JJ Redick is the subject of trade rumors with the Bucks–USA Today

The Milwaukee Bucks, who are being forecasted to be  active at the upcoming trade deadline, are beginning to make prophets out of reporters.

Via Marc Stein of ESPN.com:

Weekend Dime addendum: Milwaukee now in mix for Magic’s JJ Redick. Bucks, I’m told, assessing their ability to retain sharpshooter long term.

To meet asking price for Redick — expiring(s) and a future first-round pick — Bucks naturally wanna know they can retain free agent-to-be

The Bucks most logical expiring contract to trade away is that of scoring machine Samuel Dalembert, who has already been linked to trade rumors.  The other more prominent expiring deals are Beno Udrih‘s and Mike Dunleavy‘s, but the Bucks are likely to hang on to both of those players. As Stein notes, Milwaukee would likely have to include future first-round picks as well.

Redick is averaging 15.3 points on 45.2% shooting this season. He has always been heralded for his outside shooting and non-stop movement on offense, attributes the Bucks (insert: adverb far more powerful than) desperately need.  He’s also known as a reliable, but not great defender.  In other words, he’s a healthier, younger and slightly smaller version of Mike Dunleavy.  And every team could use another Mike Dunleavy.

Zach Harper of CBSSports.com chimed in on the potential trade, saying that it would be wise for the Bucks to make this move.

If the Bucks are willing to give up a first-round pick and not have heavy protection on it, that could be more than enough to snag Redick away from Orlando and leave the rest of the NBA scrambling to find another available shooter. But the Bucks wanting to retain Redick in free agency shouldn’t deter them from not making a deal like this happen.

Milwaukee is sitting in the eighth seed with a four-game lead over the Philadelphia 76ers. They’re not in real danger of falling out of the playoffs, but they have a realistic chance of moving up to the fifth seed if they acquire another shooter for someone like Dalembert, who really isn’t a big part of their success. Even though they have played Miami well over the last couple of seasons, avoiding the Heat in the first round and trying to upset someone like New York, Indiana or Chicago should be the goal.

What do you think?  Should the Bucks stay put and not pull the trigger on this deal?  Or, do you agree with Captain James T. Kirk and myself?  Sound off below in the comments.