Kentavious Caldwell-Pope headlines Bucks sixth workout

You down with KCP? The Bucks might be.
You down with KCP? The Bucks might be.

The Milwaukee Bucks hadn’t really inspired much excitement with their past three pre-draft workouts, but the story was different on Saturday.

There has been a rumor casually floated out about their desire to move up in the draft for a less risky prospect, but if that doesn’t amount to anything–and it’s very likely that it won’t–Kentavious Caldwell-Pope should be a high priority on the Bucks draft wish list.

The 6-foot-6 shooting guard has slowly been creeping up the draft boards, but the Bucks have had their eye on him for a while now. He was their first interview at the Chicago pre-draft combine.

Video: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Scouting Video (Draft Express)

KCP has gained attention for his ability to shoot the ball, but Director of Scouting Billy McKinney highlighted another aspect of his game.

“He takes great pride in individual defense. Obviously he’s known as a shooter and a scorer, but I think defense is one of his strengths.”

On a somewhat lighter note, KCP mentioned that he arrived in Milwaukee a day early and got a tour of the city. He, like last year’s pick John Henson, thought that Lake Michigan was beautiful and enjoyed the city as a whole.  Does it matter? No, but sometimes it’s just nice to feel loved. Moving on.

Another intriguing prospect on hand today was Providence 6-foot-7 guard Ricky Ledo.

Ledo’s case is an unusual one. Despite being a highly sought after guards coming out of high school, he never stepped foot on a college court, due to a shakey past.

Reports suggest that he has matured substantially since the abnormal ”one-and-done” season. Ledo also added that the reason he was academically ineligible was due to falling short half of a credit, which should eradicate any of the character questions regarding that situation.

There’s no denying Ledo’s talent, though. With his size and ability to create offense, he may be worth the gamble for the Bucks, should he begin to climb up draft boards or the Bucks decide to move down.

Also attending Saturday’s workout were Oklahoma forward Amath M’Baye, Dakota State guard and former Milwaukee high school guard Tyrone Gordon, Jr., Florida State shooting guard Michael Snaer, and Southern Mississippi shooting guard Dwayne Davis.

Ledo is projected to be a late first round pick, while the other guys have projections ranging from the mid-to-late second round to being undrafted.

Allen Crabbe, who was scheduled to work out today, withdrew due to an injury. McKinney said that they still planned on bringing Crabbe in at a later date  The Bucks have their next workout scheduled for Monday, and have a maximum of two after that.

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  1. kenneth springer

    Do Bucks really need to take a chance on a guy with “SHAKY PAST” ?
    He wont get what he wants, be disgruntled, and ultimately cost more to
    deal with than he’s probably worth (at least here in Bucksland)-

    Guy like that can go to a team with enough team strength and front office leverage to make it good for both parties. Pass on Ledo…PLEASE


  2. I think the bucks should trade down and get a couple of picks in such a iffy draft. You could probably get equal value with the late teens and 20’s picks as you could with the 15th. This way your odds of getting lucky increases.

    • agreed.. do not like all this talk about Larkin as the 15th pick.. but as the 25-30th pick it makes more sense

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  4. Boy I hope they trade down, they have too many holes to fill. Face it, we don’t really want those gaurds back and they don’t want to be here either. Time for a change, I don’t buy the fact that this draft is completely a weak one. For a team like the Bucks it’s perfect…these picks will instantly see the court. Versus prior picks who sat for years and some never saw the court and their full potential.