Buck Hits: LARRY SANDERS!, Jennings’ accountability, and Ninja Rap

After last night’s win against the Lakers, the Milwaukee Bucks are now two games behind the Celtics for the seventh-seed. Both teams have ten games left, with the Bucks playing six playoff teams and the Celtics playing five. Basically, it will be difficult but not impossible. So, uh, let’s be optimistic. Go team! Woot! Seventh seed or bust!Here’s your recap of the past week.  


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From the Elias Sports Bureau:

Larry Sanders scored 21 points, grabbed 13 rebounds and blocked two shots to help the Bucks top the Lakers. Sanders is the first NBA center ever to reach those statistical minimums in a game that he started against Dwight Howard in the pivot. Sanders was the first starting center with that many points, rebounds and blocked shots in a game against the Lakers since Howard did it for the Magic in March 2011.”

Alex Boeder at Bucks.com wrote an article on how the Bucks three leading scorers, Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis and Ersan Ilyasova, didn’t go to college. It’s a good read and worth the looking at just for the Photoshops alone.

Steve von Horn at Brew Hoop wrote some words about Sanders and technical fouls. There’s also a podcast on the topic. I’m confident that Sanders will eventually be able to control his emotions because I will always believe in Larry to what’s right.

At Behind the Buck Pass, K L Chouinard broke down three different shooting splits for Jennings. Chouinard finds that Jennings suffers when the game is close, when it’s the fourth quarter, and he shoots only 42.8 percent in the paint. That’s gross.

Back to Brew Hoop, Frank Madden looked at Jennings and his lack of accountability. Like pretty everything Madden writes, it’s great and well worth your time.

Finally, watch this and get ready for tomorrow’s halftime show.

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