I insert this video, not because I’m laughing like the Bucks have some master plan, but because I’m going insane, little by little, as each new report comes out and the Bucks get closer and closer to either being the same team altogether or a team that’s slightly different but even further from the one I dream they become.


Marc Stein is now reporting that Brandon Jennings is nearly untouchable. This whole time, between all the agent firings, text messages and mixed signals, the Bucks have held leverage in any potential Jennings negotiations. Unless he merely wants to accept a qualifying offer, the Bucks will control his free agency this coming off-season.

He’s not going to get a max deal, he never was. And so long as he doesn’t get that, the Bucks seem pretty likely to match any offer that the guy they seem to consider the face of their franchise receives.

It was difficult to envision a scenario that Jennings got traded in, unless he was apart of a deal for Josh Smith. But it appears Smith fancies the idea of playing with his Oak Hill Alum brethren Jennings and fellow prep-to-pro Monta Ellis.

Additionally in Stein’s report was the news that the Bucks are ‘inclined’ to hang on to expiring veteran big man Samuel Dalembert. The Haitian center was quite productive in Larry Sanders‘ recent absence, tossing around double-doubles like we were in the mid-2000s. And now that his trade value has likely recovered from any damage done by Scott Skiles unceremonious benching of him earlier this season, the Bucks have decided they’ll hang on to him.

Not trading Dalember would continue on the Bucks annual fierce resistance to trading players on expiring contracts who are performing well. Like Ramon Sessions  Charlie Villanueva and Ersan Ilyasova before him, it appears Dalembert will finish this season a Buck. But he’ll probably go the route of Sessions and Chuck V. and depart in free agency.

Logic would indicate that Milwaukee feels he’ll be a valuable contributor down the stretch as Sanders’ primary backup.