Tales of being a Bucks fan – The winners of the Million Dollar Ballers and Bucksketball Giveaway

We got plenty of great entries into our giveaway with Million Dollar Ballers, but only three people could win. I will share with you their stories and what I loved about them:

Although I fell in love with the Bucks in the 1998-1999 season, I’ll have to go with the 1999-2000 Bucks team as my favorite. They added Darvin Ham and Skip-to-my-Lou, who were both flat-out fun to watch, to an already hilarious Sam Cassell and Ervin Johnson (his offense killed me).  I was so proud when they took Indiana to 5 games in the playoffs, and Reggie admitted that the better team didn’t win the series.

The 1999-2000 Bucks were certainly a special group. This was the first group I really connected to that was over .500 in a full regular season. It seemed like they could win any game on any given night thanks to their shooting. Oddly enough, they weren’t a particularly fast group, just full of shooters that excelled at that one skill. Ray Allen, Cassell, Glenn Robinson, Tim Thomas, Dale Ellis, Haywoode Workman, designated inbound passer Vinny Del Negro – all of them could shoot.

I liked that this fan threw that bit in about Reggie at the end. That’s what pushed this over the top for me. That and Skip. I’m a big Skip guy.

Our next winner chose the 1994-95 Milwaukee Bucks:

It started when on my Middle School trip to DC, we visited Sen. Kohl’s offices. Against my teachers wishes, I ask the Senator who he was planning to draft (Kidd, Hill, or Big Dog). The Senator, then said with a big smile that he thinks all three would be great, but will leave it up to his staff. I then demanded he draft Big Dog, at which point my teacher told me that was enough.

A fantastic story. And I can only assume were I given that opportunity in middle school, I would have reacted the same way. Though I hope I would have had the foresight to call for Jason Kidd or Grant Hill.

Our final winner might be the most deserving. He selected the 1973-74 Bucks because of an encounter he had with the group:

I was asked to help the team and not ask for autographs or “make a bother” by the team spokesman.  I performed my duties as requested–with my jazz station on in the background.  Several players, among them Kareem, were getting their ankles taped.  Kareem asked me who my favorite musician was;  I responded Eric Dolphy.  Kareem was surprised and we talked for about 5 minutes about music and history.  He had been a history major and I was taking a couple of courses in world history.  After practice, Bill Bates (then the Bucks trainer) gave me a choice of items as “payment” for my services.  An old jersey (once worn by Lucius Allen), a warm up pullover and a pair of Converse shoes.  I chose the latter–and wore them until they disintegrated from hard use and continual wear.

Can you even imagine getting the opportunity to just be given a very solid player’s jersey for helping out the team? This letter went over our word requirements, but I made an exception because the story is so awesome. Kudos to you sir and thanks to everyone who participated.

We’ll look to collaborate with our friends at MDBallers again in the future.

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  1. My favorite Bucks team of all time has to be the 2009-2010 team. Why? Well, there are six (for Marquis Daniels) main reasons.

    1) Brandon Jennings double-nickel: Not having cable and having to watch all their games on a sketchy website, I went on to watch BJ’s 55 points via skype from my friend’s laptop pointing at the TV, but It was as glorious as ever. (BJ was shooting right handed).

    2) Kurt Thomas and his illegal screens

    3) The #FearTheBeard trade that propelled us to the #FearTheDeer playoffs

    4) The highs of the game 5 win in Atlanta, the lows of Bogut’s injury

    5) Getting on FSN at the Bucks vs. T-Wolves game.

    6) The invention of squad six.

    Honorable mention: Joe Alexander ended the season on the Bulls

    and yes the second one is total bs