Bucks fans reacting to Ford’s report.

Is it on?

It seems like it might be on.

Chad Ford ranked Brandon Jennings the second most likely “impact player” to be tradedMonta Ellis was not listed, but no word on whether that’s because he isn’t an impact player or he’s unlikely to be traded.

Back to Jennings though:

Jennings isn’t bluffing. He recently changed agents in an attempt to get some traction on his relocation. Jennings’ marching orders for his new representation? Get him out of Milwaukee, either by the trade deadline or via a toxic offer sheet from another team this summer.

Those are some big time words that we’ve maybe heard rumblings about before, but nothing from such a reliable source that’s been so concrete.

It still seems very hard to believe the Bucks would move Jennings before the trade deadline or that Jennings would get a contract so lavish this off-season that the Bucks would deem it too steep to match, but I suppose crazier things have happened. Crazy that there’s this much ruckus about a player shooting less than 40% this season and having one of the worst months of his career.

Ford goes on to list the Hawks, Magic and Mavericks as teams that could potentially make a big bid for Jennings this off-season. This comes on the heels of Marc Stein’s report that the Mavericks would be interested in trading for Jennings were he made available.

But it takes players that are good or young or of some value to acquire other players. The Mavericks don’t appear to have any that meet that criteria  unless you’re really into Rodrigue Beaubois and Darren Collison.

Your thoughts on Jennings or potential trade partners?