has routinely outplayed the starters this year. The Bucks can take him or leave him it won’t affect things nearly as much as his fans want to believe, somebody else can chuck up 18 shots a night and make 40% of them. Only in the area of having available cap space and a better draft position will the decision to keep or discard him have an impact. In that regard keeping Jennings has a negative impact.

      • larry is great for blocks and rebounds other than that he is absolute shit on the offense end unless jennings gets him the ball which jennings seems to be the only one who can

        watch the fucking games all you do is talk out your ass, you really think larry sanders is going to lead this team

        • Obviously this is an apples and oranges argument right now.. These two guys have completely different skill sets at different positions.. I actually think they compliment each other very well, not just on the court but in overall personality.. but Sanders is much more important to the success of the team as we speak

          • Sanders is a more important asset to the future of this team. His offensive game is coming along he’s not ‘absolute shit’

            sp pretty defensive about Jennings are we?

  11. I think what I’m reading is that Jennings is
    good, maybe very good, but that he hasn’t done
    enough to merit anywhere near a max contract.
    He’s still very young, and it’s hard to determine
    how much he’ll improve; also, it’s hard to
    determine where his head and his heart are at.
    He doesn’t seem to be an exceptionally good
    ballhandler, passer, finisher-at-the-rim, or
    floor leader at this point. Maybe $8 million
    per year plus incentives. One final thing: I
    think Bucks fans will embrace any player who
    embraces Bucks fans. We’re afraid that most of
    these guy are just biding time with the Bucks
    until they get an opportunity to move on.

  12. upcoming impact free agents who i would rather see playing and getting paid than bj/monta:

    kyle lowry
    darren collison
    jeff teague
    devin harris
    isaiah thomas
    ronnie brewer

  13. Oh dear god. Resign Monta (can believe I said that) and package either Illaysova or Dalembert along with Brandon for Millsap and Burks. Problem (mostly) solved. I’ve hate this kid’s attitude since the 55 point game.

    Kohl, grow some balls and amnesty Gooden already.

  14. Mr. Dwigglesworth

    Blow it up. I’ve seen enough to make we wanna puke. I posted the way I would blow it up in the horrible, disapointing, spirit-stealing, lose-a-fan-of-20-plus-years, loss.

    We can still make the playoffs with a completely different team, our front court is good-great when Sanders plays. Our back court is either the king of diamonds, or a suicide Jack.

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  16. People keep bringing up Redd. Redd WAS better than Ray Allen. I think Ray Ray is the worst Bucks trade blunder to ever exist(Dirk was a wtf situation too) Glenn Robinson over Hill situation. If the Bucks didn’t sign Redd to a 16 mil a year contract, they would have lost him. People get injured… it happens. Why don’t people bring up the Bogut contract being a blunder? Because we got Monta? Essentially I’ll say this, if Redd never got injured, especially if Ford never left, that back-court would have done what this back-court should be doing. Redd was a top 5 2 guard back in his max contract year. Joe Johnson got more than Michael Redd.. Yes injury, blah blah. Point is, Michael Redd earned every damn point he scored on the Bucks. BJ is told to shoot lights out. Redd would have bad nights, but rarely. He was consistant. Redd’s defense was questionable… was it worse than Monta’s? Nights where Redd played outstanding man defense were more plentiful than monta’s. Monta just causes a lot of turnovers on both sides of the court. I believe Monta should just be given the point, or Beno. Trade for a better 3. A defender with consistency. I’ve started to notice anyone with skill playing along BJ as a star player. He seems to hate other scorers to the teeth. Almost like an emperor syndrome. As where Larry and Andrew were his big brothers/chroney that beat up other people. Argh Keith Van Horn where are you, the greatest player to ever exist to white people.

    • you are an idiot, you really just said michael redd was better than ray allen. redd was extremely selfish and couldnt play defense when you play like that sure you will win games but you are never going to actually contend for something important. no to your idiotic comparisons, michael redd was a 6’6 shooting guard he shot the ball behind his head he was a great shooter no doubt but he could get the shot off against just about anyone so i dont see how you are comparing him to jennings or ellis. jennings is a point guard he can not just freely throw up shots, and monta ellis defense is far better than redd even though ellis is completely under sized. ellis is playing very consistent scoring around 15-20 and getting anywhere from 6-10 assists a night. jennings is extremely un selfish when ellis is feeling it jennings just hands it off to ellis and lets him run the offense and same for other way around. they have no problem playing together i dont know where you possibly came up with that

  17. Young Michael Redd is an extremely good comparison for Jennings — a homegrown player whose had some exciting moments, and was probably better off being a #3 option but is a #1 on a team like the Bucks. Let’s hope the lesson the Bucks learned from that is to be ok letting Jennings go if his price gets too high.

    Hindsight is 20-20 regarding Allen and Redd. Redd wasn’t a good defender, but neither was Allen — they both made their way as shooters. And in their last year as teammates, Redd was four years younger and a MUCH better shooter. We got poor value in the Allen trade, and he obviously has turned out to have the better career. But Redd was absolutely the more desirable player ten years ago.

  18. Just because Jennings signed a new agent doesn’t mean poop! He is looking to sign the best contract he can possibly get, and I just don’t see ANY problem with that. His new agent might be better at getting Jennings exposure and contracts for endorsements too.

    No way do I want Jennings to leave the Bucks.

    I want the Bucks to get a SG that can shoot, defend and draw fouls when they attack the rim. Like John Salmons was during the “Fear the Deer” run.
    I want another SF that can score and defend. We were hoping Harris would show a little more promise this year, but he’s not doing it right now for me.
    I want one good center/PF guy with some girth and youth to run with the team and help defend & rebound against bigger teams. Udoh isn’t doing it for me.

    Now you know what I want. Know where I can find those three players? LOL

    • THANK YOU! Im with you 100% Patti. I think those are the things Bucks need to focus on more so than Jennings contract. Let the market dictate his worth and if it’s too ridiculous then let him go.

      • Yea but Ted that wouldn’t be in the best interest of the Bucks as far as managing and maximizing their assets (roster). If they know now that Jennings is going to land offers in the FA market that they don’t wish to match then they would be stupid as a team not to attempt to get some return for him via trade. The playoff picture complicates things but longer term thinking says they trade him if they don’t intend to resign him. Im pretty sure Hammond has a good idea right now how much suitors will be willing to offer Jennings and he would be stupid not to be proactive in the trade market if he doesn’t intend to extend him.

        • ….and IF Chris Paul really wants to play in Milwaukee because we have great bowling alleys…

          THEN we should sign him.

  19. Yikes….!

    Spirited opinions on this issue. My two cents:

    I agree with Patti- “Fear the Deer” was an enjoyable , energetic, and uplifting BOOST for our small market team. The “Siberia” of basketball ive heard it called. Lets all remember that feeling for a minute or two-at least. Now,….that was a ways back I know- I get it- I feel the frustration too. We are all screwed-we are Bucks fans right? Maybe not!

    Should BJ get max contract…hmmm. Nope. Should BJ get our respect… Y U P !! He knows where he is… “Siberia”, but still he gives EFFORT. Seems like he wants to WIN- thats a good thing. Quite a few nba players only want $$$- they truly dont care if they are on winning teams. Bucks losing mentality must change-seems BJ wants that too change as well.

    Just my two cents… no foul here

  20. I get the feeling that most of these people arent real bucks fans and should stop sharing opinions like they are. And if you are bucks fans, you should act like it and support the team instead of pretending ur some kind of talent scout or trade experts. Ur role is a fan and as a fan ur only job is to cheer, let the front office do there job, support there decisions and then cheer some more. good riddance. P.S. Leave jennings alone. You forget this is milwaukee, if the city sucks AND the fans SUCK(thats you guys) why would he or anybody else with talent want to play here.

    • Mr. Dwigglesworth

      As a fan I would not pay more than the proper amount for Jennings to stay on our team. I will restate that, unless Jennings decides to bulk up some, I don’t want him on a team I watch. He gets pushed around on D by guys shorter than him. He also either gets pushed out of the paint when driving by the same smaller player, or gets a miracle shot off, gets fouled, then almost dies cause he is lying on the court. TJ/Bogut was enough for me.

      On the other side of the argument, Jennings is the best we can get in our market, when he’s on he unstoppable, maybe we can work around his weight with the proper team makeup. This team should be pictured above the word dichotomy. >.<

  21. It’s so interesting to me to see the best Free agent lists by various basketball websites that pretty much agree that Monta is the second best free agent SG behind Iggy.. and Brandon is the second best free agent Point behind Paul.. yet here we are

    • Some years a farmer has to let his field lie fallow to maintain fertility.

      The Bucks may need to have a rough year or two to obtain the talent everyone wants. Not guaranteed to work but it would be a different strategy than has been employed in the past 20+ rather unsuccessful seasons. No reason not to try it.

        • After a decade of mediocrity and the potential risk of Milwaukee losing the team due to lack of a fan-base, give me one reason why they shouldn’t try something different Patti.

          • like i have said in a recent is charlotte doing with their rebuliding? hows new orleans doing? hows washington doing? hows sacramento doing? all of these teams are the teams that completely tanked and have all had a top 5 picks is the last maybe 5 years. i really would suggest you find another team to cheer for because all you do is bitch about every player on the bucks

          • I think New Orleans looks pretty promising actually. As for Washington and Sacramento, well they don’t have John Hammond picking their players. Plus none of those teams have a core like Sanders, Henson, Ilyasova, Udrih, Dunleavy, LRMAM, etc. The Bucks just need to add a star, not start from scratch.

            Im not saying the Bucks should tank, Im saying that they should not commit significant long term cap space to players that are not legitimate stars. The bucks have everything except for 1 real all-star, or even 2 for that matter. If jennings asks for 10 or less, sure resign him, but anything more would be ill-advised. And Ellis is overpaid the way it is and looking to make more.

  22. Trade Monta for sure, and Brandon if we can get a valuable PG in return… Goran Dragic?? And everyone keeps talking about Brandons FG%… Yea thats terrible but what about his complete lack of ability to play defense? Steals aside, does anyone else realize that every team we play their PG absolutely blows up against us. Hes too small, with no desire to play on that end of the floor.

    Did I forget to mention we NEED to trade Monta?

    • Like the comment but its funny if you would ask the average person about dragic vs Jennings and they would tell you that Jennings is a far better player when really that’s not true at all. I would give the edge to Dragic especially on a team with some talent. He makes 7.5 mil a season, lets see how much more Brandon ends up making for being flashy.

      • Haha I know Dragic is a stud, 6’3″ with good % and a high basketball IQ. He’s definitely on the trading block because everyone on the suns is (deservingly so) and I totally agree, I’d pay for Wins over Flash any day of the week. THE NEW LOOK BUCKS! (hopefully)

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