Milwaukee Bucks officially acquire Nate Wolters

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

The Nate Wolters deal everyone heard about yesterday has been made official. Per the Milwaukee Bucks award winning PR Department:

The Milwaukee Bucks have acquired the draft rights to South Dakota State guard Nate Wolters from the Philadelphia 76ers, General Manager John Hammond announced today. Wolters was originally selected by the Washington Wizards with the 38th overall pick in last night’s draft. His rights were subsequently acquired by Philadelphia before being moved to Milwaukee. In exchange for the draft rights to Wolters, the Bucks sent the draft rights to Ricky Ledo, the 43rd overall pick in the draft, and a future second round pick to the Sixers.

Wolters (6-4, 190) played four years of college basketball at South Dakota State University (2009-13), where he left holding school records for scoring (2,353 points), assists (663) and free throws made (644) over his career. He is one of only four players in Division I history to leave school with 2,000 points, 600 rebounds and 600 assists, and the only player in South Dakota State history to surpass the 2,000-point mark.

Wolters was projected by Draft Express to go 39th, so he fell pretty much in the range that was expected. The guard worked out with the Bucks on June 17 in lieu of the draft. Wolters was excited Friday to be joining the Bucks.

“It was a pretty wide open draft,” he said. “My range was pretty wide, I didn’t know what to expect. Crazy couple minutes I didn’t really know where I was going. I’m sure glad it was the Milwaukee Bucks, I think it was a great fit.”

John Hammond was equally as pleased, even if he was aware of the canned language he was about to use.

“To get Nate in the second round,” he said, “we always say this so pardon me for saying it but I’m going to say it again, we had him on the board as a first round pick. We’re really excited to have Nate, to have a big guard. A 6’4″ point guard. He has a great feel for the game and a  great knowledge of how to play the game.”

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    • ya it did. I thought we were getting that Muscala kid for a second. I was going to be mad. I like the pick tho. He doesn’t have the upside of ledo, but he also doesn’t have the risk factor or bad attitude of ledo either.

    • Lol, yeah. He’s from St. Could though, which is right outside the Twin Cities by about an hour, so it shouldn’t be a huge culture shock though.

  1. As a second-round pick, this is a good gamble. It’s fun to take a somewhat well-known kid and exciting player from a small school who might beat the odds and become a solid sharpshooter and good all-around player for the Bucks, maybe even a star.
    The second round is the place for long-shots and dreaming dreams of inspirational underdogs. I would hate this pick in the first round, but like it in the second.

  2. Love this pick, he will be a solid contributor right away and will also be very fun to watch

      • You are right, but Wolters is a playmaking PG who can shoot well with size 6’4″ to potentially play the 2. Lamb was an undersized 2 6’3″ who shot well and supposedly was able to be a playmaker but didnt really pan out as a point guard.

        We’ll find out more when Summer League begins I’m sure

  3. I don’t like giving up a 2nd round pick to get him.

    BUT …

    if this means we let Jennings walk, I’m OK with it.

  4. This dude is a play maker he was rated by one scout as the 2nd best player in the whole draft

  5. bad move ledo was a great mid 2nd round pick, had the talent to be a top 15 pick but let the things around basketball get in the way, jennings will be resigned looking at how they drafted its apparent that he is all we have and they wont let him go like ellis so having a big tyreke evans type wing guy like ledo would have been nice to see even if it didnt work out. also our 1st round pick was risky pick that could turn out to be a great scorer or a dud as well with ledo so grabbing both guys minimized the risk in my opinion i was happy with our picks than we trade for the classic white back up point guard

    and we gave up a 2nd round pick next year when we seem to be “rebuliding” doesnt make sense

  6. Very good draft for us. I really wanted Nate prior to the draft and knew he would be gone prior to our 2nd round pick. Good pick to play SG and initially back up point. Taking a chance in the first round on a player with exceptional upside is what you do in a draft where no exceptional Very wise drafting. Go Bucks!

  7. happyfeethustle

    Alright!!!! :)

    A guard thats not so tiny- we need some size at guard. Love the trade, even with giving up a future 2nd rounder. Ricky Ledo is a head case- like alot of players out there with great talent, he will end up with fines-suspensions-overall pain in ass to have player like that in your locker room. Awesome maneuver from bucks to acquire Nate.