Ford: Source says Brandon Jennings has “irreconcilable differences” with Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks fans reacting to Ford’s report.

Is it on?

It seems like it might be on.

Chad Ford ranked Brandon Jennings the second most likely “impact player” to be tradedMonta Ellis was not listed, but no word on whether that’s because he isn’t an impact player or he’s unlikely to be traded.

Back to Jennings though:

Jennings isn’t bluffing. He recently changed agents in an attempt to get some traction on his relocation. Jennings’ marching orders for his new representation? Get him out of Milwaukee, either by the trade deadline or via a toxic offer sheet from another team this summer.

Those are some big time words that we’ve maybe heard rumblings about before, but nothing from such a reliable source that’s been so concrete.

It still seems very hard to believe the Bucks would move Jennings before the trade deadline or that Jennings would get a contract so lavish this off-season that the Bucks would deem it too steep to match, but I suppose crazier things have happened. Crazy that there’s this much ruckus about a player shooting less than 40% this season and having one of the worst months of his career.

Ford goes on to list the Hawks, Magic and Mavericks as teams that could potentially make a big bid for Jennings this off-season. This comes on the heels of Marc Stein’s report that the Mavericks would be interested in trading for Jennings were he made available.

But it takes players that are good or young or of some value to acquire other players. The Mavericks don’t appear to have any that meet that criteria  unless you’re really into Rodrigue Beaubois and Darren Collison.

Your thoughts on Jennings or potential trade partners?

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  1. If this is true and Jennings has made indications to staff that he wants out we should trade him. If Cleveland (all be it a horrible example as Jennings is NOT Lebron) has taught us anything its to get something from your “stars” before its too late.

    That being said the trade needs to be good and we shouldn’t just ditch him to ditch him.

  2. Chad Ford is about as legit as it gets. Eff it, trade him. Get a 1st rounder or two, rent Collison for half a year and try to unload Drew Gooden’s contract

  3. No chance they’d get Mayo. I’d do it for Collison. The kid can play when he’s got some support and is in a low-key market, and he’s a more consistent distributor than Jennings. He was great at times for both Indiana and New Orleans in his career. Bucks would get him as a Restricted and he’d cost less than Jennings while potentially being a long-term solution at PG who’s not an asshole. A pick or two and Collison for Gooden coming off the books and Jennings’ attitude and shot selection becoming someone else’s problem sounds like a deal to me.

    It’s like with Skiles. You don’t want to be here? Fine. Get out. Too much baggage brings the whole thing down, and we’ve danced this dance before. I like Jennings game when he’s into the big picture, but he hasn’t been for a little bit now, and the team isn’t going anywhere good with him doing what he’s doing.

    • As long as I can remember the Bucks have had an above average point guard who at times makes you think that they are All Star caliber but they never are. Terrell Brandon, Sam Cassell, TJ Ford (b4 he basically broke his body) Mo Williams, even Ramon Sessions had some flashes of brilliance. Jennings will just be another guy on that list…sigh

      • It’s weird, though: they didn’t offer him an extension last summer, it would seem, specifically so they could see if something like this would happen, i.e. he’d either rise to the occasion as a team leader intent on long-term success with the franchise that drafted him or he’d become a petulant brat who wishes he was bigger time. He’s taken the second road, and they should get what they can and move on. He’s only 23, sure, but he’s been playing professionally for 5 years now and the East PG All-Star bid was wide open this year. It’s not just a small market that’s holding him back, and I, for one, am okay not being forced to watch Derrick Rose reign fire on the Bucks’ “superstar” every time Milwaukee plays the Bulls.

  4. I think we should try to trade him before the deadline he will opt out of the contract we offer him anyway, ellis has showed some improvment in passing we need another slasher to run with him.

  5. Regardless of how talented you think a player is. If you have to twist his wrist to get him to play for you, it isn’t going to work out. Get what you can for him. I would be on board with Ellis running the point for the remainder of the season. Ellis isn’t the best floor general, but the guy is a professional. Or at least more professional that Brandon. Maybe that isn’t saying much.

  6. I guess this is what happens whe guys who are not premier talents skip college. They lack fundamentals, do not understand leadership, show little improvement, have minimal history working with coaches and finally …. an incredibly overblown idea of their own value.

    If Jennings get moved, it’s just a matter of time until his lack of shooting skills, limited passing ability and embarrassing defense forces another team to find a way to move him out.

    Hopefully we don’t get raped on the deal.

    • Amen brotha.

      I do think Jennings will have some success eventually, but idk how soon it will be and he’s certainly not worth the money/headache/playing time now

      • It didn’t sink in until watching intros Monday night that Ellis and Jennings are both undersized guards who can run the point, shoot too much, and didn’t go to college.

        SHOCKING that they’re so inconsistent.

  7. I think Ellis would benefit from Jennings being gone more so than Jennings would benefit from ellis being gone. The “me” from the 55 point night all those moons ago would be ashamed.

    • Could not agree more. Trade Jennings for a distributor (like Collison) and basically hand the offense to Ellis. Get him out of the mindset where he has to compete for jumpers with BJ (after he already spent time competing with Curry in GS) and cater the new offense to HIS strengths without having to worry about hurt feelings. Who knows? If all goes well and he gets hot and the city rallies around him, maybe he sticks around another year or re-signs for more. A guy like him isn’t going to get a better chance than this to be The Man, so maybe he embraces what the city has to offer.

      If they can pick up a PG, a rotation 3, and a draft pick (say, Collison, Crowder, and a 1st round pick), they should do it TOMORROW and see what happens with the new chemistry.

  8. Buh bye. The Bucks need to blow it up and rebuild around Henson and Sanders. Tank this year and next and get some top draft picks. It’s the only way to get past mediocre in the Association.

    • This team is going no where this year…. Trade Ersan to Nets for M brooks and 1st rd…. Send B Jenn and (K humphries) to Hawks for Harris and ZA Za… (Brooklin gets J Smith) Then Ellis and Sam D or Gooden (to somewhere) for 2 good players and a 1st pick… Then in FA pick up Al Jefferson!!! and draft another PG!!!

  9. If this report is indeed true, and Jennings is that unhappy with the team that gave him his big opportunity in the NBA, then you need to move him. If he goes on and finds great success with another team, then so be it… but you can’t build a contending team on guys that don’t want to play for your franchise or your city. While keeping a disgruntled B.J. might prevent the total collapse of their W-L record, it will not lead to team success. So, the Bucks need to decide and communicate what their goals as an organization are. To be a .500 team competing for the 8th seed in a horrible Eastern Conference? Or something more? If it’s the 8th seed, by all means, keep him. If its something more, then identify the pillars of your team who want to be here and are committed to fulfilling the vision, and go find and add the necessary pieces to complete the picture. In a market like Milwaukee, which has no real “brand appeal” to any budding NBA superstar intent on cashing in on their fame, finding the right attitude and commitment has to be the priority, because the lack of those attributes sabotage whatever talent a player may have. B.J. is exhibit A.

  10. Jennings wanted a max deal last summer. He right now is in the 60’s as far as overall in the league. He is not a max player yet he is good but not max worthy. I wish we would get a Tyreke Evans and Demarcus cousins for BJ3 and whatever else it may take. Larry Sanders and Demarcus Cousins would be a beast of a low post presence….

  11. I sincerely hope that Chad Ford isn’t talking out of his rear end about this rumor and Jennings stating to him that he had irreconcilable differences with Bucks is true…..

    because I see this little rumor turning fan team frustration into an angry mob against Jennings.

    • If you are a team fan, and you aren’t already upset with Jennings and his play, you haven’t been paying attention.

      • If you know how to read, my post said nothing about Jennings play, just that everyone is reacting to this rumor rather “passionately”.

        and you take exception to that why???? LOL

    • Chad Ford is one guy that doesn’t talk out of his rear-end. If this were Chris Broussard I’d be dubious, but Chad Ford has legit sources. Him and Adrian over at Yahoo are the two best at this. They’re the ones to listen to. I doubt the source is Jennings, but it could very well be his new agent, another player, or a friendly scout.

      It’s a bummer, because Jennings has been great for the community and a good guy for a while now. No one paying attention to how the team’s played the last few years is any mood to tolerate this kind of story, though, that’s the unfortunate truth, and no one wants to see the Bucks suckered into another Max contract player who doesn’t deserve it.

  12. I’ll say the same thing I said during the Stephen Jackson drama.. I only want players that want to be a Buck, no knuckleheads allowed.. John Henson is a great example of a professional who just enjoys the fact that he’s playing pro basketball.. but I hope he doesn’t think we are gonna do him any favors in where he ends up

  13. So, trade a 23 year old point guard on his rookie contract and keep the 27 year old Ellis who makes 11 million and can leave after this season. Not to mention both shoot similar percentages, except Ellis has not found a shot he doesnt like. Additionally, Jennings has proven to be a community guy and you want to discuss him not wanting to be here. Buck fans not only are fickle, but look for any reason to complain about any player that is not boring. We have a winner folks. Give it time to jell. Go Bucks..

    • Have you watched any Bucks games this year? Or last year? Or the year before? Jennings is NOT a winner. He’s a 36% jump shooter (terrible) who takes double (same does triple!) the amount of shot then anyone else on the team, game in game out. That, and the team score more points per minute when he is off the floor, then when he is on it.

    • All of this started when a rumor came down that he wanted out. He’s not saying anything, he hasn’t said anything, he just fired his agent, and he’s playing like dog shit right now as they are in the midst of their worst swoon of the season. A passionless performance while getting destroyed at home by a team that almost never wins on the road made this happen. If he plays well tonight and says don’t believe the hype, then okay. But the weatherman isn’t always wrong, and it feels like the winds have shifted.

      If he actually were a winner, or we actually had a winner, none of this would be an issue.

  14. When Barbosa went down I went to the trade machine and tried to find ways that we could send Ellis over there but his 11 million makes it tough. Gooden’s salary is awfully tough to move being as high as it is. But, if we could work a deal where we could get Avery Bradley and a first rounder for Jennings I think that would work. If we are interested in Reddick and the Magic are interested it only makes sense to try and work something out. Mayo might not fit the best but he’d be interesting, too. Just one more possibility. According to the trade machine both team lose the trade, but send Jennings and Gooden to the Hawks (who also want BJ) for hometown boy Devin Harris and Korver. Those are my thoughts because as long as he’s leaving might as well get something for him

  15. Well, this year the Bucks kept my hope up until the end of January. That’s better than they usually do. I’m shifting my expectations from “interesting young tough 1st-round out” to “maybe we’ll stumble into an 8-seed before shipping out our bad contracts for someone else’s bad contracts and drafting another skinny 6’10” guy.”

    I’d say the best-case scenario is getting a single unprotected first or so from a team like Dallas, then packaging that with our pick to get near to the top 5. Then maybe we’ll stink enough next year to get another high pick and build around those guys and Larry Sanders. (Except we’ll probably end up picking the next Yi Jianlian and Tractor Traylor.)

    Or maybe tonight Jennings will score 35, the Bucks will win, and we’ll all be back on the wagon.

  16. I would do Collison and some picks straight up for Jennings. Although I think the Mavs would rather just wait and offer him a contract after the year. Throw in Crowder if needed from Dallas.

    Bucks have to get a good pick out of shipping out Jennings and if they can do that, I would do just about any deal right now.

    A deal for Jeff Teague could also be interesting, but I would rather have the pick from the Mavs than from Atlanta.

  17. Jennings wants max money, then he needs to show he deserves it by playing like it……sorry but if I was the gm….no player who shoots less then 45% from the field, doesn’t grab any rebounds, never attempts to play defense, etc would get max money…….trade his ass and get someone in here who wants to act like he deserves to be paid max money……Jennings isnt a top rated pg in my eyes or even a top 10 pg in the NBA right now…..see you Jennings and don’t let that door hit you on the way out!!!!!

  18. Jennings overrates his own ability. Honestly, I’d love to find a way to get rid of both him and Ellis. With those two around our best hope is to not get swept in the first round of the playoffs. We certainly aren’t going to win a series. They’re both basically a poor mans Allen Iverson. Sure they have some skill, but they’re both selfish players who take too many shots and think the team should revolve around them.

    This experiment didn’t work. It’s time to clean house and start building for the future.

  19. what about giving brandon jennings to washington for john wall and then drew gooden and john henson/epke udoh for demarcus cousins?

    John Wall
    Monta Ellis
    Demarcus Cousins
    Larry Sanders

    • Washington is building their franchise around Wall, not a chance they would ever trade him. Especially not for BJ.

  20. Oh nuts!!!!

    Anyone ever have a job they REALLY didnt want to go to everyday??

    Waking up…yuk – “I have to go to that place again today!”

    If he honestly wants out, his play here will never improve. Bitterness
    is all its cracked up to be. Get the MOST you can from a trade opportunity now. If he honestly wants to stay….surround him with enough talent to compete each season.

    Just an need to bash me for it

  21. collison is a pure scorer and nothing else if you think any different than you need to watch him play. hes playing with a stacked roster mayo,dirk,carter,marion and yet he averages less assists per game than jennings but somehow you guys think collison will improve our ball movement, collison is way further away from bein an all star than jennings is so i dont see how you guys think collison can carry this team like jennings does. people on this site blow my mind with stupidity

    • Yea but dude you aren’t considering a few things:

      1. Collison will cost much less
      2. we could potentially get another pick or player in the trade
      3. Brandon will likely sign a big contract with another team come offseason whereas we would have a decent chance of keeping Collison.

      These details are all very relevant when assessing the situation.

    • Actually on a per minute basis Collison has a slight edge on assists. And he is shooting much better from the field.