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Trade Deadline Bonanza 2013!

| February 21, 2013

Category: Trade Rumors


Every trade rumor that comes out today will be updated here ASAP

Note: Storify loads slowly, so give it some time. And you may want to refresh your page very few minutes to get the latest stuff. If you get a Service Unavailable warning, just refresh again.


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Ian Segovia has been watching the Milwaukee Bucks for several years and has been writing for about as long. Those are all his qualifications.

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  1. Patti says:

    This is cool….one stop rumor shop!

  2. Justin says:

    REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH!!! I’ll have no opinions on any of these trades until they actually go down

  3. Jeff says:

    Bigger story: What are the Bucks chances of getting AI to come back if they trade Ellis for Smith

  4. charlie_buckets says:

    Bah!!!!! I may have sprained my refresh finger. Hammonds is really milking this deadline to the last second

  5. OB says:

    So… about all these trades the Bucks are going to do….

    OMG freak out time!!!

  6. nobel0303 says:

    Just trade Monta already!!! Before its too late! His shot selection is horrendous!

  7. Patti says:

    How are we going to feel if Hammond does NOTHING? After all the drama, it’s going to be one heck of a let down if we all go home empty handed.

  8. OB says:

    Darn there goes Eric Maynor, no Maynor/Sanders reunion for the Bucks.

  9. OB says:

    Well they got Reddick supposedly, no idea for what.

  10. Jeff says:

    No!!!!!! Not Beno!!

  11. OB says:

    Udrih, Harris and Lamb for Redick.

    Shoot me now.

  12. Justin says:

    interesting that they wanted Tobias with Moe Harkless there.. I guess we should just be happy we didn’t give up future draft picks.. i don’t know that this makes us much better.. not a fan of Ish Smith

    • Patti says:

      Well, this is why they call it a trade. We send them our Lamb and get their Ish. We send Harris and get Ayon. We send Beno and get Reddick.

      Seems fair on the surface. It will be fun to see what happens.

    • OB says:

      The only positive I can see in this is that, Tobias should finally get to play (granted its playing for a dif. team) and Redick should steal minutes away from Ellis.

      The Bucks now have no PG to bring off the bench. So when Jennings isn’t playing Brooklyn and goes back to shooting 32%, the only options appear to be moving Monta over or actually playing Ish Smith.

      • Justin says:

        I don’t expect Ish to play much, but I do like the idea of Reddick playing with either Brando or Monta in a three man rotation.. at least we’ll have one good decision in there in those lineups

    • Jeff says:

      Ish will be better than Beno in the long run and Tobias didn’t have a chance to play Ers and Dunleavy in the way. Ayon has good promise too. I just don’t understand where the minutes will come from. Redick and Ellis will both want minutes and the 3 we gave up only averaged what like 10-15 minutes a game.

      • Justin says:

        Ish Smith is like a broke man’s BJen.. same size without the range.. his PER and Per36 numbers are atrocious

        • Jeff says:

          Being honest I haven’t seen a ton of him but he, like Jennings, is still a young guy. Beno was good and will be missed but he was getting older and if Ish can develop and get better it will be a good trade

          • Patti says:

            And the bottom line is that Ish doesn’t cost us anything to take a look at him. We still don’t know if Ellis is coming or going. Ayon isn’t Josh Smith, but we’ll get a look to see if he can help without breaking the bank either. Means we still have flexibility this summer and beyond.

            And best of all? Those Ellis bobble-heads won’t go to waste this Saturday when we face Atlanta.

  13. Justin says:

    Source: Atlanta Hawks blow up deal at last minute that would’ve sent Josh Smith to Milwaukee. Hawks would’ve re- sulia.com/my_thoughts/b5…— Ric Bucher (@RicBucher) February 21, 2013

    Geez! what else did they want? I mean you can’t have my first born, but how about my second?

  14. nobel0303 says:

    They would have fallen out of playoff contention had we acquired smith without giving up monta…now its “pity the deer”