Kareem Abdul-Jabaar is interested in becoming the next Bucks coach. Wait…WHAT?!?

Would you like to see this man become coach of the Bucks?

For a team fighting for the lowest playoff seed in the inferior conference, the Milwaukee Bucks sure have been receiving a lot of attention lately.

Whether it was rumors that placed young potential cornerstone Brandon Jennings at odds with management, trade rumors swirling around the starting backcourt,  or making the biggest splash of the trade deadline, the Bucks are at their most popular point since the brief Fear The Deer campaign (some would argue they are more popular, but I want to save that for later blogging).

With this new found popularity comes an increase in chatter and how to capitalize on it and make improvements to this team.  The most likely change will come at head coach. Jim Boylan has done a decent job filling in after Scott Skiles parted ways with the team, but it is unlikely that he is in the team’s long term plans.

Many men with previous coaching experience will be rumored to be interested, but Dave Begel of OnMilwaukee.com reports that one of the NBA’s greatest would like his shot at coaching.  From his article:

One name I didn’t hear, and one that I think should move to the very head of the line is a man I talked with last week who said he’d jump at the chance to coach the Bucks.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  I asked him flat out if he would be willing to be the head coach of the Bucks.  “Of course,” he replied.

So….yeah.  The all-time points leader and part time co-pilot to Peter Graves has an interest in coaching these Bucks.  There is no doubt that he brought it when he played, but what could he bring to the Bucks as a potential coach?

“I know how to prepare for a season as an individual and I know what that means in terms of team commitment.  I can get all the right people together that have some chemistry and care about each other and they love the game. That’s where teams are made or not made successful.  That’s very hard for GM’s to figure out. They know talent when they see it. But that ability to connect with your teammates, that personal chemistry is a hard thing to see in people.

I can help players learn how to develop that chemistry. We had Pete Newell out here (in Los Angeles) and he was a master at understanding the personal fire within each player. I’d be a coach who can provide respect and keep the guys on the same page for a whole season.”

It certainly is intriguing to hear Kareem’s stance on coaching after living through the Scott Skiles experience.  Also, consider that LARRY SANDERS!, arguably the Bucks most prized possession, would learn from one of the top three centers of all time, if not the best.  HOW PERFECT IS THAT?!?

Ideally, you’d think the Bucks would like to pursue someone with more coaching chops at this point, but this just may also be the perfect time to run the risk of hiring Kareem.  The Bucks are nowhere near the point of contention yet, but making this move may just be the first piece to the puzzle in making serious progress towards that.

What do you think?  Should the Bucks considering hiring Kareem, or should they go for a more sure thing?


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  1. No one can doubt his pedigree or competitive drive, but my main worry is that he wouldn’t make it through an entire season. Without seeing a track record, besides success in a summer league, we have no idea how he would handle coaching adversity.

    I would rather give Boylan a shot, especially if he can get one or two playoff wins. He cares enough to get t-ed up and it would be nice not to start over again.

  2. It certainly would generate interest from the fans, something the Bucks could always use more of.

  3. With the team that it appears the Bucks are building I think it would be better go to with more of a “sure thing” if they could get Sloan somehow or SVG or a coach of a similar pedigree I dont think they can risk passing that up. I remember Kareem worked alot with Mikael Olowokandi as an assistant for the Clippers (take that as you will)

    Seems like point guards are often better suited as head coaches because they seem to understand the game as a whole better. Jury is still out on Kevin McHale but can anyone name a good/great Big man who has also been a successful NBA coach in the modern NBA era?

    Kareem probably could have alot to offer Larry Sanders and some of the other bigs but I’d rather see a proven coach at the helm and send Larry to Hakeem Olajuwon camp for a week.

    Publicity would be nice though I’ll admit that.

  4. I say go for it. Why the eff not? What have we got to lose? A few games? We’ve been doing that for years. Can he coach? We will find out? Can he relate to players? Absolutely. Can he put butts in seats? I would go see it. Can he still rock those side burns? Stay tuned…

  5. Just picture Kareem teaching Sanders and Henson how to post up. We could have something here.

    • Charlie_Buckets

      Imagine Henson’s baby hook if Kareem got his hands on it. Chills.

      Van Gundy is still my number 1 choice considering the type of team we are building is very similar to those he coached in Orlando. (defensive anchor surrounded by three point shooters).

  6. You would have other “former guards” on your coaching staff, like Sidney. I see pros and cons but I do think the Bucks should give him serious consideration.

  7. Hell yeah… that would be great. I have been a Bucks fan for quite some time and think that would be a great move. At least get him on staff in some fashion.

  8. This is stupid.. Hey let’s make all kinds of concessions for the guy that didn’t want to be part of the organization.. go coach the D-fenders

  9. Does he have any experience coaching at all? I don’t really think they would hire someone (even Kareem) just because he was a great player.

    I would rather see either Van Gundy as coach, but certainly Kareem as an assistant or position coach would be pretty cool.

  10. Let’s face it. The Bucks could use someone like this to generate more interest in the team. He would surely bring them more media attention, and could possibly reel in some better free-agents. If he can coach, I say go for it.

  11. I’m pretty sure Kohl and Hammond will offer Boylan the job. No reason not to thus far.

        • because he’s had the same shortcomings as Skiles has, albeit he cares more about the job than Scott did.. he has had some terrible rotation issues and even worse end of game play calls.. Boylan had the same record as Skiles did before JJ got there.. and at the end of the day that is why they are playing better.. not because they bought into Boylan but because they have to be more cohesive to stay on the floor and compete

          • Boylan’s rotations have been a lot more consistent for the most part, and sitting Brandon was something I can’t remember Skiles doing. The way Boylan has handled those three guards so far has been pretty impressive in my opinion.

            I don’t see Boylan as a Skiles clone, I think he has his own way of doing things. I like what he says when interviewed and from my limited view he seems to be liked by his players. If this team makes a respectable showing in the first round I bet he’ll be back. If not SVG seems like the perfect fit for the job.

  12. Kareem will do the same thing as he did as a player. If he is successful in Milwaukee, he will leave for a bigger market team. He’ll take any team at this point i feel, just to get his foot into the coaching door. If the Bobcats or the Raptors asked him he would probably say he would coach them too.

    • MarcoEsquandolas

      “If he is successful in Milwaukee, he will leave for a bigger market team”

      If he’s successful in Milwaukee, that’s a step up from what we’ve had here lately, so I’ll take it. Besides, I’m from WI and love Milwaukee – if I’m a 25(ish)newly devout Muslim who grew up in New York City, spent my college years in LA, and has already won my city a championship? I’d move on, too – and so would you. Be honest, it’s not like Milwaukee is a culturally (or racially, frankly) progressive wonderland. Cut the guy a break, it’s only been 40 years.

      • Can’t argue with that, and it’s not like Milwaukee was robbed in the deal. Junior Bridgeman and Brian Winters were great players and have their jerseys retired with the Bucks and Milwaukee was a perennial playoff team even when Kareem left and going into the 80’s they were always battling with the very tough Celtics and 76ers for Eastern supremacy.