RUMOR: Bucks and Wizards have discussed Ilyasova and the third pick

Will Ersan be a Buck when the draft comes around? Maybe, maybe not. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)
Will Ersan be a Buck when the draft comes around? Maybe, maybe not. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Friday turned out to be an  interesting day in Milwaukee Bucks news. It came out that Monta Ellis turned down a two-year, $26 million extension, which seemed to indicate both that he’s on his way out of Milwaukee and that the Bucks were heading in the same old direction. Now, rumor is the Bucks are looking to improve their fortunes via high draft picks by engaging in talks with the Washington Wizards concerning Ersan Ilyasova and the third pick in this year’s draft. It is unclear exactly when the discussions took place, if they really did and if Ellis declining Milwaukee’s offer spurred it in any way. Gery Woelfel also reported the rumor on Milwaukee radio Friday.

While it seems unlikely that the Wizards would agree to a direct Ersan-for-third-pick swap, there is always the possibility that those pieces might be the groundwork for a larger deal. The Bucks’ 15th pick could be in play with other player contracts involved to even out the money –  the Wizards could be looking to shed the contracts of Trevor Ariza or Nene and believe that having a surer thing in Ilyasova is preferable to an inherently risky draft pick.

As for the Bucks, the lure of snagging a young asset in Ben McLemore or Otto Porter may seem worth moving their most offensively skilled big man. Surely the Bucks would also like to remain in the 15th spot and be in position to grab a player like Shane Larkin or Dennis Schröder, but it’s likely that that pick would be necessary to complete the trade.

We’ll know more as/if details emerge surrounding this potential deal. This might be a sign that the Bucks’ front office is willing to consider that dreaded word – rebuilding – with an emphasis on building a core of young, talented players. Or it could be yet another of the Bucks’ wheel-spinning draft-centered trades that leave little by way of potential and ensure mediocrity for a few more years. Only time will tell.

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    • this trade would send booker, ariza and third pick to bucks for the 15th pick ,ellis and ersan. beal moves to small forward. the 15th pick lands a power forward thats a strong rebounder. look out vessley new role on team will be a clone of the bird man

      • none of that sounds real, especially Beal to SF.. would be the first 6’3″ SF in NBA history

      • If the Wizards wanted a hideously inefficient combo guard who sucks at defense, they would have kept JordanCrawford for 1 million a year instead of getting Monta for 11 million or whatever. Monta isn’t 11 times better than Crawford. Judging by his last 2 years, he might not even be 11% better

        And honestly? If they wanted Ilyasova they would have bought out Rashard Lewis and signed Ilya straight up.

        Giving up the 3rd pick for a guy they could have signed last year, when- remember – they had a trade offer of HARDEN for last years 3rd pick on the table. You don’t really think that the value of this years third is THAT much worse do you? Enough for DC to go “well.. Last year it was worth more than a top 10 player, this year it’s worth less than a top 50(debatable) player”

        There’s only two ways this deal gets done. Larry Sanders, John Henson.

        I get it, you guys like John Henson. But would he go top 3? Doubt it, but he’d be in the conversation at top 5.

        If I’m the Bucks, I’m looking at 3 plus Néne for Ilyasova plus Henson. Nene would be the most complete big man you’ve had since Bogut was healthy. His passing would allow you to play two combo guards again if you really wanted to. Sanders and Henson is a questionable fit, and you’re shedding 2 years of Ilyasovas contract to get a better player in Néne while also getting the THIRD pick in the draft.

        Nene is important to DC, The 3rd pick coming back to a team that was 10th in point differential over the last 50 games is a huge windfall. The idea that they’d give that up just for Ilyasova is insane. Utterly, patently, absurdly insane. Oh yeah, and it would push them into the luxury to keep Ilya and nene

        Ariza and Okafor can’t be traded before or at the draft. They can’t pick up their options til July. Which only leaves Néne or a Vesely/Singleton/Booker/Seraphin combo capable of matching that Ilyasova salary.

        If you got the 3rd and only gave up Ilyasova, the 15 and next years unprotected first, you’d be robbing DC.

        Just wait and see. You aren’t getting the 3rd without Henson. I guarantee it,

  1. It’s about time this organization start earning their pay… Milwaukee Bucks need a PHYSICAL player in the post. Example ( David West, Al Jefferson , Josh Smith )

    • You think it’s hating your fans to trade a 4th offensive option for the 3rd pick in the draft?

      Even though last year James Harden got offered for the 2nd, 3rd and Toronto’s rights to Valanciunas?

      Now Ersan Ilyasova is too big a price to pay for this years first? I know this draft is weaker and all but good god,

      You guys will trade Harris and Udrih for JJ Redick’s expiring but wouldn’t trade Ilyasova for the 3rd pick or Josh Smith? 3rd is worth more than Smith, both are worth more than Ilya.,smiths offense hurts you worse than Ilya’s defense though.

  2. we should start a picket line outside of the bucks front office chanting rebuild! If the bucks trade Illyasova and a second round pick for the #3 pick and take back some salary from the wizards, i think they could possibly keep the #15 pick. Tank next year. Draft Wiggins/Parker. 2014 roster:
    PG: Larkin/shroeder, devin harris, ish (do whatever with jennings)
    SG: McClemore, 2014 second round pick
    SF: Wiggins or Parker, Mboute
    PF: Henson, Nene, Gooden
    Center: Sanders, the Goose, Udoh

    Pick up some guys in free agency in 2014
    I think that’s a team that Milwaukee Bucks fans could get excited about and i don’t think the rebuild plan would take that long so we could still get a stadium done. Only 1 year of tanking

    • I don’t see the Wizards trading Nene, they actually like him. Plus that team right there, without Wiggins/Parker, would be in contention for the playoffs this year and not in contention for a top pick in the 2014 draft.

      • i just threw out nene as a possibility cuz they mentioned it in the article. Okafor or anyone really to make the trade work, works for me

    • If that happened, Id buy Bucks season tickets.

      My scenario would be this:

      DO NOT MATCH ANY OFFER Jennings!!! Unless and sign-and-trade is possible!!!

      Send Ilyasova/2nd to WAS for 3rd overall/Nene/Ariza and take OLADIPO. This dudes offense is ever expanding and he is already an awesome defender on the perimeter.

      Take Schroder with the 15th selection assuming WAS doesnt ask for it.

      Go through the growing pains of a young roster in 13-14.

      Projected Lineup:

      Schroder, Ish
      Mboute, Ariza
      Henson, Gooden, Udoh

      Then if MIL hits gold w #1 overall take WIGGINS.

      14-15 Projected:


      oh lord!

  3. I would love to see them do this, without giving up the # 15 and of course not moving Henson or Larry.

    This would set up the ability to take Porter at #3, Franklin or Crabbe at #15 and try to sign a good if unspectacular PG like Bledsoe or Maynor.

    A Starting 5 of


    Looks a lot better than
    Random Crap
    Random Crap
    Mbah a Moute or Random Crap
    Henson, Ilyasova

    Since the Bucks seemingly will never tank, this is better than resigning the guys from last year or just throwing out contracts to vets to meet the salary floor.

      • Yeah it would have to be a sign and trade. I don’t think the clippers would move him until CP3 is locked down, so it would probably be at the deadline next year. I also don’t know if the Bucks have the players for it since the JJ Redick deal. Perhaps Udoh and LRMAM?

        • Wait, you think Ekpe Udoh and Luc would net you Bledsoe??

          Wow, I thought DC overvalued their players,between this, guys who wouldn’t trade Ersan for the 3rd pick, and John Henson being off limits in any trade(because him and Sanders are going to be such a great fit?) the Bucks might take the cake.

          You have to give to get, judging by the offer they gave Monta, I’m guessing their value system is way out of wack with the league.

          And Monta,, turns it down?! Hahahahahaha the least efficient guard in the game turns down 8 figure. Amazing.

          • Udoh and Luc would give the clippers something they actually need in exchange for a free agent that will end up walking free next summer. Udoh would be a good back up option to Griffin and Luc would give them some much needed defensive help.

            Eric Maynor got traded for cap space, this would give them a far better trade option than what OKC ended up getting for their backup PG.

    • I think Calderon, Teague or Collison would be better options to stabilize the PG position if we trade BJ3 back to one of those teams who would salivate over having him back via trade.

    • Yea, I’d love to see my team trade a 13ppg player with no defense for the 3rd pick too.

      Most rational people would suggest the NBA fold the Wiz for making that trade. It would be hideous.

      Remember. DC could have signed Ilya already. They also refused Harden for the 3rd and Chris Singleton last year, and the biggest stain on our GMs record I trading the 5th pick in 09 for Mike Miller and Randy Foye.. Who, at the time, was a better package than Ilyasova. Miller was 28, averaged 14/6/4 with 40% 3s and better defense over the previous 2 years (and his year with Minnesots looked like a bad fluke in a bad system) his last year in Memphis he was a legit 3rd banana.

      Can’t wait to see Henson in a Bullets jersey!!

  4. I love all of this!! It would be hard to get rid of our best shooter, but the prospects of 2-3 years down the road would be amazing. One free agent that WOULD FIT VERY WELL with all of these young guys is Jose Calderon. He is a magnificent shooter who loves to get other guys involved. That would be superb esp if we chose to grab a SG and SF in the draft. I don’t think it would be terribly hard to land Jose, especially seeing that he would be ‘the man’ in Milwaukee at least for this season.

  5. I know fans are disappointed with the Bucks perpetual, middling ways. But this year presents a great opportunity for us to rebuild/ reload with an even better long term roster. By trading away a manageable contract in Ersan we could could pick up the #3 selection and grab Otto Porter (if he’s even there for the taking). I think we’d have to trade away our first rounder to seal the deal but the front office could offer BJ3 in a trade package to say, the Hawks or Dallas. We could pick up Ariza’s contract which is only a player option year with one year remaining and only increases salary a little bit. He’s had a bothersome knee injury but still provides a slight upgrade in defense at the position but a significant decrease in offense when compared with a player like Ersan. Drafting Porter ensures that the long term future at the SF position would be great, however. And we always have Luc Richard as our glue guy unless we want to package him in a different deal.

    Bottom line is that this is a great year to potentially grab a very young future superstar in Porter while giving up a bit of offense for a season or two at the position while he develops. Let’s not forget that John Henson was also a steal and really has impressed with his offensive repertoire. I like the decisions John is making to add length and I would also welcome a release of JJ Reddick, BJ3 and Monta Ellis to have a whole new backcourt of say, OJ Mayo and Devin Harris and a drafted player. I think you make your team a little weaker for a year or so, but the long term looks very bright.

    • I mean get rid of Brandon for one of their first round picks and take a young PG somewhere in there.

      • If Porter is gone by pick #3…Oladipo would not be a bad 2nd option while still filling a need (assuming Monta is not back). We really need to focus on perimeter defense and getting much better in the paint with scoring and rebounding…like the Pacers.

  6. Well 3 for Ilya is illegal under the CBA first of all.

    Secondly, they want another player. And who they want is John Henson.

    If they wanted to get Ilyasova instead of Ariza or Okafor, they would have attempted to do so in free agency.

    I get it, nobody wants to give up Henson. But that’s what a 3rd pick costs. Not an good but expensive 4th offensive option with 4 years left on his deal.

  7. Just remember last year, DC wouldn’t trade the 3rd pick for James Harden.

    This draft is worse, but it’s not “last year was more valuable than a superstar, this year is less valuable than a role player”

    It’s insane that any bucks fan WOULDN’T want to do this deal.

    With Henson on one side, Ariza and Seraphin on the other, it’s a legit NBA trade discussion.

    Sorry if its actually realistic

  8. STRAIGHT UP FOR THIRD PICK is good!! Lets hope the bucks are not stupid enough to give away the 15th pick to!! This years draft is weak and the wizards have NO CHANCE to get someone who can play and contribute every night with the 3rd pick. We on the other hand need a true point guard and we can get one with that pick!! MOST of all we need a sign and trade with Jennings and Monta will sign the dotted line!! With a true point Monta would be great for the bucks!

    • Disagree that if we draft a point guard and he is asked to play with Monta at the SG position that Monta would be great for the Bucks. It might be great for Monta because then he can easily kill his third young point guard all the while he gets to dominate the game and take over at the point again.
      Monta wants to be the point guard. PERIOD.

    • You guys like Monta more than Jennings and won’t give up the 15th pick and a guy who’d be the 4th offensive option on a good team for the 3rdpick.

      A M A Z I N G.

  9. Great points made by a lot of you. I would welcome trading Ersan along with the 15th pick to Washington (along with whatever player they throw in for cap reasons) and then since we control Jennings fate we could trade him to a team that is randomly obsessing over him, Dallas. Sign and trade would be BJ3 and our 2nd rounder for their 13th overall pick and somebody like Jared Cunningham. I don’t know much about the mavs cap space but hopefully that would work money wise. Use the 3rd overall pick to draft Porter or Mclemore and then use the 13th pick to draft KCP. Let Monta walk (maybe?) and sign Devin Harris and/or preferably Darren Collison. Then go work on the bench by signing a cheap scoring veteran…Maybe Barbosa, Gary Neal, Randy Foye or Daequan Cook (3 point shooting)
    2013-2014 Lineup

    Pg: Darren Collison/Devin Harris/Ish Smith
    Sg: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope/Randy Foye/Jared Cunningham
    Sf: Otto Porter/Luc Richard Mbah-Moute
    Pf: John Henson/ Ekpe Udoh/Drew Gooden
    C: Larry Sanders/Gustavo Ayon/Ekpe Udoh

    In my opinion that team is stacked with potential and could grow in to something special given time and experience together. Bench would be a concern but I think that 2nd unit could hold their own.

  10. Apparently Dallas is trying to unload the #13 pick in exchange for cap relief. So the Bucks might be able to swing some deal to take some salary from a guy like Marion and pick up a pick too.

  11. antwan montgomery

    For all you bucks fans that actually think this is gonna happen place step backk into reality
    wiz are jus discussing options
    They will most likely keep this pick draft porter or Bennett

  12. Ellis turning down the deal is probably a blessing.

    Now it forces the Bucks to smell the coffee and build the right way. Not with retread “near” all stars who don’t want to be here anyway. But through the draft and possibly some shrewd free agent pick ups. I’m nervous regarding John Hammond as “shrewd” but he could go along way in helping his reputation by having a strong off season.

  13. We never should have offered Monta Ellis a contract extension. (Stop the big, bad contracts already! Don’t resign role players that pose as near-all-stars because they play on crappy teams. Small market teams can’t recover from those.) And of course, we should not match any offer to Brandon Jennings.

    We need a legitimate, loyal, all-star.

    Free agents have no reason to come play for us. So the only realistic way to improve is getting lucky through the draft. We need to lose to build up the team’s overall talent level. Gotta love the NBA.

  14. What the bucks need to do is try and get this years 3 overall pick. They need a defensive presence. I think Ersan and Luc Richard would be a great exchange for Ariza and the 3rd pick. Pick a guy like Oladipo who is a great defensive player but also has a great shot percentage inside the 3 point arc. Bucks need to keep there 15th overall pick and grab Dennis Shroeder. He is the most underrated draft pick in this years draft. He can score and he is also only 19 years old. Starting lineup..

    Shroeder/ Harris/ Ish Smith
    Oladipo/Mike Neal
    Ariza/ Dorell Wright/ 2nd Round pick
    Sanders/ Ayon

  15. I’ll be pissed if the wiz do this. But only ernie grunfeld is dumb enough to do it. We can get porter at 3 who is at worst as good as ilyasova but at best 10x better.

  16. I like this trade. The Bucks would have the number three and fifteen pick. Trade Erson for the pick and Nene. With the number three I’d take Ben Mclemore and then take Larkin with the fifteen. Resign Monta Ellis to play point guard. Sign Josh Smith, Nick Young, and resign Dunleavy. Amnesty Gooden.

    Next years starting nine:
    PG: Ellis, Larkin, Ish
    SG: Mclemore, Young
    SF: J-Smoove, Dunleavy
    PF: Henson, Mbah a Moute
    C: Larry, Nene, Udoh

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