Welcome to the all-star break. The Milwaukee Bucks sit in the illustrious 8th seed with a record of 26-25. They’re four games ahead of the 9th seed Philadelphia 76ers and one-and-a-half games behind the 7th seed Boston Celtics. We’re six day away from the trade deadline and the Bucks are reportedly “very active” in the trade market. One would expect that John Hammond and company will be looking to add talent for a playoff push. Things could get weird, so getchyopopcornready. Here’s your recap of the week that was.


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There’s been some Brandon Jennings hoopla. First, Chad Ford at ESPN reported that sources told him that Jennings and the Bucks have “irreconcilable differences” and that the Dallas Mavericks have a strong interest in the point guard. Then, Chris Broussard, also at ESPN, rebutted that report saying that Jennings told him via text that Ford’s sources were wrong. It’s all quite complicated and pretty irrelevant. But rumors! This very well could be Jennings’ last week in Milwaukee, but that still seems very unlikely.

On Tuesday, Bradford Doolittle at ESPN listed the Bucks as a possible destination for Orlando Magic shooting guard J.J. Redick. Doolittle thinks the Bucks would have to give up, “a first-rounder and/or a young piece such as Ekpe Udoh or Tobias Harris, while moving Beno Udrih to make the salaries work.” He then says Redick would replace Udrih as the back-up to Jennings and Ellis because, you know, who needs point guards?

Dan Sinclair at Brew Hoop broke down Beno Udrih and his incredible ability to hit pull-up jumpers in transition, aka PUJIT. I knew Udrih was good at hitting this shot (he is the PUJIT King) but this is just absurd.

“Beno Udrih has hit 8 of his 10 PUJITs. 80 percent. Compare that to the 65.7% he shoots in transition overall, or his 46.6% shooting on all jumpers, and it’s clear there’s no place Beno is more comfortable than hovering in midair amidst the chaos.”

Finally, and most importantly, Larry Sanders wore a medallion at the game last night. Where do you think he got it? Or did he win it? Did he win that medallion? What could’ve he done to win that medallion? Did he accomplish a feat of strength? Or was it a knowledge-based challenge? Maybe it’s an heirloom? Or maybe he forged it himself? Could it possibly be the source of his defensive powers? Can we call him the Medallion Stallion from now until forever? Hm. Someday we’ll have answers to these questions. Someday.

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