Stein: Jennings ‘untouchable’, Bucks inclined to keep Dalembert

I insert this video, not because I’m laughing like the Bucks have some master plan, but because I’m going insane, little by little, as each new report comes out and the Bucks get closer and closer to either being the same team altogether or a team that’s slightly different but even further from the one I dream they become.


Marc Stein is now reporting that Brandon Jennings is nearly untouchable. This whole time, between all the agent firings, text messages and mixed signals, the Bucks have held leverage in any potential Jennings negotiations. Unless he merely wants to accept a qualifying offer, the Bucks will control his free agency this coming off-season.

He’s not going to get a max deal, he never was. And so long as he doesn’t get that, the Bucks seem pretty likely to match any offer that the guy they seem to consider the face of their franchise receives.

It was difficult to envision a scenario that Jennings got traded in, unless he was apart of a deal for Josh Smith. But it appears Smith fancies the idea of playing with his Oak Hill Alum brethren Jennings and fellow prep-to-pro Monta Ellis.

Additionally in Stein’s report was the news that the Bucks are ‘inclined’ to hang on to expiring veteran big man Samuel Dalembert. The Haitian center was quite productive in Larry Sanders‘ recent absence, tossing around double-doubles like we were in the mid-2000s. And now that his trade value has likely recovered from any damage done by Scott Skiles unceremonious benching of him earlier this season, the Bucks have decided they’ll hang on to him.

Not trading Dalember would continue on the Bucks annual fierce resistance to trading players on expiring contracts who are performing well. Like Ramon Sessions  Charlie Villanueva and Ersan Ilyasova before him, it appears Dalembert will finish this season a Buck. But he’ll probably go the route of Sessions and Chuck V. and depart in free agency.

Logic would indicate that Milwaukee feels he’ll be a valuable contributor down the stretch as Sanders’ primary backup.

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  1. Its funny how Jennings has a good game and the poll about whether he should be traded over there –>
    quickly racks up a lot more votes for not trading him. I think his good performances stick in people’s minds much more than his numerous lackluster ones. When he plays well its really exciting and memorable to watch… but come on Body of work people, Body of work!

    Anyways, so we keep Jennings and maybe pick up smith, and maybe Redick too. What better situation to really assess Jennings worth than a line-up with those two guys. Will he change into a prolific facilitator, or be the same subpar chucker who gets very hot on occasion? If we get that line-up the truth will be revealed.

    • I stand by my original vote of trading him. I was leaning toward trading him, almost “on the fence”. But honestly, that post about the “bad shooting nights” that he and Ellis put up… Pushed me over the edge. He’s not good enough.

  2. I too am untouchable, mostly just by my girlfriend

    I have been critical of Dalmebert this season, but I believe at this point(and even at the expense of Henson playing time) he is a good keep.. that being said if he is the reason any deal is derailed I am gonna be pissed.. and I really don’t want to be giving up too much future talent in these deals.. If someone wants Tobias(not happy about it) OK, but not Tobias and a 1st round pick.. with no assurances that we can keep this team together we need as much future manpower as we can get.. and all of a sudden the 2013 NBA Draft is starting to get pretty stacked

    • Because Oladipo had a good guy and Dick Vitale compared him to Jordan? No way, man. This draft is bunk. If you have to give one up to get what you want, this is a better year than any since 2006 to not have a first-round pick.

      Losing Tobias would not be cool, especially for nothing, but you’ve seen him recently. He’s still a bit away from regular contribution. If it came down to he, Udoh, and a first, have to go for it.

    • Agreed….and its not really too far-fetched to think that at 20 yrs old Harris could become close to a Josh Smith Caliber player some day. It would be in the best interest of this team to build for the future rather than recklessly doing whatever it takes to assure they make the playoffs this year.

  3. @JSchmidt-

    Just out of curiousity what kind of team do you “dream they(the bucks) become”, and what would Hammond’s strategy be in that case?

  4. My guess is that they havent had any offers that they have deemed worthwhile so the Bucks leak “Jennings is untouchable” so that when Jennings reads/hears that (which im confident he will and has) it makes him feel like he is “the guy” again and his confidence goes up and when his confidence is up so is his productivity. He is such a moody player and seems to be pretty fragile especially when things go south for him so I think it would make sense for the organization to release a statement that stand behind him.

    If the Bucks said “Jennings is untouchable and we are keeping him no matter what even if someone is dumb enough to offer him a max contract” then I’d say there is a problem. I’d like to see him traded too but if the best they can get for him is Darren Collison and some filler then maybe it’s best to see how FA plays out.

    • I’d trade Jennings for Collison and filler… maybe even just Jennings for Collison straight up! Collison, despite also being a small and slight PG (listed as one inch shorter and 6 pounds heavier), shoots better 2p%, 3p%, FT% and has comparable apg, spg, topg and rpg when adjusted for mpg. If we’re just switching in Collison for Jennings, his efficiency makes him a much better match alongside Ellis and the rest of the Bucks roster.