Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis are: Laverne and Shirley

Give them any rule and they’ll break it.

Like teams with starting guards that shoot 40% can’t win more than half their games. They’ll probably pull this feat off! For real!

Look how much fun they’re having! Hopefully J.J. Redick doesn’t come in and ruin it with his made shots and tight curls off screens.

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  1. So the point is that we would perfer guys playing for the Bucks that aren’t happy? Why put this together? If Smith didn’t open his mouth and say that he wanted to play with both Ellis and Jennings, Ellis would have been traded to the Hawks!

    That comment from Smith is the one that buried this trade and gave Hammonds the false sense of hope of actually signing Smith long-term over the summer.

    It was known that the Hawks would have made the trade if Ellis was the piece coming back to them. It was Smith’s comments that really blew this trade apart!

    • No thats not true. The Hawks did not want Ellis. Why would they want Ellis!?

      The Hawks wanted to either clear cap space or get a good young center. This stuff about Ellis is non-sense, Hammond would have to be pretty terrible not to make that trade.

  2. I swear…after you hit the ‘submit comment’ button, a text editor changes what you type. LOL

    come up?…I didn’t type come up