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Bucks, Ellis can’t agree on two year extension. Ugh.

| June 7, 2013

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Monta Ellis has been offered a lucrative extension but turned it down, according to reports.  (USA Today Sports.)

Monta Ellis has been offered a lucrative extension but turned it down, according to reports. (USA Today Sports.)

The Milwaukee Bucks are not so ready to let Monta Ellis go, it seems.

The Bucks offered Ellis a 2-year, $24.8 million extension, predicated on Ellis opting in to the final year of his deal, totaling 3 years and around $36 million for the 27 year old guard. Reports say that Ellis did not accept the offer.

It has been surmised for a while now that Ellis was going to opt out and search for either more money or a reunion with an old friend. Ellis has until June 20th to arrive at a decision on the early player termination option.

Ellis had one of his least efficient years this past season, averaging 19 points a contest on 18 shots, while shooting 42 percent from the field.  He did technically help lead his team to their goal of making the playoffs, but ended up withering down the stretch, both on the court and in the locker room.

The Bucks have already worked out a handful of guards they feel could usher in the next era for this franchise, but also seem willing to hang on to a product that didn’t exactly flourish. The organization has come out and said that they aren’t looking to rebuild, but does extending Monta suggest that you are putting forth your best effort to move forward?

It’s hard to detect what is more confounding at this point. Is Monta nuts for turning down an offer that he likely won’t get elsewhere, or are the Bucks almonds for believing that Ellis is still an integral part of their vision heading forward?

This is going to be the first domino to fall in what many claim as a crucial offseason for the Bucks. Come June 20th, we should have a slightly more clear idea of what direction this team wants to head in.  Then again, maybe nobody will ever know.

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  1. rowe499 says:

    If after that offer Ellis wants out, let him go. It’s probably a blessing anyway. It will make it easier for he Bucks to crash next year and then pick up a top draft pick.

    Now the Bucks should trade Jennings for another draft pick and start stockpiling picks. Without Ellis the Bucks have no way to compete next year. So They really don’t have any choice.

    Maybe they’ll go all out and move Ersan as well for a draft pick and just go from there.

    • kevin says:

      we can only hope. unfortunately, Kohl doesn’t want to do any rebuilding. But personally, I’d love to see us get rid of ellis, jennings, redick, and ilyasova

  2. Patti #2 says:

    Anybody else hear Gery Woelfel? Apparently Washington is interested in trading the 3rd pick for Ersan and our 15? Thoughts?

  3. Nick Rudelich says:

    If someone wants to pay Monta Ellis more than $36 million?!?! for three years, they are doing the Bucks a favor. Let him go.

  4. Steve says:

    He got offered more than he is worth. I say let him go. Get rid of Jennings as well and try to resign Reddik and Dunleavy. Also try to sign Josh Smith. Work on the backcourt in the draft.

  5. Justin says:

    I also don’t agree on Monta’s extension

  6. bucks1988 says:

    if ellis and reddick dont want to resign, will kohl be forced to tank by default

  7. OB says:

    This is good, but has potential to be horrendous. If for some reason the Bucks really want Ellis back, they can offer him more once he opts out. This was the max deal they could give him for his current contract, they could up their offer once hes a FA.

  8. kenneth springer says:

    Yikes…Ellis turned down $12 mil per for 3 yrs. He cant actually believe he will get that elsewhere. ? Maybe he thinks he can get with a team like Heat…ya know, part of a big three or somethin.

    Im actually proud that front office made concrete offer like this for Ellis, shows that there is some sort of plan ( whatever it may be).

    Rebuilding sounds NOT so good from my view-just an opinion. I would like to see Bucks make another playoff appearance this coming season.
    With new coach AND 1/2way decent backcourt, the Bucks could land a 6th seed! ? No matter what happens, I love my Bucks team-missing them ALOT already…cant wait for November

    Go Bucks Go

  9. NEZ says:

    What a blessing in disguise it was for the overrated, undersized brick-laying Ellis to flat out REJECT this offer. It works because he is in fact a REJECT. This would have been another blunder-of-a-contract in Bucks history. They can find a d-leaguer who can shoot bricks too for peanuts. Let the offer stand as a way to appease the mindless cronies who are ok with possibly competing for a 6th seed, but give no more legitimacy to it!

    Do people in this fanbase really NOT understand the talent coming out in the 2014 draft? Wiggins/Randle/Gordon/Smart to name a few? Grab a young PG in Schroder, or move Ilyasova and the 15 for the 3rd and grab Oladipo.

  10. Steve says:

    Caption for picture: “Give me more money!”

  11. Bill Adams says:

    Terrico White, he is young and a steal and low cost for the Bucks

    his twitter is fanpage is @terricowhite23 and i read alot of his posts he was big in europe. @Terricowhite5

    he works out with us this week

  12. Bill Adams says:

    Checkout Terrico White,

    twitter is fanpage is @terricowhite23

    he works out with us this week