Welcome to March, the last full month of the NBA regular season. At the moment, the Milwaukee Bucks are the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference, a game and a half behind the Boston Celtics for the seventh seed and three and a half games behind the Chicago Bulls for the sixth seed. Both the Celtics and Bulls have struggled of late, so it seems possible that the Bucks could jump them if J.J. Redick gels quickly.

For even more fun, the Bucks are only five games behind the Atlanta Hawks for the fourth seed. If the Bucks can get hot down the stretch similar to the Fear the Deer run of 2010 (16-7 in March and April), then a high seed and maybe even home court could be possible. But first, Brandon Jennings should remember how to play basketball. Here’s your recap of the past week.


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Matt Moore of CBS Sports wrote an incredible feature story on our lovely LARRY SANDERS! You shouldn’t need anymore information from me to make you read the article. Go do it. For Larry.

Yesterday, Steve von Horn of Brew Hoop wrote a great piece about  Jennings and if he will be able to accept sacrificing minutes for wins with the addition of Redick and emergence of Monta Ellis. It’s a great read.

On Monday, Zach Lowe of Grantland labeled Ellis, as well as all of the Bucks backcourt and wings, as players to watch post-trade deadline because of course they are. Here’s his blurb on Ellis:

“But Ellis is the guy to watch. He has an $11 million player option for next season, and the league is assuming he’ll opt out to secure a long-term deal in the four-year/$32 million range. If he does, the Bucks can work their way to serious cap room — Josh Smith–level cap room — by using the amnesty provision on Drew Gooden. It’s unclear if they’ll pay Gooden to go away, but bottom line: Ellis has to prove he still can actually help teams win over the long haul, and he has stiffer competition now in doing so.”

Also on Monday, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett emphatically stated during his State of the City that keeping the Bucks in Milwaukee should be a priority of the city. This is good news, but it will take a lot more than support from Milwaukee to receive funding for a new arena. Neighboring counties and the state will need to back the investment as well. But baby-steps are clearly being made and that’s about all we can hope for at this point.

Steve von Horn of Brew Hoop just won’t quit at being great. Today he looked at the recent numbers of Tobias Harris and decided that his performance in Orlando has been less impressive than his box scores show.

More interesting stuff from Brew Hoop. Yesterday Frank Madden wrote about Redick and how he differs from Ellis and Jennings. My first guess is names. They have different names. Did I win? What did I win?

BREAKING: Beno Udrih did not enjoy his time in Milwaukee.

And finally, on Wednesday the Bucks posted this video of the players visiting a camp for Special Olympians. It’s enjoyable.