The Bucks make me sad. The seventh seed in the East is there for them to take but they seem incapable of playing with the consistency or ability needed for them to obtain it. They’ve positioned themselves in the middle of mediocrity and will probably be eliminated from the playoffs in Milwaukee, with bandwagon Heat-bros cheering in the background. While I realize that being a Bucks fan isn’t easy, I wish that their pursuit of mediocrity wasn’t so obvious. Here’s your recap of the week.

Buck Hits

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To break up the doom and gloom of my intro, here’s a great two-part interview of Larry Sanders for TrueHoop TV. Not matter how depressing the Bucks become, at least we still have Larry.

Well that was fun. Back to the regularly scheduled doom and gloom. Preston Schmitt at Behind the Buck Pass wrote a great article about the 2005-06 Bucks and the organization’s continued attempt to achieve relevancy through meaningless playoff berths. It’s definitely worth your time.

Steve von Horn at Brew Hoop approached the situation in a similar manner by looking at the struggles of eighth-seeds in the East for the past fifteen years. It’s as depressing as it sounds.

Alex Boeder at was more upbeat as he analyzed the resurgence of Ersan Ilyasova. It’s unfortunate that Ilyasova’s incredible second-half of the season has been overshadowed by the hoopla over the backcourt struggles, coaching changes and trade deadline rumors. He’s lived up to the contract he received this summer and looks like he may still be a piece to build around.

Andrew Gruman at FS Wisconsin wrote a nice feature on J.J. Redick and his work ethic, drive, and ability to be “his own harshest critic.” He seems to have all of his ducks (DUKES HAHAHA) in a row.

More from Steve von Horn. On Wednesday he rebooted his lineup pyramid series by analyzing the 20 games since the J.J. Redick acquisition. While we may have been able to guess that Brandon Jennings has been exceptionally bad and Monta Ellis has been exceptionally good, it’s incredible to see it represented numerically. Since the trade, Jennings has been Dalembert-bad. Dalembad? Badembert? Baduel Badembert? Yes. That’s the one. Good to have that settled.