Buck Hits: Monta’s adjustments, Ersan’s English, and Larry’s thumbs

I was legitimately optimistic about the Milwaukee Bucks at the beginning of the week. I felt this way partially because of their impressive west coast trip and partially because I was forcing myself to. But that doesn’t matter. I was optimistic and it was nice. Then the last two games happened and now I just don’t know how to feel. I badly want to be optimistic. It’s a lot more fun! But when the Bucks have stretches like this (and when they’ll probably be back to .500 after tonight’s game against the Miami Heat) it makes pessimism a whole lot easier to justify than optimism. Here’s your recap of the week that was.


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Yesterday, Andrew Gruman at Fox Sports Wisconsin wrote a great article about how Monta Ellis spent the all-star break adjusting his game. This is what Ellis had to say:

“That’s one thing I did evaluate when I went back home for the (All-Star) break,” Ellis said of his shot selection. “I was taking too many jump shots, I was settling. I wasn’t driving like I used to. I’m just trying to get back in to it and like I said, picking my spots and take the drive and dishing off to the big guys. Larry and those guys, when they are dunking and making shots down there, you are either going to get me or you are going to stay on him.”

On Monday, Lori Nickel at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote a solid article about Ersan Ilyasova and how he handled his transition to the United States in 2005. (That was so long ago! I couldn’t watch TV-14!) Apparently Andrew Bogut was a real meanie to Ilyasova and called him Borat. Sounds like a nice thing to do to someone.

The guys over at Brew Hoop are now doing postgame podcasts and Wednesday night, Steve von Horn and Dan Sinclair talked about the Bucks ugly loss in Washington. It’s a good listen.

From the Elias Sports Bureau:

“The Mavericks defeated the Bucks in Milwaukee on Tuesday, 115-108. It was Dallas’ second-largest win (of their seven total wins) in 31 games in Milwaukee, behind a 14-point win (113-99) on Dec. 13, 1987.”

Alex Boeder at Bucks.com investigated the impact of back-to-back games on the Bucks and in the NBA in general. Like everything he writes, it’s worth your time.

Here’s video of the Bucks going bowling. Maybe that’s why the team is so tired?????

And finally, this GIF of Larry Sanders happened. Then Jim Owczarski of OnMilwaukee.com drew attention to this amazing website and now it’s my new homepage. I. Love. Larry.


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  1. The rest of this season might involve the Bucks
    choosing whether to go for Monta OR Brandon.
    To me it’s a tough choice: They’re both so good
    and so bad. I don’t think either one is the solution
    at point guard, though.

    Didn’t John Henson have a monster-rebounding-game
    against the Heat earlier this season? I’d like to
    see him in the first half tonight, and then if he
    plays well, some good minutes in the second half.

    Go Bucks!