Report: Josh Smith wants to have it all, play with Jennings and Ellis

Secretly, I’m sure Smith really wants to play with Mike Dunleavy. (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

I don’t even know what to believe and what not to believe anymore. Let’s just assume everything is the absolute truth and push ourselves to the brink of insanity and freak out about every report we hear. Does that sound good?


Today’s report: Josh Smith would like to play with Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings. He sounds like an awful general manager, so I hope he’s either got charisma or a good accountant, because front office work can’t be in his future.

What would the Bucks have to give up to get Smith without losing Ellis? Things are about to get real here folks:

Beno Udrih, Luc Mbah a Moute and …. Larry Sanders for Smith and Tony Morrow (I know everyone calls him Anthony, but dibs on saying Tony right here.)


I recognize how unpopular this would be, but I have a hard time believing the Hawks would want to take back Ilaysova’s lengthy and moderately expensive contract. For the price of losing a guy who’s quickly becoming the best defensive player in the game, the Bucks at least get back Morrow, a dangerous shooter. Of course, without Udrih, Milwaukee would again lack a backup point guard. Perhaps that could be addressed separately.

I’m not saying I’d like this trade, I’d hate it, but I could see something like it happening. Hopefully the Bucks value Sanders as much as they should at this point though.

How could this get done without Larry Sanders?

Samuel Dalembert, Ekpe Udoh, Tobias Harris and the Bucks first round pick for Smith and Anthony Tolliver


Milwaukee loses out on the prospect Harris and a first round pick, but doesn’t give up any core pieces. Plus they get Tolliver, a little used big man that could be the last guy on the bench and be fine with his role. John Henson would likely get a larger role in this situation and either Smith or Mbah a Moute would probably take some minutes at the power forward spot.

But this team would have Sanders, Smith and Mbah a Moute available for late game defense. You can do a lot worse than that.

I’m likely over-valuing Harris at this point, simply because he’s on the Bucks and he’s young. But including the first round pick and Henson as well may be a bit too steep for reality. This is Josh Smith, not Joss Whedon. AMIRIGHT AVENGERS FANS!?

Your thoughts or angry rantings on the matter?

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  1. Great, now Jennings is supposedly untouchable along with Henson and Sanders, per Marc Stein.

    Ugh this whole thing is annoying. Tell Atlanta to take one of the guards or the second deal you suggested, minus the draft pick. If its anything else, the Bucks might as well just sit tight and try something over the summer.

    • * Also this is a bummer because it was supposed to be Monta Ellis bobblehead night when the Bucks play the Hawks next. That would have been funny, if he had been the one to get traded.

  2. If we lose Larry we lose who we are as a city who believes. We try year after year to find someone who has great potential and loves our town(very rare) and when we get one guy, we trade him away for a rental? I dont think so. If they do the first one they may lose me for a bit.( Because you know i’m so vital to Buck success)

    • I believe Larry Sanders is more of a franchise player than Brandon Jennings. He loves the city, fans, and teammates (or at least pretends to). And plus he may soon be one of the greatest big men in the league. We now consider a bad night for Larry when he only has 3 blocks. Plus the fans love him more than anybody! Larry Larry Larry

  3. Would be totally fine with that second deal. However, they should tell Smith to F himself and trade Ellis and a pick for Smith and be done with it. Or, as the above poster noted, sit tight until the offseason.

    Sanders has to be completely untouchable.

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    MIL gets: Smith Morrow and Petro (all expiring contracts)
    NETS get: Ilyasova (they have wanted Ilyasova for a while and add Udoh only if they need a sweetener)
    ATL gets: Humphries, Dalembert, Harris, and Brooks (two prospects with Harris and Brooks, and an expiring contract and true center in Dalembert, Humphries may be tough to swallow but it is an expiring contract after this season)

          • Exactly, Patti…..I’m sure they’d be crawling over themselves to get to Milwaukee (sarcasm). No offer from the Bucks would make up for what a “stud” would lose in endorsement and branding leverage by coming here right now. The culture of the team, and the atmosphere in the BMOBC need to change first before you have any chance of luring a big name. Master plan + draft + development…. any trade made now needs to have a purpose in moving the team towards that goal. Otherwise, as Flip Saunders would say, it’s just “waste management”.

    • I actually LOVE this trade!!!! But id take Brooks over Morrow!!!! He’d take ellis’ starting SG spot next year!!! We upgrade at PF, but also, give Atl Gooden and keep Dalembert…. 1) This alows us to GO FOR IT this year without giving up core players!!! 2) No draft pick involved!!! 3) Gives us a ton a $$$ to pick up front court FA’s next year!!!!

      • You Don’t LOVE this trade if you change Brooks over Morrow and give Gooden over Dalembert. Not the same trade!

        • and what would ATL incentive be for the trade then? Realistically they won’t want Gooden’s contract and Brooks is one of the main reasons ATL would accept the trade. Also, I think Morrow could be a decent addition long term for the Bucks as a role player if he were to be signed to a reasonable contract

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  7. If anyone should be “”untouchable””…it should be Larry!

    Cant give that kind of SIZE , TALENT, and YOUTH away. Larry is the fan favorite here, and deservedly so! I will be very ashamed of the organization if he were to be traded.

    Hoping for the best

  8. Larry will soon be a more valuable player than Smith, He is not going to get traded its as simple as that.

    I dont think Hammond gives a damn who Smith wants to play with and I dont think the hawks GM really cares either. Smith doesn’t have any leverage in this situation so its kind of irrelevant. His decision on where he plays next year will be based on money and how competetive the team is. A BJ3-Redick-Smith-Ilyasova-Sanders line-up could be pretty damn good if Brandon can adjust to it. I’d certainly like to see it happen and we could get a real idea of what Brandon is really worth as a pg. No more excuses for him.

    I just don’t see the chemistry if Ellis is substituted for Redick in that line-up. But thats why Smith is not a GM.

    • There you go! Sillybilly, get that deal done. Would you please?

      That line up would get the fans back in the BMO Harris Bradley Center. (That name is so bad, I just have to say it)

  9. are there enough balls in the state of Wisconsin for that team? we may have to invest in hologram technology


    Second trade looks good, though. Anything sending Ilyasova as the main piece back out is fine by me too.

  11. there is a complete way around this where as we may be able to keep 3 players for this season but only two for the offseason. Playing with the trade machine i was mixing and matching deals that could possibly only take us and atlanta to make and leave out the unwanted 3rd team who takes more than needed to get a deal done.
    Milwaukee gets: Smith, Johan Petro
    Atlanta gets:Ersan(who i personally like) Dalembart, beno and maybe Dunleavy or a pick to replace him.(this years draft sucks.)
    Now i know they may not like taking up Ersans contract but they’d have to like his numbers and he only has room to grow.
    I know we’d be loosing key bench players but look at it this way.
    With the players going over to ATL we’d free up just enough cap space to still get a decent player or two in FA this offseason Smith has said he is willing to stay long term and as long as Brandons a restricted FA we say if he leaves or not.
    That could possibly put Milwaukee in a Win Win situation and still keep playoff hope alive for this year and for a few years to come.

  12. Ily, Dalembert, and Udoh for Smith and Morrow. Ersan can pretty much knock down any shot so atl would like that. Dalembert is valued pretty high, but we don’t use him that much, and udoh has potential to be an aggressive big man and work on his offense. All that for a player that might not even resign with us next year and a 3 pt specialist in Morrow(which is all he can do)? seems like a fair trade.

    • I would agree with this trade. Defiantly keep Larry Sanders, and keep Monta Ellis if possible.

  13. I think the second trade of Samual Dalembert, Epke Udoh and Tobias Harris would be a dream trade for the bucks. Having Ellis, Jennings, Sanders, and Smith would be extraordinary. Yes, Jennings and Ellis aren’t consistent, but the addition of Smith will help on their poor nights. Yes, we will miss our two big guys, but John Henson is actually a decent player who with a new offensive player (Josh Smith) can focus on defense. Plus there is no way Larry Sanders is leaving. He has showed he can play like an all star. My dream trade would be Beno Udrih, Samual Dalembert, and Tobias Harris. But hey, it’s just a dream.

    Go Bucks Go

  14. Found a trade that works well for the bucks… may not look well for the others but I think with a little charm it can
    bucks get josh smith and jj redick
    magic get drew gooden
    hawks get dalembert and beno