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Bucks vs. Kings Live Chat

| March 10, 2013

Category: Ridiculous Things


Mike Dunleavy, excited after hearing about tonight’s chat. (Photo: The Basketball Jones)

Let’s be honest, you were all looking for something to do tonight other than watch “The Walking Dead.”

Tonight, we’ll be hosting a live chat as the Milwaukee Bucks close out their west coast road rip in Sacramento against the Kings.

(This is the part where I tell you to use common sense when chatting. I believe that you will all be civil, though).

The chat starts at 7:45 p.m. CST. Hope to see you all here!



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Eric Buenning is a perpetual couch potato with an abnormally high amount of optimism for the Bucks. He enjoys tweeting more than most human interaction and is highly susceptible to moments of swog. He seeks patience from the readers, as this is his first job in this field. He’s also 6-4, 230, and is an almost decent free-throw shooter.

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  1. Joe from Chicago says:

    having trouble creating an account… help?

  2. Eric Buenning says:

    I think it’s fixed. It should be more clear at 7:45. If anything comes up then, let me know.

  3. Bizzucks says:

    Probably beating a horse that’s been dead, turned into a zombie-horse, and then dead again, but that picture of Dunleavy has got to be one of the best and whitest pictures ever taken. Not sure if he’s aware of it or not, if he is, it’s probably one of his biggest regrets. Love that thing. So horrible and perfect.