B-Team Bucks beat B-Team Thunder. The Playoffs kind of start now.

But really they don’t start until Sunday. At least for the Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat.

The official schedule:

Game 1 @ MIA – Sun 4/21 6pm
Game 2 @ MIA – Tue 4/23 6:30pm
Game 3 @ MIL – Thu 4/25 6pm
Game 4 @ MIL – Sun 4/28 2:30pm

I’d go further, but … come on.

Dunking Henson. (Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images)

Anyway, the Bucks defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder on the last day of the NBA’s regular season. Monta Ellis played 11 minutes. Brandon Jennings played 23 minutes and chipped in 17 points. Larry Sanders didn’t play, neither did Ersan Ilyasova.

Kevin Durant didn’t play. Russ Westbrook played seven minutes for the sake of a consecutive games streak. Serge Ibaka played eight minutes, Thabo Sefolosha seven.

It was something of a rookie showcase. John Henson continued his season stat surge thanks to 44 minutes. He scored 28 points and grabbed 16 rebounds. For the Thunder, Perry Jones played a season high 39 minutes an scored 14 points. Jeremy Lamb, owner of a piece of my heart, scored 13 points on a rough 6-for-21 shooting night in 41 minutes.

It was nice for the Bucks to get a win I’m sure, even though they were stuck in Oklahoma overnight. Losing six in a row heading into the playoffs doesn’t seem ideal, though I’m not sure there is much difference between losing six in a row and what the Bucks have just done.

But hey, goal was to make the playoffs, not alter the face of the league. Sure, the Bucks seemed to shut it down the very second they hit their goal, but still, goals.

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  1. It’s amazing what happens when you play a talented player a good amount of minutes. The cream rises to the top. So …. PLAY JOHN HENSON.

  2. Trust me, your negative reflections of the Bucks represent the general population. Bucks or Brewers are generally competitive but not the cream of the crop in a mid market city. Difference is the locals give the brewers a pass and tear into the Bucks for what they are, a mid level team. We made the playoffs and I as Buck fan am excited about our young players with or without Brandon Jennings. Who is such a good charactor guy, who the young love. We are continuing to build a faithful fan base and it starts with the young up. I particullarly likd BJ and hope he stays with us. Never the less, I am a huge Bucks and Brewers fan who rises and falls with each win or loss. But, we all need to show that loyalty with the criticisms. It is our team and I am riding with it. Go Bucks

  3. I wanted Perry Jones III in last years draft. He definitely showed some talent but I’m glad Hammond picked Henson. Makes you wish Ersan could play minutes at the 3

    • I actually think that games is a great indicator of why I didn’t want PJ3 in the first place.. couldn’t even put up impressive numbers in a B-squad game, finished the season shooting less than 40% with a 7.83 PER.. before last night didn’t have one game with 10+ points or 6+ rebounds.. thank goodness for John Morris Henson

  4. Ya i have to give credit to Hammond and his drafts aside from his first draft:
    2008: Joe Alexander(bust), Mbah Moute(37th pick)
    2009: Jennings(10th pick)
    2010: Sanders(15th pick)
    2011: Harris(19th pick)
    2012: Henson(14th pick)
    I’d say he’s been pretty successful at evaluating incoming talent which gives hope as a bucks fan. It’s his trading that leaves some wondering but with trades you have to take risks. You win some, you lose some. At least he takes them. Go bucks!!

  5. I’m so glad that John Henson is playing, but
    not 44 minutes. That seems really risky, if not
    insane! It was just a couple of weeks ago —
    wasn’t it? — that Henson was getting DNPs.

    I’m very reluctant to have guys play more than
    40 minutes per game for fear of injury. Let’s
    be careful with these guys, for their sakes
    and ours.

  6. happyfeethustle

    jseed…wonderful post. I too rise and fall with Bucks(brewers , not so much). I often tell my game watching neighbor-“wish i could just turn away from the” …after a ugly performance. Too loyal to give up on them.
    This season FEELS like failure- also feels like success. I guess the 8th seed is the reason I feel the way i do. Happy to be “in the postseason mix”- sad,…the Bucks squandered so many opps. to grab 7th or even 6 seed.

    Henson has untapped talent, hope he fills out with some muscle and weight. Sanders, STILL moving up in his career- scary right? I believe in Hammonds draft day picks/moves. Lets enjoy the butt-whippin comin from Heat & keep positive for draft day, and offseason acquisitions!
    A young talented ENERGIZED group and a SOLID coach for next season :)


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