To swoon or not to swoon: Bucks interested in JJ Redick

JJ Redick is the subject of trade rumors with the Bucks–USA Today

The Milwaukee Bucks, who are being forecasted to be  active at the upcoming trade deadline, are beginning to make prophets out of reporters.

Via Marc Stein of

Weekend Dime addendum: Milwaukee now in mix for Magic’s JJ Redick. Bucks, I’m told, assessing their ability to retain sharpshooter long term.

To meet asking price for Redick — expiring(s) and a future first-round pick — Bucks naturally wanna know they can retain free agent-to-be

The Bucks most logical expiring contract to trade away is that of scoring machine Samuel Dalembert, who has already been linked to trade rumors.  The other more prominent expiring deals are Beno Udrih‘s and Mike Dunleavy‘s, but the Bucks are likely to hang on to both of those players. As Stein notes, Milwaukee would likely have to include future first-round picks as well.

Redick is averaging 15.3 points on 45.2% shooting this season. He has always been heralded for his outside shooting and non-stop movement on offense, attributes the Bucks (insert: adverb far more powerful than) desperately need.  He’s also known as a reliable, but not great defender.  In other words, he’s a healthier, younger and slightly smaller version of Mike Dunleavy.  And every team could use another Mike Dunleavy.

Zach Harper of chimed in on the potential trade, saying that it would be wise for the Bucks to make this move.

If the Bucks are willing to give up a first-round pick and not have heavy protection on it, that could be more than enough to snag Redick away from Orlando and leave the rest of the NBA scrambling to find another available shooter. But the Bucks wanting to retain Redick in free agency shouldn’t deter them from not making a deal like this happen.

Milwaukee is sitting in the eighth seed with a four-game lead over the Philadelphia 76ers. They’re not in real danger of falling out of the playoffs, but they have a realistic chance of moving up to the fifth seed if they acquire another shooter for someone like Dalembert, who really isn’t a big part of their success. Even though they have played Miami well over the last couple of seasons, avoiding the Heat in the first round and trying to upset someone like New York, Indiana or Chicago should be the goal.

What do you think?  Should the Bucks stay put and not pull the trigger on this deal?  Or, do you agree with Captain James T. Kirk and myself?  Sound off below in the comments.


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  1. Please pass the word on to Hammond to not do this deal. I just don’t see why we should be giving up an expiring contract, a future first round pick (even if it’s in this year’s “weak” class) and a possible young talent (saw a rumor from Hoops Rumors that a deal would include an expiring contract, Tobias Harris, and a first rounder). I just don’t see the point of giving all that up (mainly Harris and the first-rounder) for someone who might not even re-sign. Remember Gary Payton? Also keep in mind, we drafted Larry Sanders and Harris both in the middle of the first round. Please don’t do this, Milwaukee! If you can shed any light that may make me feel differently, feel free to do so, as I am really concerned about the Bucks doing this; I’m worried.

    • I also just do not see us being able to upset someone like Miami, New York, Chicago, or Indiana in the first round. Sure, we could beat them here and there, but to play them 3-5 games in a row? There’s just no way

    • From what I’ve read, the Bucks wouldn’t make this trade without a commitment to re-sign. So, there’s that. Perhaps that helps a little bit.

    • i agree is reddick going to take you to the finals, i think not trade monta so you get something for him before he leaves,build around larry,jennings and harris keep your draft picks

  2. Eric Im with you and Jimmy T. Especially since Mike Dunleavy is more than likely going to be gone after this season. Late lottery/Mid 1st round picks can be solid but Id rather have proven talent and JJ is a proven shooter, does a great job moving without the ball and can run some point in a pinch. I only think they should pull the trigger if they can lock him up for a few years though. Which he sounds very reluctant to do unfortunately

    • JJ sounds like a good match for Bucks, especially if we can also keep Dunleavy.

      Hammond isn’t going to give up all those assets for a two month loaner. Never has and I’ll bet he never will under these circumstances. We are talking about a fifth vs seventh seed, after all.

  3. i hope they arent seriously considering this trade, we lose way to much and gain an offensively only shooter. we need someone who can get to the rim and score easy points consistently ellis is far better in that category and having reddick would seriously make our rotations messed up. plus giving up an expiring contract like dalembert which ive heard is one guy mentioned would cripple us for backup center forcing udoh to play there and i hated that

        • right but why would you trade away young talent, a first rounder, and an expiring contract for a redick? someone who could easily walk after the season. and he’s never been an All Star – so what’s so special about him? He’s just a shooter

    • plus the draft pick which i forgot to mention, we have picked up some very good young talent over the years with our middle of the draft picks

    • “we need someone who can get to the rim and score easy points consistently ellis is far better in that category and having reddick would seriously make our rotations messed up”

      Score easy points huh? Well let’s see here…
      Ellis is shooting 40% this year at 18 ppg and 24% from three.
      meanwhile Reddick is shooting 45% at 15 ppg and 39% from three.
      I would say that Reddick is finding a way to score more “easy points” this season.

      Not sure about this deal though, giving up a first rounder and giving Reddick a fat long-term deal might not be worth it….hard to say without the specifics.

          • every one of your arguments is completely related to stats and the thing is none of the stats you give are good. first things first i said get to the rim and get easy points i didnt say anything about 3’s. as far as the 40% to 45%, do you realize that the difference there is literally about 1 shot less made a game while ellis is still averaging more points and assists. stop posting the stupid shit that you do, you seriously need to start cheering for another team and stop bitching about every player on the bucks

          • If you’re going to use stats, maybe use Redick’s 59.7% true shooting percentage and his 55.7% effective field goal percentage, compared to Monta’s 47.4% and 42.4%, respectively. If shooting isn’t your thing, then you can point to Redick’s 3.5 win shares or .113 win shares/48, again compared to Monta’s 1.9 and 0.53.

      • “hard to say without the specifics”

        exactly…without the specifics this potential deal could be either really good, or a total wash. Im not sure what “Long Term” means but I’d rather see Redick on about a 3 year contract for about 6 million per, I think that is reasonable. Anything over 8 million a season would make this a terrible trade in my opinion. And giving him a contract for 5 years is too long unless it’s for real cheap.

        This trade probably isnt even going to happen anyway but at least it’s fun to discuss scenarios

        • If we could get him at 3 yrs/7mil per (or less) for Dalembert and our 1st rounder for the 2013 draft it would be a good deal.

          If we could somehow include Ellis and save Dalembert for another trade, well that would be amazing.

  4. Yo,

    I suggested this trade a few months ago. I was laughed at like the “magic weren’t stupid”. What’s up now? My wang, your mouths. Suck it.

  5. @sp

    The phrase “easy points” is indicative of a shot that can be converted at a high rate. Ellis isn’t converting at a high rate this year and therefore I don’t think he is getting many easy points. 5% in fgs certainly makes a difference, especially when you consider that some of those shots are worth three points instead of two, and that many games are decided by a few points. I don’t think that Reddick is a better player than Ellis, though he would probably fit better with the Bucks and could be held onto beyond this season for much less than Ellis. Neither of them are an ideal option for a starting Guard on a team that wants to contend, both would be great off the bench.

    I don’t think my posts are “stupid shit”, I think most knowledgeable people would agree that having the bulk of your teams shots taken by low percentage shooters is not a likely path to success. The Bucks are a small market team in a competitive league, no clear remedy makes them a contender and that is why it is interesting to discuss and follow them.

    • This is a note of appreciation for SillyBilly and
      his valuable contributions to this blog. I like his
      last sentence that seems to say that there is a lot
      of room for different opinions about the Bucks —
      especially because they are a small-market team
      with limited resources and not as much room for error
      as teams like the Lakers and Knicks. This does, I
      agree, make for interesting discussions, hopefully
      robust without going too far.

  6. I would love this, have been saying all year that JJ would make this team instantly better on the offensive end. Ideally, I would hope for them not to give up a first round pick and rather ship out someone like Ellis, but they could def. use JJ.

  7. If we give up a draft pick for this year for him, that really isn’t that big of a deal because it will be a late teens – early 20’s pick in a very weak draft class. Plus,even though they snagged Jennings and Sanders, the Bucks have not been very good at drafting. Also, Reddick is a proven talent and has shown he can play in this league. He’s also the first option and that team, and he’s still managed to shoot a decent percentage. Do it!

    P.S. Tobias gets no playing time, and when he was, he looked baaaaad. I’m saying he won’t be a talent in this league, I’m just saying it won’t be for the Bucks.

  8. What about Josh Smith, rumors are that the Hawks don’t want to extend him to a max deal at the end of the season and are considering trades.

    Doubt Hammond is entertaining it but perhaps the Bucks should consider a package for him. Thoughts?

      • Yea I guess I didn’t realize he was already making 13 million this season. Anything more than that would probably be too much.

    • With Smith’s comments about the city of Milwaukee in the past I highly doubt that he would even consider Milwaukee as a long term home of his. And I dont think the Bucks would rent him for half a year bc they’d have to give up too much

  9. I think they should pull the trigger if and only if they can’t swing a deal with a better player like OJ Mayo or Arron Afflalo. After all, we can assume Brandon will be traded for picks in the offseason when he fails to accept our offer and Monta will opt out and become expendable as well. We’ll need some offense for next season and the year after–as long as he signs for at least 2 years (Reddick).

  10. I would understand this trade if it happened, but would it make the bucks that much better? they would have an overcrowded backcourt and we need big men with Larry Sanders out. If Ellis keeps shooting the way he is, then this trade would make sense.

  11. I have mentioned before about wanting to acquire JJ, but not at the cost of our future.. the Bucks are going to have to reload this offseason and we need as many draft picks as we can get/keep

    Free Agents this offseason(including early termination):


    Now they want to add another possible free agent player minus the ability to compensate for the loss.. not to mention that somebody might overpay Brando this summer.. that would be a shell of a team

  12. Id almost engage the idea of seeing jj and picks for monta dalembert and gooden… trade exception on monta and gooden. Call me crazy but I think with the Dwight Howard trade exception they have, that covers those two salaries.

  13. Please don’t trade Tobias! Nor Henson
    or Sanders! Anyone else is okay, but with
    only one first-round pick, not two,
    and only if Redick is on board for the future.
    I’m excited about getting a sharpshooter
    who is said to be active without the ball and
    a willing defender. If he appears in general
    to be a high-quality guy and is happy to be
    in Milwaukee, this could be very good!

  14. We need someone to pass the ball first and distribute the ball to shooters. We need a true point guard that will command the team. Too many shooters, not enough pure passers and finding the open man. Ellis and Jennings cannot apparently exist on the court together.

    • you people are all so ignorant it is mind blowing, 36 points 12 assists combined and they cant exist together on the courth??? assuming all 12 assists are 2 point buckets that is 60 points a game because of those 2 guys, i find that hardly to be a problem.

        • If we can get him to do a sign and trade, then I’m for this minus Harris. Give them a first round mediocre. We have some some talented young frontcourt, give them any of the other peices IMO, hell throw Ellis in the trade for all I care(he is truly garbage, overated, and honestly his only redeeming quality is his assists, when he feels like it, and his D, when he feels like it.) Then we can trade Jennings and some other stuff for a team player PG. Sanders-Illy-Henson(when he bulks up some, as Sanders needs to do after watching the fall, till then Dunleavy.)-JJ-Decent PG, which are fairly easy to find in the league(compared to all other positions IMO.)

          I’d hate to see Jennings go. I’d love to see Jennings go. Sometimes I wish the Bucks weren’t like me. Gemini.

      • Haha sp
        Jose Calderon 10-13 with 10 assists in 35 min
        Brandon Jennings 8-27 with 7 assists in 38 min

        Could you at least admit BJ had a pretty bad game last night?
        Problem is this type of performance isn’t atypical for him, but I’m sure you’ll come back with some argument about how Brandon needs to shoot 20+ shots to beat a team like the pistons because no one else on the bucks has talent and so on. I’m not buyin it bud.

        • you are completely right jennings had a terrible game he took alot of shots and missed alot of shots….yet he still had 26 points 7 assists, if those are the numbers that he is going to put up on a bad night than i dont see how everyone is complaining

          • Well people are complaining because 26 points on 27 shots is NOT good. If you don’t understand that you have a lot to learn and probably shouldn’t be so opionated. BJEllis shot 30% and the rest of the team shot 46%. If any mixture of Bucks players not named Brandon Jennings or Monta Ellis had been allow to take more shots the rate of overall conversion would have likely been higher. More makes means more points and a better chance of winning. Are you starting to understand yet? I know its pretty complicated stuff with the numbers and all.

          • if you wanna say that jennings is bad for whatever reason you think than sure go ahead but jennings is not selfish at all, countless number of teams he dribbles to half court and gives the ball to someone else to start the flow of the offense, so even on nights where he takes 27 shots he still passes the ball so it is not on him to force other to take the shots when they get the ball i dont understand how you can be so stupid to blame that on him, but theres a shot clock in the nba so someone has to shoot.

            and like i said if he can score 26 points and 7 assists everytime he has a bad night than there isnt much to complain about, every player has bad nights much rather have a stat line like this compared to 0-5 or 0-10 and not contributing to the game at all.

      • Wow and earlier you said something about “watching the games and not just looking at boxscore” If you’re going to look at their pergame numbers, don’t forget their FG/TS%. Jennings averages 18ppg on 17FGA and 4FTA pergame. 18 points on 21 shots. Efficient. Ellis averages 18ppg on 17FGA and 4.5FTA pergame. 18 points on 21.5 shots.

        Then there is the fact that they are poor decision makers, under-sized, and while they do both give solid effort defensively – Jennings is average and Ellis below average.

        Oh and Monta Ellis have it all, thinks he’s Dwayne Wade.
        Brandon Jennings thinks he’s worth a max contract when he is worth HALF of that.

  15. I like the trade idea. we won’t have Dalembert after this year anyway and if there is one thing the Bucks desperately need it’s someone who can make a shot. Redick, Dunleavy and Ersan spreading the floor for Jennings and Sanders would help. Plus with more shooters opening things up, it may free up space to make Tobias a better option.

    I like Ellis, when he goes to the basket, but sweet Lord no more 3’s… what does he shoot like 25% or something?? I know you have to shoot some to keep people from playing off but maybe less and closer. Would love him as a 6th man.. He likely wouldn’t do it though, which I understand. Redick isn’t better but he does fit better in their starting line up. Then you could move Beno and have Monta be the Main back up at the 1 and 2 spot… still get like 30 min a game. Maybe even at the 3 when they go small.

    Jennings/ Ellis
    Redick/ Ellis/ Daniels
    LRM/ Dunleavy/ Harris
    Ersan/ Henson/ Harris
    Sanders/ Udoh (if we must.. Capt. 20 min = 1 Reb… but he defends ok so)

    Just think they’ll miss Dalemberts power inside.. Larry is better but he can be pushed around a bit.

  16. Why not go after rondo???? Makes sense to me. Get rid of b jennings and ellis. And bring in shooters who actually make it in the basket. We need a SUPERSTAR not a bunch of role players on a team.jennings proved to me he aint a superstar.but to win playoff series we need a superstar.

    • Yea but would Danny Ainge give up Rondo? Obviously he’d be a big upgrade at pg but I don’t know if the Celts would be willing to trade him for what the bucks have to offer. If they are though then yea definitely.

      • I think he would be willing to give rondo up for right price. Say brandon and sammy d.maybe a draft pick or young asset to throw in .I mean rondo would be a GREAT UPGRADE at point.and they want to win now.(the celtics)..and to have rondo and larry next season wiuld excite lots of people. Im wanting this to happen!!! Forget all these role players we go after.we are the biggest team right now shopping aroumd amd we have MANY MANY pieces to intrigue GMS . Im sayin go and get a superstar at whatever cost. That brings in fams amd maybe players would wamt to come to milwaukee then.knowing we have a superstar in its prime.not past his prime

  17. @sp
    Monta Ellis is absolute garbage. We have the worst constructed backcourt in the NBA with Jennings/Ellis. Redick is 10000x a better fit than Ellis next to Jennings. If you are actually one of the people who watches basketball and doesn’t just look at stats then I feel bad you seriously believe Monta Ellis is a good player, let alone a better player than Redick. Our backcourt sucks. Trade them both.




    How bout that? We get a better fit in the backcourt with Jennings/Reddick than Jennings/Ellis plus pick up another expiring contract in McRoberts. Jennings would be a much improved facilitator with another shooter on the floor instead of a ball stopper. Also as much as I like him, the Bucks should look to trade Mbah a Moute. Though he is an elite defender, the lack of outside shooting makes him detrimental to the floor spacing and wing athleticism the Bucks need. Perhaps we look towards the Raptors who have a plethora of athletic players who have the same skill sets.

  19. I think this would be good/great move for the bucks. I mean even if he doesnt resign at the end of the season then atleast we can make a better playoff push with another really good player. I dont think they should trade Dalemburt but maybe a 1st rounder or Tobias Harris and see if Orlando will trade for him. In my opinion Hammond should do it but if the Bucks think its a good idea then they should go through with it if not then look for someone else long term. I think Reddick would resign if after playing a few games with the bucks because alot of people who come too Milwaukee love it because of our fans.

  20. like i have said before ellis as of the last month is consistently putting up 15-20 pts and anywhere from 6-10 assists, that alongside the points and assists of jennings we have 2 point guards out there who are always setting guys up and making perfect passes for easy baskets while still scoring

    its funny when ellis got traded here everyone was so excited, ellis is still the same player he always was (minus horrible 3pt %)you guys are just ignorant fans. if reddick gets traded here you will love him for the first month than it will be “get reddick out he sucks”

    • sp I dont mean to be cruel here but you are the ignorant one. Anyone who claims that Ellis has been playing well in the past month relative to his career averages is either stupid, ignorant, or lying. Not everyone was that excited to get Ellis, in fact I think the general response from most writers at bucksketball and brewhoop was “meh”. And now the Warriors have vastly improved without Ellis even though Bogut hasn’t been playing. Bad trade in retrospect.

      Also you have to consider that Ellis is going to opt out at the end of the season and demand somewhere around 5 million more per season than Redick will. There’s no debate that Redick would be a better value, and he might even be a better fit for the bucks.

  21. This would be a great deal for the bucks if they can get him to commit long term because the way it looks right now they should trade ellis because him and jennings (the future for the bucks) aren’t necessarily consistent at working together smoothly. Trading for Reddick allows the ability to trade Ellis for another post/forward that will be much more effective in the scoring and shooting to side with Reddicks shooting and Jennings at the point. So if they can get him to sign long term, get a good trade for Ellis, and he works well with Jennings?? I’d do that in a heart beat! Having a starting 5 of Jennings (PG) Reddick (SG) ?????(for ellis) (SF) Ilyasova (PF) Sanders(C)… Then having Dunleavy, Udrih, Harris, Henson, and Mbah of the bench?? Heck that’d be much better than the awkward unconsistent team we have going right now.