Let’s stay happy forever: Bucks vs. Kings preview

Everyone is all smiles with these new look Bucks. Can they keep it up? (Photo: ESPN.com)

Tonight, the Milwaukee Bucks look to end the road trip on another high note as they had to Sacramento to square off against the Kings.  After (expectedly) losing to the Clippers, the Bucks bounced back and handled the Golden State Warriors in quite impressive fashion.  Normally, we’d try and and be logical and make sure we’re not getting swept up in another wave of unrealistic optimism, but these Bucks are making that very difficult right now.  

Loss in LA aside, the team is improving offensively (headlined by the new and improved version of Brandon Jennings) and becoming more and more threatening each game.  The defense is still shaky at times, but it is consistent enough where it is keeping them in most games.  But wait, it gets better!

The Kings sport a 22-42 record and may not even be playing at Sleep Train Arena come next fall.  They are respectable at home (16-14), but if the Bucks are as hot as we want to believe they are, this game shouldn’t be a problem.

For more on the Kings, the Bucks, and tonight’s game, Greg Wissinger of Sactown Royalty chimed in:

What or who should we watch from the Kings tonight?

The guy to keep an eye on is Isaiah Thomas.  He’s had his minutes jerked around quite a bit this season, but he’s usually the heart of the team.  He’s in his second season after being the 60th overall pick in 2011, but he’s now the starter and one of the highlights of this Kings team.  And of course, you’ll also want to keep an eye on DeMarcus Cousins.  He’s pretty unpredictable, but he tends to struggle against teams with good big men and he’s been in a slump lately.  I’ll be surprised if he manages to break out of the slump against the Bucks.

What factors will be key for the Kings if they wish to win?

The Kings need to play as a team.  While that may sound overly simplistic, it’s been a major issue for the team.  Too often the Kings waive each other off and don’t seem to be running any sort of offense.  But sometimes to Kings play together and they can actually be a pretty good team.  The other big key is going to be the crowd.  The Kings play well when the crowd is amped up, and the Sacramento crowds have been coming out stronger recently to remind the NBA Board of Governors that the city supports the team even though we’d stopped supporting the Maloofs as owners.

Who would you rather move forward with:  Tyreke Evans or Brandon Jennings?

Their career stats are eerily similar, but I’d take Tyreke without too much hesitation.  Tyreke has committed himself to defense this season.  And while Tyreke has never been a particularly great shooter, his career shooting percentages look pretty solid when compared to Jennings.  I’ve always liked Jennings’ potential, but I have less faith that he’ll be able to reach it.  Tyreke has shown improvement even while stuck in the mess that is the Kings organization.  That tells me something.

Any advice on how to stay awake during this game?

One of our readers at Sactown Royalty created a drinking game to make Kings games more tolerable, so that’s one option.  But with the time change we should all try to get to bed early tonight anyways.  Kings vs Bucks might be just what the doctor ordered!
Jokes aside, these two teams seems to always play each other well.  I think we could be in for a sneaky-entertaining game.
I’m awful at predictions.  With that caveat, I’ll predict the Kings win 106-103.
 The Bucks have had some trouble in Sacramento, but if they keep up their recent tear (29 or more assists in their last four games, awesome backcourt play, etc.), they should win this game comfortably.  I predict a 110-98 victory.
Where and when is the game?
8:00 p.m.* on FS-WI
What if I want to interact with people during the game?
Great question.  Starting at 7:45 p.m., you can chat with the Bucksketball bloggers and other fans during tonight’s game.
Are you really asking yourself questions to make this post seem cooler?
*times are CST

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