Below are words about this guy’s contract. (Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)

Brandon Jennings switched agents recently.

Brandon Jennings is a restricted free agent this summer.

Brandon Jennings is somewhere between okay and very good, depending on the night. Over the course of this season, among players with at least 100 minutes played, Jennings is 66th in the league in PER, sandwiched between Mike Conley and Vince Carter.

Brandon Jennings reportedly is interested in signing a contract worth a great deal of money this off season, the most allowed supposedly. I’m interested in dating super models. They seem less interested, but hey, shoot high, right?

If he’s able to convince someone to sign him to that, more power to him. If the Bucks sign him to a contract that pays him that much, you might no longer have a Bucksketball to visit any more.

Basically, I don’t care about Brandon Jennings’ contract situation any more at this point. I’ve allowed myself to believe the Bucks would never be foolish enough to give him a maximum contract and so long as that doesn’t happen, anything is fine. Four years, $44 million? Okay. Five years $50 million? Sure. The Bucks are going to continue to be the Bucks unless they magically stop, so getting worked up about it at this point just seems silly.

I’m more concerned with Jennings shooting percentage situation, the Bucks’ win situation and the Bucks’ future situation. I recognize that he’s going to factor into that future one way or the other, but I also recognize that I can’t control it. ¬†Hopefully the Bucks will operate as a rational organization, the sort of organization that can tell what kind of player is worth maximum money and what kind of player isn’t.

None of us want to see a Redd Redux, and I’m sure the Bucks don’t either. Of course Jennings is looking for maximum money, it’s almost his job to do that. But it seems pretty unlikely any team would be crazy stupid desperate deluded enough to give him that sort of deal.

The Bucks will forever be in the driver’s seat with Jennings. If they want him back, he’ll be back. It seems insanely unlikely that he’ll be able to land a max deal and unless Milwaukee is ready to head in a brand new direction, and there’s been very little indication that that is the plan, it seems like that’s the only way he’s going anywhere this summer.