Bucks begin draft workouts with Junior Cadougan, Glen Rice Jr. and four others

Junior Cadougan celebrates Marquette's victory over Butler. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Junior Cadougan celebrates Marquette’s victory over Butler. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Draft workouts have officially begun.

Tuesday the Milwaukee Bucks will audition six players: Marquette’s Junior Cadougan, Iowa State’s Will Clyburn, D-League finals MVP Glen Rice Jr.,  Dakota State’s Tyrone Gordon Jr., New Mexico’s Tony Snell and Syracuse forward James Southerland.

Rice, a 6-foot-6 small forward, is the highest ranked player on DraftExpress.com’s Top 100 prospect list (26), followed by Snell (37), Southerland (82) and Clyburn (90). Cadougan and Gordon Jr. are not ranked.

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  1. How good are the odds of the Bucks trading up (or down) this year? It seems like the perfect time for them to trade up, the draft is way down this year according to the talking heads. And the Bucks always seem to have to make a decision instead of getting a clear-cut star when they actually have a good pick.

  2. Glen Rice is a 2 guard I’m pretty sure and that’s what he will play in the NBA. That’s the only guy I like that they worked out so far. Again, we are in a position like every year it seems where there are a handful of guys that I think can play ball in the NBA…and we fall like 2 spots short of that. Got real lucky with Henson falling last year.

  3. I prefer Snell. Good smooth shooter and plays defense. I hope we look at the point guard from North Dekota…not sure of his name..maybe Hauer.

    • Hey jseed the guy you are talking about is Nate Wolters from South Dakota State. 6’5 PG who can shoot and pass extremely well. Would love to see the Bucks draft him in the second round. Would not be surprised to see the Bucks trade say Mbah A Moute to get another draft pick this year. We need a PG SG and SF. I could understand drafting Dieng the C out of Louisville because I think he is incredible but we are big heavy and small thin and we dont need to turn into the Utah Jazz with 4 awesome bigs and terrible guards.