Sam Dalembert likely not predicting Bucks in six

Rough year for Sam D. (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Miami Heat are a super cool team to watch (unless they are destroying the team you root for. So much talent, so much opportunity for big men. Joel Anthony has thrived there. Chris Andersen pretty much came back from an NBA grave to flourish in the second half this season. Playing with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade is the kind of thing big men live for.

So why wouldn’t Samuel Dalembert be interested in joining the Heat when he’s a free agent next off-season?

That’s all well and good, but there’s a time and a place for everything, Sam. And I don’t  think the playoffs, specifically playoff games IN MIAMI WHILE PLAYING FOR THE OPPOSITION are the time to address questions as to whether or not you’d be interested in playing for the Heat next season:

“The Heat will be definitely an option,’’ Dalembert told FOX Sports Florida before his Bucks lost to the Heat 110-87 in Game 1 of an Eastern Conference first-round series Sunday night at American Airlines Arena. “It’s up to them and seeing what’s going to be out there. But at this point you want to be with a contending team. You don’t want to go backwards, so you want to chase that promised land.’’

Pretty hilarious timing. If people were upset about Brandon Jennings predicting the Bucks would win a couple games, imagine how they’ll feel about a guy saying he’d be interested in playing for the other team next season.

It’s been a wildly unsatisfactory season for Dalembert. He never had a DNP-CD before this season and he’s practically drown in a sea of them. It appeared for a while that Jim Boylan would toss him a life preserver, he even played enough to toss in 35 points and grab 12 rebounds in Denver one night, but eventually he returned to a now vaguely familiar role on the end of the bench.

Worth noting, with some sadness at this point, Milwaukee likely could have moved Dalembert for some sort of spare part, maybe a second round pick or a guard or something, though I’m just speculating, at the trade deadline. They opted to hold onto him.

There’s a variety of reasons he’s had trouble getting minutes this season, but whatever they may be, however frustrated he may be with the Bucks organization, there’s rarely a better answer to a question about playing for the other team in your playoff series than: “No comment.”

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  1. I’m so upset about this.. say it ain’t so Sammie.. good riddance.. expressed my dislike of the trade in the first place, and have not changed my mind.. but hey we got Henson anyway

  2. So this is it? The season is just over like that? So much depression, so many disappointing moves or lack thereof. Probably the worst Bucks season I’ve ever seen, and there’s been a lot to choose from.

  3. Good riddance Dalembert! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! I never liked that guy anyways. He comes into the season out of shape, and only plays engaged 2% of the time: the one game against Denver before the trade deadline when he hoped to get traded. Also, he has to be doing something wrong to be in the dog house multiple times with 2 different coaches.

  4. Eh, overblown. Just like the Jennings comments. Jennings isn’t going to predict the Heat to beat his team even if he thinks it. Dalembert was of course going to say that anywhere is an option and that he wants to play for a contender.

  5. I agree with Jeremy that Samuel showed some bad timing
    with his remarks.

    It’s hard to know how much of the situation with Sam
    is due to him and how much to the Bucks. Is he really
    that much of a problem compared to the other guys that
    he deserved to be buried so deeply on the bench?
    If so — as Jeremy noted — why wasn’t he moved at the
    trade deadline?

    It’s been such a yucky year for the Bucks, it’s really
    hard to evaluate any of the players. I put the bulk of
    the blame on management for the malaise. What seems
    clear is that we need a fresh start with a big turnover
    of players and a new coach who is strong enough not to
    be unduly influenced by the front office.

    I don’t understand why some people seem to be so high
    on the Bucks, so forgiving of their general crumminess,
    which seems to be worse this season than the last.
    It’s really hard to even watch this team anymore. Bucks
    fans deserve better. I’m don’t think we’ll get it if we
    don’t speak out. Loyalty doesn’t have to be blind.

    • You summed up my feelings in your statement: “It’s been such a yucky year for the Bucks, it’s really hard to evaluate any of the players.”

      I am feeling numb over this season’s final stretch of games. I don’t love Jennings or Ellis or even Sanders. The dysfunction of this NBA team making a run at the 7th or 6th seed (motivation) was very disappointing. I don’t believe that it is all the fault of one player. If anything, I would like to see the coaching & management of this team blown up before getting rid of all our players because it’s been so hard to evaluate them. It’s been such a mess that we will have no choice but to wave good-bye to a couple of these guys and you cannot BUILD a winning team if you keep changing all the parts, but keep the same inept mechanic.

      Loyalty doesn’t have to be blind, and good critical analysis is welcome. Problem. Possible solution… always welcome. The frustration has turned a lot of the conversation so negative that it just sucks all the fun out. I was a Packer backer for years when we would say, tongue in cheek, the Pack is Back. I was a Brewer fan for years before they shifted into beast mode. I’m not the team owner, GM or coach so I have little control over what happens, except I can choose to still cheer the Bucks on….or not.

      Go Bucks!

      • I hear ya, Patti#1, and empathize with your
        dilemma. It’s hard to walk the fine line of
        being positive without ignoring the negative.
        It’s easy to go too far one way or the other.

        I really love the Bucks. For some reason, this
        is the first year that it is really hard for
        me to get enthusiastic about the team, and I’ve
        been through some lean times. I was very
        excited at the beginning of the season, but
        things seemed to get more and more and more blah!

        Please excuse me if I’ve been too negative and too
        wordy during this season. To Patti#1, and
        also some of the other commenters on this site, I
        think we might have a lot more in common regarding
        the Bucks that it could seem at first sight. We really
        want the best for the Bucks and their players and
        even their management. We’re all good fans, and we
        want a team we can really feel good about. Even
        when we disagree, we’re basically together. At least
        that’s how I see it.

        P.S. This might be a good time to add that I think
        Jeremy has done a really good job with this blog
        during this season. Jon Hartzell has also been very
        good. Good commentary and info even at the times
        we disagree.

        • Look forward to reading the words of wisdom from Bucksketball every day. Giving out grades and justification/observations for same for an entire season is a lot of work and greatly appreciated.

          And as I think back to the start of this season, there was one prophesy that I really, really wanted to not be so…I wanted that 7th seed seemingly more than the players did.

          So, Jeremy, you get to say “I told you so”, even though I know in your heart of hearts you would have been much happier with a higher seed in the playoffs!