Monta Ellis game winner against Rockets proves nothing is impossible if you believe you have it all


And Brandon Jennings gets bailed out after one of the worst last possession sequences you’ll ever see. But who cares, because oh my, Monta.

Kudos to Ersan Ilyasova as well for keeping the possession alive with a key offensive rebound.

Just to make it even more clear how impressive this was – LOOK AT HOW OFF BALANCE HE WAS!

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  1. Im going to go ahead and call it after three games. We had Monta at the wrong position all along. 32 assists in 3 games! Has Brandon ever done that in his career? Monta should be our point guard and Redick and Dunleavy should continue to be featured alongside of him often.

    Oh and signing Ilyasova to that contract doesn’t seem like such a bad idea now does it?

    • Ellis’ high assist and steals numbers are yet another way numbers don’t tell the full story. ellis is a ballhog who gets assists because he always has the ball, and an awful defender who always gambles

    • I don’t want my point guard shooting 24 times – at least not if he’s only hitting nine of them. Big shot at the end though.

      • True but based on what I’ve seen in the last three games we have a better shot with Ellis as our pg than Jennings.

    • Other teams know Ellis has game and that’s why Atlanta would not trade us Smith unless Ellis was coming back to them. That’s also why Smith stated he wanted to play with Ellis and Jennings and Hammonds went in a different direction with the trade and the Hawks turned it down.

      People are so hung up with the Bogut trade and that we got nothing in return except a greedy ball hog in Ellis that doesn’t play defense and takes bad shots. I was happy with the trade then and I’m even more happy with the trade now after seeing how well Ellis can play the PG position.

      Maybe Jennings should wake up and realize that his value is declining with his attitude since the JJ trade!

    • Yes! I agree. Monta at PG makes way more sense! He’s playing so much better than Brandon. Brandon could be a quality 6th man like J.R. Smith.

  2. When he does this his awful shot selection matters so much less… 13 assists and 6 steals makes up for it.

    • Not sure you can even call what Jennings was doing a “play”, but good Lord.

      Dude’s on fire right now. Respect where it’s due. Two HUGE games when the team was on the verge of falling apart.

    • You should remember that was not the play that was called!

      Thanks to Ersan’s rebound, we got the ball back and then Jennings just stood there for 12-13 seconds and couldn’t create a shot and decided to put the load on Ellis.

      Ellis to Brandon’s rescue and he even gets an assist on the play – lol!

      • It’s Ellis job to move and give Brandon an outlet to pass to. Ellis should have moved to the ball sooner.

        It all worked out for the best, but ….

        I hope these players have their heads in a better place than the blogs. It’s a TEAM or we all loose.

        Go Bucks!

  3. Good thing that last shot dropped for Ellis because he missed the previous five in a row with 5 min left in the game.

    I’m happy the Bucks won, really happy. Here comes the but….rotations the last two games have sure set Ellis up for success.

    Again giving Ellis every opportunity while Jennings not so much. Jennings played with JJ 2 minutes in Dallas and only 3 minutes in Houston. Jennings plays all his time with Ellis. Ellis fg 37.5% BJ fg 37.5% Ellis 3pt 33.3% (was 16.7 until buzzer) BJ 3 pt 40% Ellis 63.6% F.T.
    The guys with high fg% were Redick, Ersan, Dunleavy & Henson. So Ellis playing with Redick, Ersan & Dunleavy would help his assist numbers.

    I guess I’m just confused.

    • Patti, I think you’re on to something here!
      Great job finding the numbers behind the numbers.

      You’re point seems to be that in our rightful acclaim
      for Monta we shouldn’t give up on Brandon — especially
      because Brandon hasn’t had the same opportunities of late.
      If so, I agree!

    • I agree Patti, but an important thing we have to remember is that when you compare what Ellis has done in his career to what Brandon has done, Ellis is a better and more steady scorer. He is having the worst year of his career this year and his worst is still on par with Brandon’s career average. Monta Ellis is a career 45.6% shooter, Brandon is at 39.4%.

      Ellis performance as far as shooting hasn’t improved much and Brandon hasn’t had as much of a chance to play along side that effective line-up (Redick Dunleavy Ersan Sanders). But it cant be denied that when Ellis has played pg with those guys the past three games the Bucks offense has had more team continuity than it has had pretty much all year. A lot of Ellis’ assists have been pretty impressive. Its hard for me to say this because I hate his shot selection and attitude but Ive seen better facilitative pg play from Monta in the past 3 games than I’ve seen from Jennings in pretty much his whole career.

      Ellis still missed a lot of opportunities to pass the ball out on pick and pops. Given the fact that most all of his teammates shoot a better percentage than him he should be passing to the open man every single time.

      • Sillybilly, if Monta has a bad attitude and unless
        he shows real signs of changing it, should we really
        get excited about him as our point guard of the future?
        What is it about Monta’s attitude that you hate? Do you
        see him changing?

        • I hate how overly confident Ellis is, but that’s also something that makes him good. As long as he can continue to keep his teammates involved like he has the past few games I think he can help us win games

  4. Ellis is a fair size for a PG, where he is too small as a SG. Jennings tried to blow this game for us by holding the ball for 13 seconds and never being able to set up a shot.

    People have been all over Ellis and sending him out of town and all on the Jennings band wagon. I have to say Jennings attitude is not right and if he wants out, that’s fine with me now becasue Ellis has shown he can play the PG position and excel at that position.

    Jennings had a couple great games after the all-star game, but has really soured on the idea of having to split minutes with the Redick trade. He has shown it in his body language and his attitude during interviews.

    I’m not saying Redick is our answer as a starting SG, but I’m certainly willing to hand the PG position to Ellis should Dallas come up with a huge front-loaded offer for Jennings this summer.

    I know most people will not agree, but this is my opinion!

    • “Jennings had a couple great games after the all-star game, but has really soured on the idea of having to split minutes with the Redick trade.”
      Jennings is PG Ellis is SG Bucks get new SG So Ellis is PG and Jennings gives up minutes. Last 5 games, starting with Nets:

      Jennings – 48 (34pt,7asst) 42 (31pt,11 ast) 30 (11/5) 32 (8/6) 30 (8/6)

      Ellis – 49 (18pt,8 ast) 40 (14pt,5 ast) 44 (14/10) 44 (22/9) 45 (27/13)

      If Jennings clearly had the better games against the Nets, why did Jennings get his minutes reduced as soon as Redick came, while Ellis minutes stayed same and incresed?

        • Maybe. Ellis might prove to be the best point guard this Bucks organization has ever seen. My point is that Ellis was given the opportunity to play point with Redick where Jennings only gets to play point with Ellis. And well, Ellis is Ellis. Hard to be the PG with Ellis on the floor and then blame the PG for not controlling Ellis.

          Do the Bucks coaching staff REALLY think Jennings has absolutely no Point Guard potential and they should have let him go and play Ellis at Point? Because Ellis is probably the better PG? He does attack the rim more, but oh those threes.

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really arguing for or against moving Jennings to the bench and moving Ellis to point guard. I’m just more than surprised by the sudden decision to minimize Jennings. Especially after the two great games he had against the Nets prior to the trade. Remember, the ones in which Ellis couldn’t make a free throw?

          LOL…and maybe I am way off here and Ellis is the best thing since Carter’s Little Liver Pills.

          • Yea it’s only been a few games I don’t want to jump to conclusions but I have a hunch that Ellis will prove to be the better pg if he continues to get opportunities there.

          • Also don’t you think Ellis experience, seniority, greater athleticism, and greater level of success in the league might afford him more playing opportunities than Jennings?

      • Patti,

        My opinion is that either Jennings said something to Boylan or it’s just a size/matchup issue.

        Jennings played well against the older Deron Williams, but he openly complained about Hawks PG Jeff Teague and the calls or non-calls. To me that seemed to be the moment that Boylan sat Jennings and went with Ellis. That appears to be the point that Boylan saw that Ellis actually could handle the PG responsibilities and Jennings hasn’t played well since.

        Maybe it’s a maturity issue but without knowing for certain, it appears to be that Jennings couldn’t handle Teague, where Ellis could or at least did without complaining.

        • No doubt, Jennings getting in foul trouble early in Atlanta game and he struggled with Teague all night did not make for a good night for Brandon. He struggled that game and I was the first to say to sit his a$$ and play Ellis and Redick down the stretch that night.

          But a career ending game? He’s no longer the point guard?

          Well okay, but ……..

          • It’s not career ending… Boylan is going to do what needs to be done to get wins, the bucks were something like 3-7 in their last ten before the trade. Now with Monta taking over the majority of the pg minutes they play the hawks tough and beat two pretty good teams in the mavs with dirk and the rockets. Boylan will probably stick with this rotation until it stops working.

            The other point to be made is about the process. The process or offensive execution has just seemed better the past 3 games and I don’t think it’s all attributable to Redick playing 20 mins a game, I think a lot of it has to do with how Ellis has run things. I’ve seen plenty of Jennigs, he’s got potential but he’s had they keys to the car since day 1 and a temporary demotion might really be the best thing for him in the long run.

  5. These are guards minutes together last two games.
    Point guard/scoring guard – Dallas minutes / Houston minutes

    Jennings/Ellis – 26 / 24

    Jennings/Redick – 2 / 3.5

    Ellis / Redick – 16 / 14

    All three guards – 4 / 3

    Ellis / Dunleavy – 0 / 3.5

    There is always more than meets the eye with these things and I’m not the coach. I’m also not going to throw Brandon under the bus under these circumstances. At this point I would go so far as to say Brandon may have a case for being unhappy with play time rotations. He’s the only one that forfeited playing time. I would like to see Jennings play with Redick, Dunleavy, Ersan & Sanders for more than 2 minutes. I’m happy for Ellis success, but I think it should not come at the expense of another player that, in my opinion, is equally deserving of opportunity. I hope he gets that chance soon, before it’s too late for the Bucks to get the best out of all their players.

    Go Bucks!

    • after everything she has said on this page makes it basically pointless for anyone to argue cause she is beyond right

      ellis is living the best of both worlds, he gets to start the game running sg where he has some advantage than take over point and control the ball where he has different advantages all of this while playing about 44 out of 48 minutes a game, of course he is going to put up numbers like this. everyone jumping on the milwaukee 2 game bandwagon that happens for a different player every week needs to relax, he is having so much success because he is starting while also playing backup point, why mess with something that is working and demand he starts at point.

      and redick from what ive seen is not this perfect shooter like everyone preached, he missed 2 or 3 wide open game changing shots in houston so how can you guys say its better to have him out there than jennings? jennings has made his fair share of big shots for milwaukee he also adds more of an all around game where redick is just out there to shoot.