Inside and out: Clippers 117 – Bucks 101

Dunking would continue throughout the game. (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)
Milwaukee Bucks 101 Final
Recap | Box Score
117 Los Angeles Clippers
Ersan Ilyasova, SF 31 MIN | 7-12 FG | 3-3 FT | 5 REB | 3 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 20 PTS | -5

A couple rough games defensively for Ilyasova in a row, but guys like DeAndre Jordan and Paul Millsap will forever be a problem for Milwaukee’s stretch four. Even if he gets his body into those guys, they are much stronger or more athletic, that it’s tough for him to keep them off the glass. He recovered nicely on the other end from a bad game at least.

Larry Sanders, C 30 MIN | 5-11 FG | 1-1 FT | 7 REB | 3 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 11 PTS | -9

RIP Larry’s Block Streak.

James Harden was probably my favorite, though there were plenty of good ones along the way.

Blake Griffin had a huge night and Larry can take some of the blame on that. On a huge putback dunk, Sanders missed a box out. On a couple of post-ups, Griffin was just too good to stop and worked around Sanders’ length. He’s a great player, so sometimes great players are just great.

Monta Ellis, PG 35 MIN | 9-15 FG | 2-2 FT | 2 REB | 6 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 5 TO | 22 PTS | -18

A fantastic start from Ellis, 13 points on 5-of-6 shooting in the first quarter, didn’t really lead to as special a game as the Bucks would have needed to win this one. He went just 4-of-9 the rest of the way – great, but not enough. And the Clippers got open constantly from three, just like the Hawks not long ago. Milwaukee’s guards were relied on to help out in the paint and the Clippers took advantage.

Brandon Jennings, PG 39 MIN | 6-12 FG | 1-1 FT | 1 REB | 12 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 18 PTS | -7

His shooting remained in check and he continued to move the ball well. Milwaukee’s offense was not the problem by any means on Wednesday night, thanks in part to Jennings. Bombing away from deep and handing out assists is the way people in Milwaukee prefer their point guard. He now has the NBA’s season best total in assists over a three game stretch with 48.

Gustavo Ayon, PF 4 MIN | 1-1 FG | 0-2 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | 0

Minutes! Reverse layup!

John Henson, PF 17 MIN | 1-4 FG | 2-2 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 4 PTS | -11

His seven rebounds were his most since January 8. He hasn’t gotten a ton of minutes over that stretch, but six times he’s played at least 17 minutes and failed to grab seven rebounds. Even if he grabs five or six in 15 or so minutes that’s not bad, but the more he grabs, the more likely he is to stay on the court.

J.J. Redick, SG 22 MIN | 1-5 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 3 PTS | -9

His fewest minutes as a Buck with both Jennings and Ellis playing well enough to stay in the game and the Clippers having the size that makes the three guard pairing less than an ideal fit on the court. The trio played less than two minutes together in this game.

Four Things We Saw

  1. What was really damning was that only one of the Clippers 12 made threes was in transition. The rest were spot-up opportunities where Los Angeles just out-executed Milwaukee’s defense or took advantage of guys getting lost. Having Blake Griffin around to draw double teams and Chris Paul to draw defenders on penetration didn’t hurt either. Matt Barnes owes those guys a Coke.
  2. It’s hard to blame the Bucks for packing the paint all night. When they lost to the Clippers in December, the Clippers got dunks on dunks on dunks. Milwaukee had defenders sinking all night and the Clips countered with a 12-for-29 three-point shooting night. That’s tough.
  3. There weren’t many rebounds to be had in a game where Milwaukee shot 48% and the Clippers shot 54%, but when the ball did bounce astray, the Clippers typically got it. A 42-34 edge on the glass for Los Angeles.
  4. The loss was Milwaukee’s first double digit final score difference, in either direction, since February 8. Milwaukee has not won by 10 or more points since January 29 against the Pistons.

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  1. Crawford and Barnes killed us. If these two hadn’t shot so well we might have made a game of it but if you compare these two rosters you can’t really expect the Bucks to compete. Ellis is the only Buck who would start on the Clips, and the clippers have 2, maybe 3 bench players that could start for the Bucks. If you took the top 6 bench players from the Clippers and put together a team in the Eastern conference they probably wouldn’t be half bad.

    Ellis played pretty stellar offensively last night, but his effort to get out on 3 pt shooters was completely lacking. When Redick came in at the end of the third he made a much better effort and was able to contest and force misses on a couple of 3s. quick enough.

    • Jeremy makes the point above about the need to double-team Griffin, but I couldn’t agree more about close outs on three-point shooters. More than once, Barnes or Crawford stepped into a wide-open threes, not only with no one closing out but with no one seemingly on their side of the floor. All the gambling Ellis does leaves people wide open, and so if a team has guys that can drain, this is what’s going to happen once they get hot.

      Tonight seemed like an opportunity to get Jennings and Redick some late-game time together, as Ellis wasn’t really on the way he has been, but once the game got away from them there wasn’t much point. Still appreciated the effort through 3 quarters, and I appreciate Boylan taking an opportunity to get Ayon and Henson some burn with three minutes to go. Wasn’t the Bucks’ night, but the coming back-to-back offers a chance at keeping the week’s momentum going.

  2. I predicted this type of game, lots of dunks from LOB City. The Bucks just don’t match up well with the Clips at all. The Bucks guards are too small and not enough muscle from the Bucks’ bigs at this point. A couple of errors in the beginning of the 4th quarter for the Bucks and it was all over. Onto Golden State. Go Bucks!!!

  3. I like Ersans offensive game and Larry’s defensive presence down low. The problem is they aren’t big enough to body people down low against teams like the Grizzlies, the Clippers, the Jazz, etc. We just get out muscled and if the teams do miss, they just get an offensive rebound and try again. If we bring in someone like Al Jefferson to be that presence down low, who starts at PF? Larry would be a good fit, kind of like Ibaka for the THunder, but that means we have Illyasova coming off the bench and 8 mil a year for a guy coming off the bench is a lot.Lot of questions to be answered in the offseason

    • Jefferson wouldn’t be much of a defensive upgrade (if at all) from Sam Dalembert. Give Larry a few years and he will learn to be better against bigger guys. Garnett has been doing it for a decade so there is no reason that Larry needs to bulk up or any of that stuff to be equally as effective. Plus we’ve got Henson as well. PF and C are the last place where the Bucks need to spend money and add more players. We need a stud ar SF and/or SG.

      • Stud at SF (shooting forward), huh?

        There’s a guy in Orlando named Tobias
        who is doing pretty well. Maybe not a stud,
        but he’s only about 20 years old, and like
        Larry Sanders and John Henson, has plenty
        of potential to grow.

        Tobias couldn’t get even 15 minutes-a-game
        from the mighty Bucks, apparently because
        of his defense and rebounding. Well, with
        last night’s game, the Bucks are now 19th
        in the league in points allowed, so I’m not
        impressed with our paragons of defense as
        we have them. Also, Tobias seems to have been
        at least decent on the boards, including 7 last

        This is not a rag on SillyBilly, whose posts I
        really like, or anyone else. It’s primarily a
        frustration with the Bucks giving up on a first-round pick
        so soon without ever giving him a decent chance
        (in return for a guy who might leave after this season
        in J.J., who, by the way, took many years to develop as
        a player).

        Meanwhile, the Bucks have a bunch of guys — Ersan,
        Luc, Ekpe and John — who apparently get pushed
        around near the hoop against bigger teams. Gustavo
        hasn’t been deemed worthy of meaningful playing time.
        It’s hard for me to have much confidence in the front
        office for the Bucks.

        • The Bucks don’t get pushed around that badly, that idea is overblown. The Clippers give everybody trouble on the inside, thats one of the reasons they are a contender in this league.

          Ersan struggles against bigger PFs and thats something a coach might choose to live with because of his overall abilities. Henson and Sanders will learn how to play against the big bigs down the line there is no doubt about it. We don’t need to make a hasty decision and give an Al Jefferson a huge contract just because a few teams in the league give us some trouble on the inside. Im guilty of this too lately, but as was suggested on this blog ‘dont jump to conclusions’.

        • Tobias started for the Bucks the first 14 games of the season and the results were not pretty. He has some potential but he’s got a ways to go to become the caliber of player we got in JJ Redick. JJ has already made a pretty large impact on the Bucks, he will probably be with the team next year, and he will probably be in the league 8 years from now. Its hard to indict the trade at this point.

          • Very respectfully, SillyBilly, in part
            because, in general, you seem to know much
            more about the Bucks than I do, I’d like to
            make a couple of points.

            One, as I remember it, Tobias was given very
            few minutes in those early games. Given the
            way that Brandon and Monta monopolize the ball,
            I’m not confident that he was put in positions
            to succeed. I’m also not confident that Skiles
            was the kind of coach to inspire confidence in
            a young player.

            Also, remember how poorly Ersan was playing early
            in the season. Tobias didn’t get half the chance
            that Ersan has. Plus, I wasn’t calling for Tobias
            to be a starter or a feature player; he’s doing
            quite well off the bench for the Magic playing maybe
            about 25 minutes per game, give or take.

            Like I said, I have a lot of respect for you,
            SillyBilly, but I think maybe you and other good bloggers on this site have underrated Tobias. Even if he
            wasn’t off to such a good start with the Magic,
            I would still think the Bucks management was blameworthy
            for either giving up on him way too soon or else
            blowing another draft pick ala Joe Alexander and Yi.

            I like JJ, but even if he’s a good player for another
            eight years, I’m not sure any of those are going to
            be with the Bucks. I wish we would have traded someone
            other than Tobias to get him.

            Thanks for listening.

            Skiles was the

          • P.S. I would be sick, at least a little
            bit, if the Bucks trade Larry or John.
            However, I would have traded Luc, Ersan
            or Ekpe instead of Tobias, or even any two of them.
            I like these guys and am rooting for all three
            — just not overly impressed with their performances,
            and as I indicated above, think they are somewhat
            redundant. I hope they all prove me wrong.

            All this said in the spirit of enthusiastic and
            upbeat sports debate. After all, we’re not talking
            about drones flying overhead and what they might
            do to us if we make the government mad.

          • I dont think the Magic would have taken Ersan, Ekpe, or Mboute for reddick. They wanted a prospect or a draft pick. Those three bucks players don’t have as much upside as Harris had. The problem is harris is a natural PF, but he has too many people in front of him. Id take Henson>Harris anyways. Plus i like that reddick is pushing ellis and Jennings to be better, something that they’ve needed all season long. Someone to compete for their playing time. This will bear great fruit for the bucks in the end. Granted, Magic may have gotten a good player, but Harris is playing for the 2nd worst team in the NBA. He should be playing like an All-star compared to the other players. Wait a few years when there is more talent around him and see how he performs. I think both teams benefited from the trade as long as reddick resigns which is great! Someone doesn’t always have to be taken to the cleaners unless you are the Kings. THey would probably go for Pryzbilla for

      • PF…SF…SG Any one of those positions as long as he’s a stud! Bucks are undersized at every position.

        Actually, Dunleavy, LRMBM & possibly? Ersan aren’t really undersized in match ups at small forward when you are just talking size. Provided that you have a good center and PF to allow them to play that position and not have to double up on opposing team in paint because they have a monster PF & C.

        It’s more that we don’t have a stud at any position so we try to outrun and finesse our way to the rim. Meanwhile, these teams with several large bodies just seem to have their way with us in the paint and on the boards. Kind of the “Howard Effect” that we learned about in our lesson on blocked shots! Just their presence alters our play?

        I like the Kevin Garnett comparison to Sanders with respect to size and I think that’s very reassuring.

        I don’t mean to make the argument against a SF…if that stud plays SF then by all means sign him.

        I’m just having a hard time seeing the benefit of playing two small guards and the third guard at SF against teams the size of Clippers. I was happy we got a SG at 6’4″, so why is he playing SF to close the games? I questions is this the way we want to build the team or are we playing with the hand that we’ve been dealt? Where’s the beef?

        • The primary reason I say SF is because the most impactful players in the league are SFs and the Bucks are weakest there using two situational/bench/specialist guys.

          In reality the Bucks could use a bona-fide star at any position and then rearrange their roster accordingly.

          • I’m not so sure that that guy should
            be Josh Smith, though — not that SillyBilly
            said that it should be.

            It’s just that it seems like there has
            been a lot of enthusiasm for getting Josh
            in the off-season (after at least some disappointment
            that we didn’t get him at the trade-deadline).

            I could be way wrong, but it seems that Josh
            is a highly-talented but undisciplined player who is
            a high-volume and undisciplined shooter. We already
            have a couple guys like that who may or may not
            be mending their ways. (I hope they are.)

            I would even be wary of a guy like Carmelo Anthony,
            who seems to be a black hole on the court — once
            you pass him the ball, it never comes back out.
            Again, I could be wrong about this, in part because
            I hate the Knicks and loathe watching them unless
            it’s to root for them losing against the Bucks.

            The point is that in our efforts to find a star player
            or two, I hope we’re very careful in assessing
            the kind of player and kind of person we are investing
            our cash and our hearts in.

  4. Okay, well we got that one out of the way…and it wasn’t nearly as bad as the final score looks. If you’re not going to win, it’s at least fun to be entertained by the guys we don’t often see. So maybe Jennings to Ayon wasn’t as swaggy as Crawford to Griffin, but 2 points are 2 points!

    Bucks don’t play Golden State for couple days, so there are a lot of reasons to be hopeful for a good game. Bucks front-court will have to bring it and everyone’s defense & rebounding improved. I know Sam is not as fast as others on team, but I was a little surprised that he only played 6 minutes. Too bad Sanders couldn’t just keep blocking shots every game forever (or as long as he’s a Buck).

    Go Bucks!
    posted by the real Patti, not that other Patti impostor that posted wild things!

    • Yeah I gotta say, I know typically what to expect when I see a Patti post, and it’s good reading, so I just about lost my seat when I read that other post by the faker.

  5. ersan dunleavy redick and larrys 1 on 1 defense against stronger big man are always going to haunt our team against the leagues best teams. our offense was somewhat stalled at some points throughout the game where redick and dunleavy just werent getting open as well as others of course

    ellis and jennings played great in my opinion, ellis is just having his way with teams offensively and jennings continues the pass first mentality and we also got a chance to see him randomly flip the scoring switch on in the 4th when we were pretty much out of the game, if he continues playing like this he will be similar to a chris paul rondo type guy where some nights you go on a scoring tear and other nights they drop 15 assists

  6. happyfeethustle

    Holy hell…. Tobias? Really? After the last 6 games , people are STILL weeping about Tobias? You’d think your shoes & socks would be drenched with all those tears!

    ENOUGH ALREADY! Harris is a S T A R for the bottom feeder MAGIC.He’s not a Buck anymore-let it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    While I believe most die hard Bucks fans were/are bummered to see Tobias gone- dwelling on it is senseless. Redick has proven to be worthy of the trade ( despite his 3 point total last nite )- his impact creates change throughout the lineup. Im pleased to see the EFFORT this team has shown since the trade….. aren’t you?

    The fans who cry for losing Tobias, are the same fans who would gripe if the Bucks hadn’t made some sort of trade before deadline. The trade they completed will help SECURE the 8th seed. While the Bucks will get eliminated in 1st round-playoffs in Milwaukee ARE a decent achievement.

    You dont trust/can’t stand..etc. etc. the franchise- Get behind Chicago then-be a BULLS fan. Its only a short drive to get down there. We dont need the negativity-its as useless as Tobias warming the pine for Bucks!


    • Well, Sfisch talking about Harris was because Sillybilly said that we needed a scoring SF. Sorry SillyBilly, but you brought it up! LOL

      Yes, Sfisch has expressed his frustration with the Bucks trading Harris and he was a BIG Harris fan long before the trade. Yes, Harris is not helping by suddenly getting all this press since his trade to Orlando.

      But…….NO, Sfisch has still been very much in support of the Bucks and has never come close to saying that he can’t stand the franchise. So I don’t think we want to banish him to Chicago. You don’t really think he’s THAT BAD, do you?

      • Thanks Patti. You summed me up very well.

        In response to happyfeethustle, I’ll try to let
        go of Tobias as soon as possible (although I would
        like to get him back — really). By the way, I’m not
        sure if it’s easier for a young guy like Tobias to play for
        a bad team or a good team. What’s nice for him is that
        he gets to play.

        My plea to the Bucks is to not trade Larry Sanders or
        John Henson, for the good of the team and not necessarily
        because it would plunge me into another fan-depression.

        As they say, it’s important to analyze the past to keep
        it from happening in the future. If we’re continually
        evaluating players in this venue, we might do well to also evaluate management.

        Anyway, personally, here’s a cheer for robust debate! And a cheer for the Bucks!

        • I would like to add, since I’m feeling
          at least a little chatty these days, that
          I do get somewhat attached to these guys
          on the Bucks and am generally sad to see
          them go, especially guys that we draft.

          That’s why I tend to be drawn more to Brandon
          than to Monta, even though I like both and
          am wary that both might break my heart a little.

          So I’m sports-grieving for the loss of Tobias,
          and I guess I consider it cathartic to talk it
          out once-in-a-while. I’ll try not to overdo it,
          and I thank anyone for any indulgence for my

  7. Saw this tweet from Larry after the game “That loss was my fault bucks fans, could of played much better..should of played much better

    • ugh for some reason it cut off…Wanted to share that to those who didnt see it and say that I thought this was really cool to see our big man take ownership for a loss when he didnt have a particularly good game. This is something that a good leader does and it makes me excited to see Larry react like this and makes me look even more forward to his future as a Buck. He didnt have to fall on the sword but the fact that he did it anyway is really cool in my opinion

      • Thanks for sharing that. We forget these guys are young and growing every day. Many encouraging things from this man.

        In sports as in life, sometimes you just have a bad day. I hope he has a better day on Saturday because the team is going to need him.

        Go Bucks!

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