Larry Sanders with the impressive block and tap in

David Thorpe from ESPN always commented on young players stringing together positive plays. I often remember reading him writing about how anyone could made one good play, but he liked to see young players string a number of them together.

So it’s fun to see Larry Sanders doing that, and it’s been fun to see him doing it all year long.

This is everything you love about Sanders. In about 12 seconds, he races down James Harden, blocks his shot so hard that it bounces out for a ready made Bucks fast break, then sprints back down the court right to the front of the rim and crashes off a missed jumper for an easy tap in.

(h/t on the video to Matt Moore)

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  1. I think the only play that trumped that was the awful layup miss by Dunleavy, but the amazing 3-point shot that resulted after the offensive rebound. Of course Ellis’ game-ending shot goes without question!

    Larry is superman and I was hoping he kept that blocking streak going. The fact that the block was on the bearded Harden and didn’t result in a foul amazed me.

    There were phantom fouls being called all night on any Buck that was near Harden, I’m glad that the refs didn’t end up costing us the game and let Larry’s block stand!

    This is 6 straight close games and the Bucks are 3-3. I think some people forget about the 2-point win against the 76er’s right before the all-star break!

    • My brother actually called the Dunleavy 3 after he missed the layup, “It’s ok he’s gonna be pissed off and hit a 3 instead.” :)

  2. The thing that I don’t understand about Harden is he barrels into defensive players constantly and it’s always a defensive foul. Then if you are on ball defending him you can’t touch the guy or it’s a foul. I don’t understand how sprinting into a defender every single time you’re in transition is a foul on the defense.

  3. What a KICK ASS block from Larry ! Such a critical point in late game and he chases The Beard down floor and SOUNDLY stuffs that layup attempt-then hustles for offensive tip in. Sanders is so valuable to this teams present and FUTURE. Gotta love the hustle he shows every night- no one wants to WIN more than Larry, and that passion will help this teams overall demeanor going forward. Go LARRY Go

  4. Yeah…it was a bit deflating when Udoh got injured, but Sanders, Ellis, Henson & LRMBM really hustled. Nice to see from these guys. We are still very much in the playoff hunt and the hunt for the 7th seed.

    Go bucks!

    • Meant Ersan (not Ellis) and didn’t mean to leave Mad Dog out.

      In order to get a win against these teams coming up, it’s going to take a lot of hustle from everyone.

  5. I’ll be sort of happy if Udoh is out for an extended period of time, mainly because I’ve been hoping Henson’s minutes will go up anyways. He seems to consistently get double digit points on solid percentages in limited minutes, and his rebounding isn’t bad either.

    Anyways, I was SO happy when Sanders got that block. I respect Harden, but he gets bailed out WAY too often on his drives to the rim by the refs. So it was nice watching his shot get swatted like that, and then the effort to get the put back.

    Ellis played great, and Ilyasova had the quietest 20-10 ever lol. And I’m loving the Redick trade more and more every game.