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Bucksketball Podcast – Episode 008

| March 2, 2013

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We’re back!

Harris could (already has?) make the Bucks rue the day they dealt him.

After two months of rest, the Bucksketball Podcast makes its triumphant return with discussion of New Year Predictions gone right, Jim Boylan as Bucks coach, the trade season, Tobias Harris’ departure, the fit of JJ Redick, Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings and an embarrassing run in the Basketball Reference Game for Jeremy.

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Jeremy Schmidt writes the Milwaukee Bucks blog Bucksketball. He founded it in January of 2009 because he hated his job. It’s like basketball, but with Bucks instead of basket. I know ... I’m sorry. He might come off as a bit negative, but I'm really not so bad. He just wants the Bucks to succeed, so he points out areas where they are coming up short. Someone has got to do it and he's ornery and opinionated enough to take on that task. He isn't sure if this should be in third person or not. Contact him at Jeremy@Bucksketball.com if you must use e-mail.

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  1. apdamico says:

    Maybe we need to stop mentioning Harris’ name – lol!

    Orlando obviously thinks they got the better of that deal. They have a new leading scorer in Harris, who is shooting at a light’s out percentage. They gave him Dwight Howard’s old number 12 and already are claiming there’s no need for Big Baby any longer with the newly-acquired and beloved Harris!

    I admit to watching a couple of Orlando’s games just to see how Harris is performing. In both games he had 22-points or more and shot nearly 75% from the field. He had also rebounded fairly well, but I certainly wouldn’t say he a willing defender, nor does he ever pass the ball. You can bet that once the ball is in young Tobias’ hands, it’s going to be shot! Seems like a young Drew Gooden at PF – ouch!

  2. Jason says:

    Is there an RSS feed for the podcast? I couldn’t find one.

  3. Chris says:

    I’ve rued the day we dealt Harris since the day we dealt Harris. But I was more upset by the number of Bucks fans talking about how great the trade was. It’s like Bucks fans WANT their team to be mediocre forever. Trade a talented young player for a rental to ensure we get into the playoffs where we can promptly lose? OMGZ GREAT TRADE !!!1!!1!!!one!!