Why can’t we have nice things?: Monta Ellis gives the Bucks a late lead and Ty Lawson takes it back

For a second, it seemed like the Milwaukee Bucks were going to pull off an improbable home upset of the still definitely playing for something Denver Nuggets on Monday night.

The Bucks had trailed most of the game, but never fell completely out of reach of a dangerous Denver team. But the lead changed hands a number of times in the fourth quarter and Milwaukee suspected they had it for good, after a four point play from Monta Ellis that very much mirrored the one that helped cost Miwaukee the game in Orlando last week.

But there are two ends to the basketball game. And as well as Milwaukee executed on offense was as bad as it often executed on defense.

Ty Lawson would take back the game and the basketball Gods would not reward J.J. Redick at the buzzer. 37-44.

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  1. For every 3 clunkers of a game from Ellis he does come back with 1 great one that almost makes you forget about his maddening inconsistencies…almost

  2. If ellis opts out, i wouldn’t mind signing him to a 4yr/32mil. I kind of liked the rotation of ellis/reddick/dunleavy/henson/illyasova. Throw in Sanders and have henson coming off the bench, and sign Kyle Korver next season in addition to hopefully some more big free agents and we might have something.

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  4. Watching Henson last night get offensive rebounds over guys WAY bigger than him. you’ve gotta wonder how dominant he’d be on the boards if he could beef up a bit. being long is an asset no doubt, and he manages to pull down 15 rebounds somewhat easily, but he’s constantly getting sized up by guys who are just so much stronger than he is.

    • I’m concerned about John Henson beefing up
      if that means he would lose too much in the
      way of agility, quickness, and spring. Maybe
      there’s a way to do it, but I’d be very
      careful. He might bulk up a bit naturally,

      Also, as SillyBilly has pointed out in the
      past, Kevin Garnett has had a pretty good run
      with a lean frame.

      Since we do have an abundance of lean guys
      on our front line, it would be good to get
      a guy with some bulk on the blocks — as long
      as we don’t trade John or Larry! I think
      these are the two guys who are the key to the
      Bucks having a good future.

        • after this year he may come on the cheap on a 1yr deal in hopes of improving his stock next season

          • I like Chris Kaman. I don’t know a whole lot
            about him, but what I’ve seen I like. I’m not
            sure about his status, but is there anyway we
            can swap him for Brandon or Monta?

      • keeping in mind that KG has had success in his frame but KG is still considerably larger than Henson. Also the Celtics recent slump is in part due to the absence of a guy (like Kendrick Perkins) on the low post, who is just THAT much of a bigger presence. Larry Sanders could even be considered pretty lean compared to Bigger guys that the Bucks face up against and come up short.

        Henson NEEDS to stay (Larry too), his agility is what makes him stand out, but if he’s not going to gain SOME muscle, than we’re going to need someone with a little more girth, because Ilyasova gets out-muscled, and Gustavo Ayon isn’t exactly the best guy on the bench to replace him if Ilyasova is starting. (When he should be a 6 man)

  5. happyfeethustle


    After the last 6 games of lackluster efforts(really POOR efforts)-the Bucks reward the home crowd on fan night with a NEVER SAY DIE 48minute
    attempt at VICTORY. I feel wonderful today about this loss. Thay gave what we all crave- EFFORT. Not one of us can truly have a beef with the outcome last night. If you leave it all on the floor , nothing else matters. THANK YOU BUCKS :)

    So long to Jennings-he is not cut out to be second banana-there is no doubt that this Monta’s team. His UPGRADE in overall performance since all star break has solidified his standing as the face of the franchise.
    Can we convince him to stay? I hope so-fans have shown him love. Will the Bucks show him an HONEST contract? 4 years 32-35 Mil.-can we live with that? I can, especially if Hammond is willing to part ways withBJ and sign AT LEAST 1 F.A. who isnt a joke! Monta has EARNED a decent offer,unlike BJ-and Monta can perform in pressure situations. He also seems to absolutely despise losing!!!!!!!!!!!! If we show him an UPWARD
    swing in personnel-he might stay.

    Again…THANKS BUCKS-for not laying down and accepting a loss. Thanks for fighting,scrapping,HUSTLING.


    Sanders.Henson.Ilyasova.Ellis and ??? thats a solid starting core

    • For those that say that Josh smith and illyasova cant coexist, why cant smith play SF and Illyasova PF on defense and Illyasova SF and Smith PF on offense?

  6. I think Jennings as as good as gone. I like Ellis at the point with maybe a bigger 2 guard.

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