Bucks make Larry Drew their next head coach

Larry Drew is the next head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks.  (Photo:  SI.com)
Larry Drew is the next head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. (Photo: SI.com)


The Milwaukee Bucks have hired Larry Drew as their next head coach, .

The specifics of the deal have yet to be released, but reports say that it is a three year deal with a team option for the fourth year.  This comes as a bit of a surprise, as it was believed that Rockets assistant Kelvin Sampson was the leading candidate for the position (at least among the media) . Nevertheless, Drew is the guy.

Drew spent the last three seasons as head coach of the Atlanta Hawks, amassing a 128-102 record and playoff berths in each of those seasons.  He became available after a first round dismissal via the Indiana Pacers and the Hawks recent hiring of Spurs assistant Mike Budenholzer as their next head coach.

The Bucks finished this past season with a 38-44 record, good enough to grab the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference.  They were then dismantled by the Miami Heat.


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  1. Anybody have any opinions on this? I think my lack of opinion is an opinion in and of itself. I guess I’m glad that I’m not angry or upset about the pick, but I sure as heck ain’t jumping for joy.

  2. Could not have said it any better myself. It’s an improvement on Scott “Somehow has zero offensive coaching skills but has the NBA record for most assists in a game” Skiles and Jim Boylan, no clever nickname. I really feel like Clifford was the pick but MJ was quicker on the trigger than Hammond was. Sidney Moncrief not even getting a sniff is disgusting and embarrassing and shows the true colors of this “organization.”

  3. From a numbers standpoint it is hard to argue with Drew W/L record. His success in the league w Atlanta is something that should be coveted from a franchise like Milwaukee. If this were a hire by the Lakers/Celtics where there is a rich title history than the hire would be outright shocking. The fact remains that the Bucks need to start building blocks year after year. Theres not a chance in hell Milwaukee will be able to build a championship roster THIS offseason so let Drew grow with these players.

    I know time isnt exactly a word Bucks fans want to hear, but it needs to be given. This is an optimistic view.