Woj: Bucks acquire J.J. Redick

Aww. (AP Photo/Willie J. Allen Jr.)

Orlando fans are probably sad right now if the above picture is any indication. According to Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Milwaukee Bucks have traded for guard J.J. Redick of the Orlando Magic:



Out go prospects Harris and Lamb along with veteran backup point guard Udrih for Redick, point guard Ish Smith and hustling big man Gustavo Ayon.

Redick has averaged 15.1 points in 31.5 minutes this season. He’s shooting 45% from the field and 39% from three. He’s known for his ability to work off the ball to get open and generally well regarded for his intellect on the court.

Smith, 24, has played in 36 games and started three this season. In 10.5 minutes per game, he’s averaged 2.4 points and 1.6 assists. He’s shooting just 34% from the field and 24% from three. He was signed as an undrafted free agent by Houston in the summer of 2010. He’s since been traded by the Rockets, waived by the Grizzlies, signed and waived by the Warriors and now traded by the Magic. He’s guaranteed $951,463 next season and has an unguaranteed third season in 2014-15.

The 6-foot-10 Ayon has played in 43 games and started three this season. He averaged 3.6 points and 3.3 rebounds per game on 54% shooting. He impressed as a 26-year-old rookie with the Hornets last season with his determination and defense. He has a $1.5 million team option for next season.

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  1. Pretty happy about this trade. Although I would have liked to move Ellis or Jennings, Reddick is a good fit for the team.

  2. Pretty good trade in my opinion…could be really good trade if they can sign JJ for long term reasonable contract (6 to 7 mil per year) and Boylan has Ellis come off the bench for rest of this season.

    • Yea its going to be really interesting to see how Boylan handles the starting line-up, because although Ellis is widely considered a better player Redick is clearly having the better year. I’m not sure how Ellis would handle coming off the bench.

    • Sad to see Beno go, hopefully he gets a chance to play more he deserves it.

      Who starts at guard now? Its going to be interesting if Ellis gets benched like he should.

      Pretty clear from what has happened at the trade deadline that Bucks management is fully committed to being a strong 6-7 seed and not so committed to trying to put together a contender down the line. New year same old $#%!

    • @Ted we all know that’s not the way it’s gonna play out, whether we like it or not.. like I said I would love to see a 3-man rotation with BJen,Monta, and JJ, letting Monta play the point in rotations with JJ.. that way we have at least one good decision maker in those rotations

      • ur right I think the odds of Ellis coming off the bench are very slim I think Monta still thinks too highly of himself to imagine coming off the bench and I dont think Boylan has the cajones to bench Monta in favor of Redick..it’s too bad though because that would be the thing that benefits everyone including Monta

        • Distributing the minutes between BJ, Ellis & Redick should help all of them. This might actually improve the play of BJ & Ellis having Redick to allow them to catch their breath. Even if Ellis opts to stay next year, they can use another guard in the rotation. Maybe Ish will play better given more minutes too. We can only hope.

  3. Not that impressed by the trade. I’d rather lose Ellis than Udrih in exchange for Redick. We’ve now got ish for our backup point guard. Also, why so quick with giving up our prospects? We should give these guys time. Look at how Sanders developed.

  4. I think we’d all rather lose Ellis than Udrih but the problem is that no1 wants Ellis, right now his stock has gotta be as low as it’s ever been

  5. This is exactly the kind of trade I was afraid would happen. Harris has too much potential to be happy about seeing this. Unless it came with a promise that Redick would sign a long-term deal with us, this is just another in a long line of crappy Bucks trades, sacrificing the future for not much present gain.

  6. This is exactly what I didn’t want to see happen for the Bucks, a short term trade with them abandoning 2 young guys too early.

    First, Tobias Harris has shown potential that the Bucks haven’t seen in a 2nd year player in forever. He is still only 20 and has offensive skills that no one else on this roster has.

    Second, while Doron Lamb may have struggled shooting the ball, he was by far the best defensive guard on our team this year. Typically, that type of defensive ability is hard to find in rookies. Usually young players shooting improves with more playing time and experience at the NBA level. Even with his struggling shot, he never forced it and still took high quality shots, something our current guards still cannot do.

    Hopefully this turns out great for the Bucks, but it could just as easily turn into a nightmare trade if Tobias reaches his potential and Lamb turns out to be a good shooter with + defense.

    • Hard to believe that none of the players that we could definetely afford to lose weren’t traded – Udoh, Dalembert, and Ellis.

      It just doesn’t make any sense in my opinion. 2nd rounders would have been acceptable, now when the season ends Dalembert and Ellis walk and Udoh is a redundant piece in the first place. Seriously who cares about 8th seed in the weak eastern conference? This is getting to be ridiculous.

      • Completely agree. To make it worse, the Hawks were apparently willing to accept a package with Ellis at the center and the Bucks wouldn’t let him go for Smith.

        • Wrong. Atlanta wanted Larry Sanders and Hammond wouldn’t let him go.

          Now are you saying that you wanted Hammond to trade Sanders?

          Atlanta said days ago it did NOT want Ellis for Smith. There was NO Ellis for Smith trade. Atlanta decided to keep Smith. Hammond did not stop trade talk because of Ellis. Period.

  7. I’m looking forward to seeing these guys play. I hope there is enough time so they can get in the game this Saturday.

    I think Hammond tried to plug some the holes on this ship. Let’s hope it sails.

    Go Bucks!

  8. The main reason I like this trade is because now we have a plan/strategy.. If Monta walks(which he will) we have a backup plan and are not just left with Doron as our starter next year.. I also believe that Udrih was going to walk.. anyone who reads what I write knows i hate to lose Tobias, but I am happy for him to be able to compete every day with another young talented SF in Moe Harkless

    • If there is no sacrifice…there is no trade of value. Bucks need help scoring now. It will be fun to follow Harris and everyone wants nothing but the best for him. Sometimes, if you love them, set them free.

  9. Losing potential future starters in Harris, Lamb…somewhat bummed out about that. Seems the word around NBA on Harris is HIGH CEILING, wish him the best! Lamb..? Not so sure thats a big deal.

    I honestly know little about Ish and Ayon- maybe something there worthwhile.

    What i do know is Ellis remains here,despite his attitude about next year option. He should coming off the bench, backup to J.J.-that would be a nice””change of pace”” game. Lets all think as positive as we can-the Bucks made a legitimate trade, and attempted to land Smith.. :(


  10. The question is … with the deal did the Bucks get better? I say clearly yes. The Bucks had very big problem with perimeter shooting from the shooting guard position. Now they shouldn’t. Also, they can go on with plenty of pieces and make deals at the draft in June. And sign Reddick and let Monta go if he wishes.

    The Bucks tried on Smith and Atlanta bailed. But we should have enough now to make some sort of playoff push. That’s a start.

    • Did they get better this year? Yes, obviously.

      Was it worth giving up Harris to maybe win 3 games in the first round instead of 1? No, obviously not.

      We aren’t getting out of the first round this year, plain and simple. We have no guarantee Redick resigns. If he doesn’t, and Harris goes on to become the player he has the potential to be, this will be just another in a long line of terrible trades the Bucks have shot themselves in the foot with.

      Just making the playoffs is not a start. Not at the cost of the type of promising young players we need to be building around.

    • yeah but the problem is that I don’t see Monta’s name anywhere in that deal, when it should have been

      • Atlanta in salary dump mode. (Johnson & Smith) They had no motivation to take on Ellis $11M when they have plenty of guards. They want expiring, inexpensive and draft picks or if they’re going to give Ellis $11M they might as well pay Josh Smith $15. Because Milwaukee had a couple assets that weren’t going to cost Atl anything they were in trade talks. Taking on Ellis contract was only a wish on the Bucks end. It did nothing for Atlanta.

  11. So sad to lose Tobias!!!
    At least other bloggers will be spared
    my laments about him not getting any
    playing time.
    We still don’t have a real point guard —
    a floor leader who is an excellent
    ballhandler and passer, especially in
    crunch time.
    If Reddick doesn’t stay with the Bucks,
    we’ve given up two good-to-outstanding prospects
    for just about nothing. (I don’t know about
    the other guys we got in the trade.)
    All-in-all, a very disappointing day!!!!!!!!!!

    • You can always go to the “sister sight” for the Atlanta Hawks and continue your support of Harris.

      You can give us updates on his minutes and progress. I’m serious. We are expecting to hear updates whenever you have something to report.

      I know you are disappointed and we have all been there at one time or another with our favorite player. (If I told you mine I would be dating myself) They traded Harris for Redick, so maybe you can get behind him and kind of support Harris in that way too.

  12. I love all this. What I am trying to determine if this is a site for Bucks fans or just their haters. Ellis will perform better, now that he will not be traded and Jennings is better then most Milwaukeeans think. Hope you do not get to see him somewhere else. Anyway, I really like picking up JJ. We need someone else to take crunch time shots when the ball is out of Jennings hands. Loosing Tobias and Lamb will be forgotten soon dispite the upside on Harris. Our three named defensive small forward would never allow him the minutes to develope. Our team has been playing well, but not winning. That will change. Be patient and you will see…Go Bucks.

    • We’re not haters. We’re realists. We understand the Bucks aren’t making any noise in the playoffs this season, and that we need to be building for the future. We recognize that giving up Harris for someone who very well might not resign with us after the season is up is a terrible move for the long term future of the franchise, but the same terrible move we’re getting all too used to seeing them make. Losing Tobias will not be soon forgotten if he turns into the player he has the potential to be. I haven’t forgotten trading Nowitzki for Traylor either.

  13. This is a good trade. Redick provides exactly what the Bucks haven’t been getting from a guard position: reliable spot-up perimeter shooting. He fits in perfectly with either of Ellis or Jennings alongside him. He also logged 1/3 of his minutes at PG while with Orlando, so he can handle the ball if the need were to arise.

    For everyone lamenting that we gave up on two prospects, try to get some perspective. For one, it is unlikely that Lamb, a second round pick, will ever be a starter in the NBA, and he didn’t show much of anything with the Bucks. And as for Harris, we all loved his potential. But he was given an opportunity to play earlier this year and he failed. We don’t know he’ll reach his potential. Lots of guys picked around #19 don’t. You can’t just assume every prospect will and refuse to ever deal them away. This deal will look much worse if we can’t re-sign Redick to a reasonable deal this offseason and Harris blossoms. But Harris is an unknown and Redick is a solid player and a perfect fit for the Bucks. Good trade.

  14. I hate losing Harris and Lamb but this might work. Having JJ come off the bench allows the bucks to start Dunleavy at the 3. Now with JJ, Ersan, and Dunleavy we can always have at least two spot up shooters with BJ or Monta using their quickness to drive and dish. I truely belive that BJ and Monta have struggled because the bucks didnt have enough shooters ( spacing ) on the floor. That will now change.