Bucks fifth draft workout: Pair of Badgers get a shot, John Henson gets stronger, Larry Drew gets more praise

Thursday's draft workout participants, including to Wisconsin Badgers, stretch it out at the end of the workout.
Thursday’s draft workout participants, including to Wisconsin Badgers, stretch it out at the end of the workout.

The Milwaukee Bucks conducted their fifth draft workout Thursday morning. The big names were not were not in attendance, but some popular faces headlined today’s group.

Former Badger forwards Jared Berggren and Mike Bruesewitz, along with UW-Milwaukee guard Paris Gulley, Colorado forward Andre Roberson, Farmingdale State forward/center AJ Matthews, and Santa Clara guard Kevin Foster all got a chance to prove themselves today.  None of them are projected right now to be drafted, but all the guys are enjoying the attempt to find a spot on a roster.  Bruesewitz, in particular, is enjoying everything.

” This is a pretty sweet life I’m living right now.  I’m not doing a whole lot.  I work out in the mornings, hang out, and then I work out at night.  I get to nap in the afternoon.  I’m having a pretty good time.  I get to come up here, work out, show my skills off to these guys.  They have free Gatorade and I get lunch.  It’s a great feeling.”

The self-proclaimed ”6’7” ginger” is keen on finding his niche in this league as a defense and corner three specialist.

Berggren, listed at 6-foot-10, is eager to show his versatility throughout these workouts, and he’s already getting some advice on how to take advantage of pouncing on whatever opportunity he ends up getting. Former Badger and current Minnesota Timberwolves big man Greg Stiemsma had been in Minneapolis when Berggren worked out for the team, and he spent some with Berggren during and after the workout. Stiemsma spent time both overseas and in the D-League, so his experience could come in handy for players like Berggren.

Berggren is in a busy stretch with his audition, with workouts scheuled in Orlando, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles (Clippers) in the next two weeks.


  • Billy McKinney said that John Henson looked “much better physically” while he was here working out the past week, noting that he looked to have added 10-15 pounds of muscle in the offseason.  
  • McKinney suggested that Saturday will be a really good workout with lots of talent coming in (hint:  that means that some guys projected to go in the first round will be in).
  • Praise for Larry Drew keeps pouring in from the prospects.  The players highlighted his teaching points as unique for these workouts.  Bruesewitz took it even further.

“They got the right guy in here, trust me.  I learned more in two hours of working with him than I have with a few guys I’ve worked with for a couple months.  [He was] very impressive.”

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  1. Yes! Bruesewitz has confirmed that this is the coach that will lead the Bucks to, not 5, not 6, not 7 titles. None of those numbers in fact. Not a single one of those numbers.

  2. i always feel kinda bad when every year this particular workout happens with the hometown boys; clearly theres a zero chance either of these guys get drafted or signed by anyone.

  3. kenneth springer

    Ha… :) Larry Drew might be in NEED of some high praise like that of Bruesewitz by Xmas time…? Best keep him “just in case” coach Drew!