An investigaton: What were Larry Sanders and Monta Ellis really fighting about?

Monta Ellis vs. Larry Sanders (photo via @jkoebert)
Monta Ellis vs. Larry Sanders (photo via @jkoebert)

As Ken Berg of reported, during halftime of Game 3 against the Miami Heat, Larry Sanders “almost came to blows” with teammate Monta Ellis in the locker room.    Sanders apparently gave a speech about playing together  and not worrying about next season or being selfish.  Ellis took offense to this and the two reportedly had to be physically separated.

Ellis has the opportunity to opt out of his $11 million contract for next year, and didn’t appreciate Sanders insinuating that his mind was elsewhere whilst on the court.

But I’m not buying it.  It’s hard to fathom that teammates would come to blows after one locker room speech in the heat of battle.  There had to be at least a few other instances that were bubbling underneath the surface that led to Game 3’s tussle.  To the drawing board!

  • The Great Tattoo Debate

Both Sanders and Ellis are very heavily inked, and it’s reasonable to assume that they take pride in their body art.  At some point, the two had to have some heated discourse about who had the more impressive work done.  This probably didn’t end smoothly, and was never really settled, leaving tensions at an uncomfortably high level.

  • Monta thinking that Larry’s art was rudimentary at best

Larry has worked hard developing himself both on and off the court.  A lot of his new found maturity can be attributed to his dedication to his family and his passion for expressing himself through art and design.  However, when Monta walked past some of Larry’s displays, eyed it up and down, and offered only a ”meh,” that must not have sat well with the big man.

  • Larry was #TeamBackstreetBoys and Monta was #TeamNSync

We’ve all had this argument before, and it usually never ends on good terms.

Those are probably the most likely, but don’t count out these options.


  •  Larry ignored Monta’s facebook message and then posted a status so he HAD to be on.


  • Spillover post-Brewers game due to differing Racing Sausage allegiances.


  • Who REALLY ”had it all.”


  • After 86 games, someone decided to be “cute” and change seats on the bench


  • That one time Monta accused Larry of double dipping


  • Who left John Henson outside too long in January, causing him to get a head cold


  • Larry refusing to give Monta the ”courtesy wave” after he was so kind to let him merge into his lane


  • The correct pronunciation of wingardium leviosa


  • A disagreement as to what time they should go see Iron Man 3


  • Monta bragging about how much more he got back in his tax returns


  • Differing theories on what product Jim Boylan used for his hair.


We may never know what led to game 3’s incident.  However, you can be certain that we bloggers here at Bucksketball will get to the bottom of this, no matter what.  You have our word.


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  1. Love this…also nice to see Larry take on big responsibility in the locker room, this truly is his team

  2. Actually, this seems really important, not a cause
    for joking. I wonder if any of the Bucks players
    were selfishly putting themselves above the team
    and mostly looking out for themselves at the expense
    of their teammates. Not a small matter!

  3. It’s embarrassing that you and articles like this represent the Bucks on ESPN’s TrueHoop network.