Remember the 2012-13 Bucks? Here are words that most accurately sum them up.

Mitch Vomhof back to take a look at all of the articles written on this season and break down the words we used. Man, I write “just” like, constantly. – JS

If we’re being honest, the Bucks aren’t having the most exciting off season. JJ Redick probably won’t be back, the team was happy just to meet with Jerry Sloan, and the rest of the coaching search hasn’t exactly titillated. The Bucks even continued their legacy of being just good enough to remain in the middle of the draft order, so we can’t even get excited about that.

But we here at Bucksketball don’t like to dwell on the negatives. So instead of talking about tanking to get Andrew Wiggins next year or writing sad acoustic love songs to Tobias Harris, we decided to reflect on the past season on the site using the most current of 2011 internet trends: a word cloud! We took every article we posted about the Bucks during the 2012-2013 NBA season and turned it into a colorful, informative look at the most relevant topics of the year:


The biggest player name, unsurprisingly, belongs to Brandon Jennings. We saw the good (a game-winning shot on the first night of the season), the bad (constant rumors that he wanted out of Milwaukee), and the surprising (the one magical week after the Redick trade that he turned into an assist machine). With decisions looming for the franchise on his restricted free agency, it’s no surprise that Jennings was a consistent topic of discussion. Will he stay? Will he go? Who knows! Will he be disgruntled if he stays? Probably!

Monta Ellis and LARRY SANDERS! come in tied for second in our Most Talked About Bucks category. Both gave us good moments (fourth-quarter theatrics and Larry Blocks, respectively) and bad moments (Monta’s 1-14 near-record setting game on December 19, Larry’s 3 ejections in 6 games, and their alleged near-fight in the locker room during the playoffs.  Between those three players, we had nearly endless topics of discussion this year, and that’s not even mentioning Tobias Harris and JJ Redick! *a tiny tear rolls down my cheek*

On the coaching end, Scott Skiles’ name is significantly larger than Jim Boylan’s, despite the fact that Boylan coached 50 games to Skiles’ 32. That proportion leads us to calculate that Skiles was 127% more interesting to talk about than his successor this year (accuracy of this math is still unverified). In other words, Jim isn’t the most interesting man in the world. If he were, maybe he would still be coaching this team.

Word clouds are also useful, as it turns out, to describe what happened this year. Let’s ask the cloud how Ersan Illyasova did this year:



“Illyasova”, “long”, “made”, “pretty”, and “three” – why yes, Ersan did make many long, pretty threes this year!

Word Cloud, what do you think about Luc Richard Mbah a Moute?


“Moute ball, know defense”. One could take issue with “Moute ball” as he didn’t ball especially hard this year, but you have to agree that he knows defense! The wise Word Cloud is right again!

How about Larry Sanders, oh wise Oracle of Words?


There’s a lot going on in this one – “much better” is encouraging, “good” and “playing” are both accurate, and “rim” even finds its was into the picture. All we need is “protect”, “defense”, and an exclamation point to round out the picture.

Let’s take one more look, this time at Mike Dunleavy:






“Dunleavey played well.” That about sums it up. I’ll miss you, Mike.

There are some more gems to be found in the cloud – “Dalembert shooting” is guaranteed to make you shudder, while the caveman-esque “Skiles like” seems like a sentiment that wasn’t said much in the team huddle this season. Finally, the implications of “coach Redick” are simultaneously terrifying and intriguing.

Hey – if you can’t be good, at least be interesting, right? Stay interesting, Bucks.

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  1. Nicely done!

    Did Skiles really only coach 32 games before he split?

    Did Boylan really coach 50 games this year?

    Did the Bucks really still make the playoffs? Always interesting 😉

    Go Bucks 2013-14!

  2. We met our goals. Play offs and Bust in that order. Lets move on to the draft and build around the players who choose to stay and nexts years motto playoffs and 2nd round or Bust.

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