Buck Hits: Awards for SANDERS!, love for Ilyasova, and an increase in attendance

Somehow the 2012-13 regular season is over and somehow the Milwaukee Bucks are in the playoffs with a record of 38-44. They’ll open their postseason this Sunday in Miami and they’ll probably end their postseason next Sunday in Milwaukee. Hopefully this series with the Heat is more entertaining than embarrassing and hopefully these are the last four (or five if you believe) games we ever have to watch the Swag Twins together. I would say I’m going to miss them, but that would be a lie. Here’s your recap of the past week.  


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The end of the regular season means awards season, as well. The only Bucks player in the running for awards is our pride and joy Larry Sanders. He’s up for Defensive Player and Most Improved Player of the Year. Over at Brew Hoop, Steve von Horn made an argument for and against Sanders for DPOY. And at Grantland, Zach Lowe named Sanders his MIP and at CBS Sports, Matt Moore made a small case for Sanders for DPOY. It seems like MIP is the most likely award for Sanders to win with Marc Gasol the likely winner for DPOY.

More from Zach Lowe at Grantland. On Wednesday he wrote a “mega” list of things he likes and doesn’t like in the NBA and in the list he discussed Ersan Ilyasova’s reemergence and Mike Dunleavy’s hook shot. On Ilyasova:

“He can do a little bit of everything, and as long as he shoots like this from 3-point range, Ilyasova will be a very valuable offensive player. His defense ranges from very shaky to basically acceptable, but he brings enough value on the other end to compensate. A fun, fun player.”

At SB Nation, Mike Prada wrote a great play-analysis article on Ilyasova and how the Bucks use him in a make-shift pick-and-roll to get him open threes. Everyone should read it and learn things.

Back to Brew Hoop, on Tuesday Dan Sinclair wrote an article about how many players on the Bucks performed the opposite of how we predicted they would at the beginning of the season. The best example is obviously Sanders’ incredible emergence, but Sinclair also makes cases for Samuel Dalembert, J.J. Redick, Ekpe Udoh, Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis. It’s a very good read.

At Behind the Buck Pass, KL Chouinard wrote an interesting article about Ellis’ ability to effectively play point guard. Even if he can, I’ll be really super sad if he opts in to his player option or the Bucks resign him this summer. “Down with Swag” is my motto for this summer.

Finally, The Business Journal reported on Wednesday that the Bucks increased their attendance 2.2 percent over last year. Woooohoooo! Pop the bubbly, baby!

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  1. If we don’t want to tank (which we should — we have to TRY for Wiggins, right?) I think we need to keep Monta, let Brandon walk, and draft a decent SF (Little Dog, perhaps?). Resign Redick for an acceptable contract. Still mediocre, but addition by subtraction with Jennings. I’m not sure anyone would argue that Monta is a much better PG than Jennings at this point. He’s better than Brandon will ever be.

    • That’s what i’m saying! I don’t think there are many pieces in free agency that will make them that much better. Maybe a 7 seed next year, but the Wizards/Cavs/Pistons should all be much better so maybe not. I don’t want them to sign all these mediocre players to 3-5 year deals with all this extra cap space. If they are worried about attendance and making money, look at what Kyrie Irving is doing with the Cavs attendance on a crappy team-they need a star. The 2014 draft is filled with them. PS Andy-Little dog is returning to Michigan next year sadly.

      • Totally on the same page with both of you guys. Would rather see both Ellis and Jennings gone but if we have to keep one there is no question that Ellis is just a much better nba player.

        And yes if Kohl is really concerned about attendance/team interest/new stadium he should pull his head out of his ass and realize that a bad team with a young star will fill more seats than a playoff team with no stars and no real hope.

  2. There is also a lengthy article on Monta on Grantland that they just put up. More about his life than his game, but a read nonetheless.

  3. Don’t forget this from Bill Simmon’s Trade Value Column http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/9186204/nba-trade-value-column-part-1

    “Brandon Jennings: Anyone thinking of overpaying Jennings this summer will ignore his crunch-time numbers (abysmal) and shot selection (dubious), and concentrate on things like “he’s fun to watch” (mostly true), “he’s charismatic” (definitely true) and “he’s only going to keep getting better and better” (you’d think that would be true). Well …

    Year 1 (age 20): 32.6 MPG, 15.5 PPG, 5.7 APG, 37-37-82%, 14.5 PER
    Year 4 (age 23): 36.2 MPG, 17.5 PPG, 6.5 APG, 40-38-82%, 16.1 PER

    So he’s barely improved in four NBA seasons? That’s weird. Wait, I’m getting flashbacks to another overrated lefty point guard who peaked in his first four years, never improved, ended up getting overpaid and started tailing off in Year 5 … uh-oh … wait a second … GOOD GOD, THAT’S DAMON STOUDAMIRE’S MUSIC!!!!!!”

    That, quite frankly, scares me.