Buck Hits: Depression Edition!

The Bucks make me sad. The seventh seed in the East is there for them to take but they seem incapable of playing with the consistency or ability needed for them to obtain it. They’ve positioned themselves in the middle of mediocrity and will probably be eliminated from the playoffs in Milwaukee, with bandwagon Heat-bros cheering in the background. While I realize that being a Bucks fan isn’t easy, I wish that their pursuit of mediocrity wasn’t so obvious. Here’s your recap of the week.

Buck Hits

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To break up the doom and gloom of my intro, here’s a great two-part interview of Larry Sanders for TrueHoop TV. Not matter how depressing the Bucks become, at least we still have Larry.

Well that was fun. Back to the regularly scheduled doom and gloom. Preston Schmitt at Behind the Buck Pass wrote a great article about the 2005-06 Bucks and the organization’s continued attempt to achieve relevancy through meaningless playoff berths. It’s definitely worth your time.

Steve von Horn at Brew Hoop approached the situation in a similar manner by looking at the struggles of eighth-seeds in the East for the past fifteen years. It’s as depressing as it sounds.

Alex Boeder at Bucks.com was more upbeat as he analyzed the resurgence of Ersan Ilyasova. It’s unfortunate that Ilyasova’s incredible second-half of the season has been overshadowed by the hoopla over the backcourt struggles, coaching changes and trade deadline rumors. He’s lived up to the contract he received this summer and looks like he may still be a piece to build around.

Andrew Gruman at FS Wisconsin wrote a nice feature on J.J. Redick and his work ethic, drive, and ability to be “his own harshest critic.” He seems to have all of his ducks (DUKES HAHAHA) in a row.

More from Steve von Horn. On Wednesday he rebooted his lineup pyramid series by analyzing the 20 games since the J.J. Redick acquisition. While we may have been able to guess that Brandon Jennings has been exceptionally bad and Monta Ellis has been exceptionally good, it’s incredible to see it represented numerically. Since the trade, Jennings has been Dalembert-bad. Dalembad? Badembert? Baduel Badembert? Yes. That’s the one. Good to have that settled.

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  1. happyfeethustle

    Ugh……… Yes it is painful to LOVE my hometown team. Wish i had the ability to turn my back to them. Im hopelessly loyal Bucks fan for life

    Hope hammond will di in over the summer and back this season up with a lineup capable of better seed next year

    Go BUCKS Go

  2. Herb Kohl is getting what he wants, a playoff berth, but it is going to do little to create any more interest in this team. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Bucks need to take a few steps back and try to rebuild this roster. Anyone who argues otherwise either hasn’t followed the team closely enough over the past decade, or doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    Major moves need to be made and should have been made at the deadline. If Hammond doesn’t put together some sort of rebuilding effort after the Bucks get swept by the Heat then

  3. Wow! What a great article by Preston Schmitt about
    the 2005-06 Bucks and their relevance to this year’s
    team — and how depressing!

    The article makes me even more discouraged about the
    Tobias Harris trade — please read it before slamming
    me about bringing up Tobias again. It seems as though
    all of my worst suspicions about Bucks management were
    reinforced by this article, the stupid short-sightedness
    in return for insipid mediocrity. This is really sad
    stuff!!! It would have been one thing to trade Tobias to
    help a championship contender, but for a faltering 8th seed?…

    I just hope we treat John Henson and Larry Sanders right,
    and any other player who seems to be worth keeping around.
    Other than Henson and Sanders — and maybe a couple of
    others — I would scrap this team and start over with
    the emphasis on getting the best coach available, acquiring
    a top point guard, and getting some bulk down on the blocks.

    It’s been a rough stretch from the Ray Allen trade to the
    Tobias Harris trade. Getting excited about the Bucks this
    season is like getting excited about the unemployment rate
    dropping to 7.6 percent. I don’t want to be satisfied with
    mediocrity, especially stagnant mediocrity.

    One can love the Bucks and hate what’s going on with the
    Bucks. One can argue that to love the Bucks is to hate
    what’s going on with the Bucks. I’m sticking with the Bucks,
    as I have for more than forty years, but we deserve better!!!
    I am really, really sad!

  4. Despite their terrible inconsistency, I think the Bucks are really close to being a good team. They have depth at every position. They have a talented young C and PF. If they would sign Monta long term to play PG and Redick long term to play SG, both those guys would compliment each other and start working together. Then, all we would need to do is find a good SF and would have a solid young team.

  5. Jon…I love you man, I really do and your humor with the word play on Dalembet is great but…..

    “While we may have been able to guess that Brandon Jennings has been exceptionally bad and Monta Ellis has been exceptionally good, it’s incredible to see it represented numerically. Since the trade, Jennings has been Dalembert-bad.”

    ….I have to take issue with that statement.

    First, those charts were of TEAM +/- showing that Ellis, JJ, Dunleavy,Illyasova and Sanders is a better team than…

    BJ, Ellis, Marquis, Dalembert and Sanders.

    Like…yeah…but that doesn’t equate to Ellis/Green good and Jennings/Red bad. And you, of all people, know that.

    Then to say that Jennings stats were the same as Dalembert were also not really what those stats showed…as unreliable as the +/- stat is.

    I still love you man… and love your humor…but I gotta call you on that.

    • I think Patti has done a good job of sticking up
      for Brandon of late. I haven’t looked at the stats
      like she has, but my sense of things is that Brandon
      is getting somewhat of a raw deal.

      He’s been a solid player for the Bucks the last four
      seasons, and it’s possible that he feels like he’s
      being downplayed recently by his coach and fans.
      Yes, Brandon is probably the cause of some of his
      own problems, but it is hard not to be appreciated
      for good service.

      Three things in regard to Brandon: (1)He’s only 23
      and traditionally would be a rookie this season. (2)
      He may not have had the best coaching and encouragement
      during his time with the Bucks. (3) In my opinion,
      he has played with a real clunker of a team.

      I don’t know enough about Brandon to say we should
      sign him to a big contract or not. (I certainly wouldn’t
      sign him to more than about $8 million plus incentives.)
      What I’m saying is that I wouldn’t give up on the guy
      or get too down on him, especially not based on his play
      since the trade deadline.

      In general, the Bucks are too dysfunctional a franchise
      to assume the worst about Brandon. If there’s solid
      evidence that he probably won’t work out, that’s another
      story. Here’s hoping Brandon finishes strong this season,
      not by jacking up tons of three-pointers, but by playing
      good, mature basketball with an upbeat attitude.