Would you like to see this man become coach of the Bucks?

For a team fighting for the lowest playoff seed in the inferior conference, the Milwaukee Bucks sure have been receiving a lot of attention lately.

Whether it was rumors that placed young potential cornerstone Brandon Jennings at odds with management, trade rumors swirling around the starting backcourt,  or making the biggest splash of the trade deadline, the Bucks are at their most popular point since the brief Fear The Deer campaign (some would argue they are more popular, but I want to save that for later blogging).

With this new found popularity comes an increase in chatter and how to capitalize on it and make improvements to this team.  The most likely change will come at head coach. Jim Boylan has done a decent job filling in after Scott Skiles parted ways with the team, but it is unlikely that he is in the team’s long term plans.

Many men with previous coaching experience will be rumored to be interested, but Dave Begel of OnMilwaukee.com reports that one of the NBA’s greatest would like his shot at coaching.  From his article:

One name I didn’t hear, and one that I think should move to the very head of the line is a man I talked with last week who said he’d jump at the chance to coach the Bucks.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  I asked him flat out if he would be willing to be the head coach of the Bucks.  “Of course,” he replied.

So….yeah.  The all-time points leader and part time co-pilot to Peter Graves has an interest in coaching these Bucks.  There is no doubt that he brought it when he played, but what could he bring to the Bucks as a potential coach?

“I know how to prepare for a season as an individual and I know what that means in terms of team commitment.  I can get all the right people together that have some chemistry and care about each other and they love the game. That’s where teams are made or not made successful.  That’s very hard for GM’s to figure out. They know talent when they see it. But that ability to connect with your teammates, that personal chemistry is a hard thing to see in people.

I can help players learn how to develop that chemistry. We had Pete Newell out here (in Los Angeles) and he was a master at understanding the personal fire within each player. I’d be a coach who can provide respect and keep the guys on the same page for a whole season.”

It certainly is intriguing to hear Kareem’s stance on coaching after living through the Scott Skiles experience.  Also, consider that LARRY SANDERS!, arguably the Bucks most prized possession, would learn from one of the top three centers of all time, if not the best.  HOW PERFECT IS THAT?!?

Ideally, you’d think the Bucks would like to pursue someone with more coaching chops at this point, but this just may also be the perfect time to run the risk of hiring Kareem.  The Bucks are nowhere near the point of contention yet, but making this move may just be the first piece to the puzzle in making serious progress towards that.

What do you think?  Should the Bucks considering hiring Kareem, or should they go for a more sure thing?