Buck Hits: Throwback jerseys, the potential of Tobias, and more LARRY SANDERS!

It’s February! That happened quick! What happened to January!? Where’d it go?! I have no idea. It’s also 2013, guys. That’s crazy. It’s the future. And because it’s the future, anything is possible. Like flying cars! Or instant pizza! Preferably instant pizza because pizza is pizza and I wouldn’t trust a stinkin’ flying car. You know what else is possible in the future? The Milwaukee Bucks being only 3.5 games out of both first place in the Central Division and the 3rd seed in the Eastern Conference. It’s a long shot but who cares. It’s the future! So let’s dig up some optimism, get our popcorn ready and enjoy the Bucks next nine games before the February 21 trade deadline. Today is a new day and anything could happen. Sort of. Here’s your recap of the week that was.


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Speaking of the future, yesterday the Bucks announced that February will be throwback month and that these will be the team’s jerseys for the entire month. Begin rejoicing.

Also yesterday, Steve von Horn of Brew Hoop released Volume 3 of his infinite-volume LARRY SANDERS! Block Party series. This article covers blocks 21-40 for Sanders this season and it, like the previous two volumes, is great.

On Wednesday, Kirk Goldsberry of Grantland charted the worst shooters in the NBA from different areas of the floor. All-star snub Monta Ellis makes an appearance on the chart as the worst shooter from the left elbow, where he shoots 27%. Good job, good effort!

Also on Wednesday, David Thorpe of ESPN made an appearance on TrueHoop TV with Henry Abbott to discuss players he thinks have “massive potential.” Thorpe mentions Tobias Harris, saying that he is “enormously talented” and that “we shouldn’t be surprised if a year from now [he’s] a solid player on a good team […] but we also shouldn’t be surprised if he’s a nobody playing in Poland in two years.” (Harris discussion starts at 05:35.)

Also also on Wednesday, Dan Sinclair of Brew Hoop ranked players from the 2010 draft class. Sanders came in at number six on Sinclair’s list, which is of course incredible value for a 15th pick. At this point, I would have Sanders at fifth ahead of the Jazz’s Derrick Favors because I hypothetically wouldn’t trade Sanders for Favors and that’s how I rank players.

Amin Elhassan at ESPN Insider wrote about five under-the-radar players so far this season. Sanders makes an appearance, with Elhassan mentioning stats that we hear often, but that I can’t get enough of:

“Despite playing the equivalent of 2 quarters a game, Sanders leads the league in blocks per game (3.1) and is also the league leader in block percentage (8.9). His combination of “aircraft carrier” length, leaping ability and reaction time allow him to also be a force on the offensive and defensive glass (ORB: 11.3; DRB: 25.1).”

On Monday, Matt Moore of CBS Sports wrote about the current candidates for the league’s Most Improved Player and he thinks that Sanders is in fifth place. He also has Sanders in the fourth place spot for defensive player of the year. Here’s a fun quote:

“He’s a blocks machine, but that stat is often empty. In truth, he’s mastered the art of protecting the rim, managing rotations and containing penetration while not allowing his man easy scores routinely. This is the hardest thing in the NBA to do right now in a half-court set and Sanders is elite at it.”

On Sunday, Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote a great feature on Sanders and his creative spirit. If you haven’t read it yet, read it now. And if you’ve already read it, read it again. I love that everyone loves Larry.

Finally, this photo of Mike Dunleavy happened:

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  1. i think the fact that ellis shoots so terrible from that spot is magnified by the fact that Beno shoots an absurdly high percentage from the same area on the elbow (11-15 ft range). Dear Monta, go to the rim. That is all.

  2. thanks David Thorpe.. at least I know I am not alone in thinking Tobias has potential.. but he isn’t no 6’10” or 6’11” like he say in that interview, not sure where that came from

    Hey and if we have time I’d love to see a feature on Larry Sanders

  3. Those throwback unis are sooooo sweet, we really should switch from our current santas little elf uniforms to those.

    And that pick of Dunleavy lol thats just great

  4. I remember very well when that picture of Dunleavy was taken…can you say Cleveland?

    I like the red “Milwaukee” unis because without them the green retro ‘throw back’ uniforms would be (just so much green) no big deal.

    Now if they turn out to be our “Lucky” uniforms, we might have something!

    Go Bucks!

  5. Every game in February?? Jennings starts off February in typical fashion tonight. At least he got in double figures

  6. Screw that, don’t trade Monta unless absolutely needed to. Even if his contract expires, hopefully we can get a sign and trade. Keeping him or getting it off the cap, is win win. Even getting a mid 1st rounder doesn’t sound bad. We’ve had some nice players come from that area.

    • he has an early termination option.. why would he agree to a sign-and-trade when he can be an outright free agent?..then he can go wherever he wants and be courted

      and we’re going to have a mid-round pick anyway

  7. So much time on these blogs still is spent bashing the two guards. They are what they are meaning inconsistant playmakers. That’s not going to change. Please deal with it.

    Here’s the Bucks REAL problem. 2 STARTERS: Luc- another special night. 4 points and 3 boards to go with early foul trouble. Nice effort if you enjoy and apreciate no production. Larry- 0-6 and 2 points. This is why the Bucks struggle. Not because the guards don’t shoot 45-50% every night. We need starting players that can offer at least SOME offense. One guy who can happens to be sitting on the bench. His name is John Henson. Oh, yeah he didn’t play last night. Imagine that. I guess he’s not good enough to match or exceed those above mentioned contributions. Keep on keepin’ on Skiles/Boylan.