Larry Blocks combine all that’s been good about this Bucks season

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In a year wrought with the sort of mediocre performances that leave a team stuck exactly in the middle of the NBA, the worst place to be, two things have stood out in Milwaukee. Shining beacons of hope. The kinds of things that keep fans interested and can even put a smile on the face on the most skeptical of us.

1. Larry Sanders

2. The Bucks creativity

Sanders entered training camp as Most Likely To Lead Team In DNP-CDs. He began losing his temper last season, racking up technicals quickly. He fouled out of summer league games, despite being years older than his competitors and allowed 10 fouls. Samuel Dalembert, Ekpe Udoh and John Henson all seemed primed to take away any potential minutes he’d get up front.

But he outplayed every big man on the Bucks roster from the start of training camp all the way through the end of the season. He’s become a darling in the defensive statistics community. Papers have been dedicated to him. Fans can’t stop chanting his name. He’s THE success story of this Bucks season.

He’s been so successful that the always clever Bucks PR Department put together this website in his honor:

That’s the other secret success of this season, the Bucks clever marketing skills. As a team forgotten even in its own market, they have to work harder and smarter than most and nearly always do. It’s been said Milwaukee has the NBA’s best Twitter account. The Vanilla Ice promotion was a rousing success. We’ve seen it in the past too, with Jon Brockman’s trick shots and Bango’s Ladder Dunk.

It’s like 2013 meets 2009-10. There’s nothing you can’t do with these bad boys!

The Bucks are clever. Larry Sanders has been great. So it only makes sense that Larry Blocks are one of the highlights of the Bucks season.

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