If he gets a step on his defender and has room on the baseline, I almost assume it’s going to happen.

There have been few Milwaukee Bucks players with a really defined move over the past few years. Unless you want to count Ersan Ilyasova’s ability to tap offensive rebounds to himself before putting them in as layups at the hoop or Andrew Bogut’s wimpy flip shots three feet from the hoop. But the Bucks haven’t had a guy with a real solid move in forever.

Monta Ellis has a move. He does it about once a week. Probably more than that lately.

I’d say it works around half the time, if that. But the Monta Ellis Move is almost an attempt that cannot fail. As soon as he begins to leap, the crowd gets excited because of how quickly he contorts his body and spins through the air. If he misses the layup, at least he took the crowd’s breath away with the attempt.

But when he makes the layup? Well, it’s something.