Buck Hits: Less Depressing Edition!

(Note: This was supposed to be posted Friday, but I forgot, because I’m an idiot. Pretend it’s Friday and the Bucks haven’t blown yet another game. – JS)

Inhale. Tobias Harris is no longer on the Milwaukee Bucks. Exhale. This is something that we all (myself included) have to accept at some point in order to disconnect his success from our misery. He’ll probably be a good player in this league. He may make an all-star team. He may even be a factor in the Orlando Magic winning a playoff series. However, it seems obvious that most of his success will need to come at the power forward position.

And as John Henson proved on Wednesday night, the Bucks have a pretty impressive young player at that position already. And yes. I know. The Bucks didn’t need to choose between the two players so soon. But they did. And I think they chose right with Henson. So while the sky is quite literally falling outside (SO MUCH RAIN), Henson and Larry Sanders are doing their best to hold the Bucks’ sky up. Here’s your recap of the past week.


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Let’s start with the optimism that is John Henson. On Thursday, Andrew Gruman at FS-Wisconsin wrote about a conversation that Henson had with Jim Boylan a few weeks ago. There are some great quotes in the article from Henson and Boylan, so definitely go read it. I’m so excited for a Henson/Sanders frontcourt in the coming years. Optimism!

More optimism, I guess? Earlier this week, Alex Boeder at Bucks.com wrote about the Bucks’ playoff seeding history. The most common seeding position for the Bucks is the two-seed, thanks in large part to the 1980s. Boeder also broke down how the Bucks faired in each playoff season. It’s history. It’s interesting.

Over at Grantland, Zach Lowe continued being the best in the biz as he wrote about how the NBA game is adjusting to the new defensive strategy of “packing the paint.” Jim Boylan has some quotes in the article and it’s an all-around great read.

Dan Sinclair at Brew Hoop did a great job of revisiting the Redick-Harris deal. Read it and be free from the shackles that are Tobes’ success.

Good news! It looks like Larry Sanders will have an article by Lee Jenkins in an upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated. Here’s a preview! Our little guy has grown up so fast. We should bake him a cake or something.

ARENA STUFF. On Monday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Marquette Law School hosted a forum focused on a new Milwaukee arena. It was obviously interesting and Jake McCormick at BrewHoop wrote a good recap of the event. Related, Don Walker at the Journal Sentinel wrote about the possibility of funding a new arena. I believe that any discussion about a new arena is a good discussion about a new arena and it’s great to see that powerful people in Milwaukee know that something needs to happen soon.

Finally, the Bucks PR team is doing a great job in their attempt to promote Larry Sanders for the Most Improved and Defensive Player of the Year awards. Their #LarryBlocks campaign is everything I want in anything and I need those blocks. If this video doesn’t win him any awards, then I’m just not sure what to think anymore.

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  1. As usual, a great collection of articles…even if they are late.

    Would have missed that “2.9” article without you doing the leg work.
    Great read…thank you.