Everything you need to know about the Milwaukee Bucks February throwback jerseys

Starting tonight the Milwaukee Bucks will wear retro, at the time horrible, now kind of fun, if only for a month, awkward green, half white lettered-half purple lettered, deer that’s probably too big logoed, jerseys.

That’s a lot of commas.

But special times call for special measures, and these are special times indeed. Number 13, which was once the property of Glenn Robinson and now will be Ekpe Udoh’s this month. It’s hard to think of two players that are more different, so it’ll be fun to watch Udoh run around in Dog’s jersey doing totally different stuff.

Photo: Bucks.com.

Milwaukee will give away a bobblehead on February 23 of Monta Ellis. He will not be in the throwback jersey. But in March, you’ll be able to get your very own Brandon Jennings throwback jersey bobblehead. March 24. Calender marked.

A few fun facts related to the jerseys:

  • They debuted in 1995-96 and were used through the 1997-98 season.
  • Milwaukee’s leaders over that stretch: Points/PPG: Robinson (4657/21.4). FG%: Ervin Johnson (54%!). Rebounds: Vin Baker (1612).
  • Johnson, who I previously thought was the ideal scenario for Udoh and now realize was probably way better than old Ekpe will ever be, also led the team over this stretch with two blocks per game. HE WAS THE DEFENSE.
  • Notable Bucks to wear the jersey: Robinson, Ray AllenArmen Gilliam, Baker, Johnson, Terrell Brandon, Tyrone Hill, Terry Cummings and Ricky Pierce, who returned to Milwaukee to finish his career in 97-98.
  • Not to notable Bucks who wore the jersey: Randolph Keys, Tim Breaux, David Wood, Benoit Benjamin and Litterial Green. (Note: I don’t know that these guys all wore the jersey, Green only played 21 games for Milwaukee … BUT HE COULD HAVE WORN IT!)

And finally, here is the greatest photo ever taken, of a player who also wore the jersey:

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  1. Here, I’ll fix that for you:

    Everything You Need to Know About the Milwaukee Bucks February Throwback Jerseys:

    They look like shit.

      • I think we can all agree to pretend the anon Jeremy was actually you expressing your true feelings for the throwbacks.

        • No, I’m my own person, I assure you. But seriously, these might be the worst jerseys in NBA history, and I don’t really feel like I’m using much hyperbole in saying that. In fact, if anyone can find an argument for a jersey that is more aesthetically offensive, present your case here.

          • Your wrong dude. so wrong. if your gonna be negative about these awesome unis, BRO, keep it to urself.

  2. I agree that this uni design is horrendous. Considering how bad the team was with this design, and how horribly unaesthetic it is, lack of a “round-number” anniversary… I am at a complete loss as to why they’ve been brought back.

    At least they serve to remind us how much better we have it now.

  3. I don’t know what you all are talking about, I love these jerseys. My next choice would be the 2000(ish) plain purple jerseys.The 1990s NBA Jerseys are mostly awesome, the one the suns wore against the Lakers last week are great also.

    I hope Detroit brings back the teal throwbacks, best/worst (still can’t make up my mind) uniform of the era.

  4. Well, as the designer of those uniforms, I can tell you that anyone who is hating on them right now doesn’t get what they were designed for. These were “alternative” road uniforms and were not meant to be worn all the time. They were a fun alternative to the standard greens, designed because the Bucks wanted something to go up against the Raptors unis, which were very fun and very popular then.

    These were big, brash and in your face – and who doesn’t want that for their team? I was given a Big Dog uniform as a thank you, and it is a wonder to behold up close.

    So, sorry to those of you who didnt like it 16 years ago and don’t like it now… Lots of people disagree with you!

    • Love the Jerseys Joe. Thankyou for ur creation. And for the people that dont like them, obviously they’re dumb.

  5. I will always love the 80’s jerseys with the Buck spinning a ball on his hoof. It was a winner. That Jersey with a big “Sikma” or “Pressey” on the back, is a jersey I would buy.