PYSCH!! Brandon Jennings doesn’t hate the Bucks, Milwaukee or you

Bucks fans are all like, “Whoa Brandon Jennings totally loves us. And we love him too!”

Remember when Brandon Jennings was the worst because he hated us because Milwaukee’s small and cold and the Bucks are never good or whatever the reasoning was? Turns out, maybe that’s not the case.

Chris Broussard followed up where Chad Ford left off earlier today and actually conversed with Brandon Jennings, rather than sources around Brandon Jennings. This is what Jennings had to say:

 “That is not true,” Jennings said in a text message to ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard when asked if his relationship with the Bucks is beyond repair. “Just because I got a new agent doesn’t mean anything. That stuff never came out of my mouth. They’re just reaching for a story since I changed my agent [to Jeff Schwartz].”

So he’s issuing a denial that he ever said these things and implying that what he says is more important than what sources around him say.

Jennings went on to say that he isn’t seeking more exposure because being in Milwaukee kept him out of the All-Star game:

:Being in Milwaukee wasn’t the reason I didn’t make the All-Star Game,” Jennings said. “Guys just had better numbers than me.”

It probably doesn’t so much matter either way, what he’s saying, what others are saying. What sources and people say can be denied, twisted and manipulated very easily, but what can’t be denied is that the Bucks aren’t all that good at basketball, and a lot of that falls on Jennings. He shoots a bunch, misses most of the time and is a risky bet as a $10 million plus player. And that’s certainly the type of salary he’ll command on the open market.

The Bucks hold all the cards with regard to Jennings. He’s theirs right now and he’ll be a restricted free agent who really can’t receive one of those “poison pill” contracts you hear about. It’s not like a team will offer Jennings one year at $14 million and then following years at $8 million. He’s going to be a $10 million plus player every season. The Bucks simply have to decide if he’s worth that.

If he’s not, they’ll let him leave in the summer or they’ll trade him away before next Thursday. What he wants isn’t really the question. This is the Bucks game and he’s just playing in it for now. If he wants to take a one year qualifying offer and become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2014, then he’ll have all the leverage he wants.

For now, Milwaukee will decide his future, whether he’s happy with them or not.

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  1. Ugh, just when I had hope this would all be resolved soon…. I don’t really buy his denial, but whatever.

    Milwaukee is entering its own little version of the Dwight Howard drama from last year and I am already sick of it.

  2. That picture literally made me laugh out loud. Nice work Jerome. (It is ok that I call you Jerome instead of Jeremy right?)

  3. Yea idk does that then make chad ford an outright liar or an in reputable reporter. Just really feel like the bucks are in a relatively good position right now and making a smart Jennings trade could really help them in the long run.

  4. So on the one hand, a guy who’s reporting is usually spot-on hears bad things in the wind and maybe jumps the gun, but also maybe not. On the other, a guy notorious for lax reporting standards has a text message conversation with a player in desperate need of image repair. Nothing about this is cool in the least…

    I still say explore that trade with Dallas. If this uproar today is any indication, this situation is on the verge of turning very ugly, very quickly.

  5. If this “source” is his agent, he needs another, another new agent.

    All this might be good for the blogs, but I don’t see how ANY of this helps a team that, right now, looks painfully uncomfortable.

    Go Bucks!

  6. My comments from the previous article still stand. Trade Jennings. Trade Ellis. Start building for the future. This current teams ceiling is possibly not getting swept, but still losing in the first round.

    • I agree that the Bucks have a low ceiling.
      I hope we keep Sanders, Harris and Henson,
      and are open to trading anyone else.
      We don’t seem to have a good mix of players
      right now. I do like Jennings and would like
      to keep him — at maybe $8 mil/yr plus incentives
      for things like shooting % and assist:turnover
      — but a lot depends on whether Jennings likes us.
      It’s a challenge, but hopefully we’ll find guys
      who like being in Milwaukee.

  7. I trust Chad Ford more than I trust Chris Broussard my guess is Jennings will be traded over the All Star break

  8. I would always prefer Ellis to be traded before Jennings. Honestly, if you trade Jennings, I say get rid of everyone minus Sanders and Henson and get picks and dumpster dive the season. Enough of this getting into the playoffs is a good season, it isn’t. Either get a team that can go deep into playoffs or crash it and draft smart.

    • Yea tanking is harder said than done because the bucks are still above the bottom of the league without Jennings and Ellis especially considering that they will bring in some replacements via trade. In reality we could actually be improved after such trades. The one way we could improve our chances of tanking and get better picks in the process would be to take on unwanted contracts (hedo turkoglu) and get draft picks for the sacrifice instead of actually replacing BJEllis with adequate talent.

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  10. Im feeling dizzy…

    So much innuendo-rumors-denials-he should go-he should stay-the cow jumped over the moon!!!!

    The BUCKS management should do whats best for the BUCKS- I personally trust John Hammond to create a winning roster. Dont want BJ to leave- I like him alot, faults and all. He energized the team in his rookie year
    and has been a serviceable PG. What I do know to be true is this:

    Milwaukee BUCKS fans will get behind ANY player who gives EFFORT-thats all we really can ask of a player…leave it all on the court. Just a fans opinion- no need to slam for it…. :)

    • I agree here. I support all our players good or bad. As long as they are committed to the Bucks or at least say they are (in Jennings case). I support them. And to Jennings and Ellis who are constantly faced with lack of support from fans. I support you.

      Go Bucks!

    • I get behind any player that gives their best effort, mentally and physically, to win games as well. If a player consistently shoots below the league average and continues to take the most shots on his team, I dont think such a player is putting forth the best effort mentally to give the team the best opportunity to win. All I ask is that the bucks play their best as a team and that is not happening right now. And all I ask of John Hammond is to do what is in the best interest of the team. Trading both Ellis and Jennings is clearly in the best interest of the future of this franchise.