Mitchell, new coaches headline Bucks’ fourth draft workout

North Texas forward Tony Mitchell headlined the Bucks’ fourth draft workout (Photo: Sun Belt Sports)

As the June 27 NBA draft draws closer, the Bucks hosted their fourth draft workout – and first of three in the next four days – featuring a mix of players from first-round prospects to projected undrafted free agents hoping to catch the team’s eye or secure a spot on a Summer League roster.

The biggest name in Wednesday’s showcase belongs to Tony Mitchell, a 6-foot-8 forward from North Texas University. Mitchell, a projected late first-round pick, left North Texas after his sophomore year to enter the draft. He averaged 13.7 points on 49% shooting and 9.2 rebounds per game in his collegiate career. Mitchell is currently projected as a pick in the mid-20s, but he’s been moving up many draft boards and may be in consideration for the Bucks at 15. When asked about his strengths, Mitchell was confident.

“I’m always trying to show my athleticism. It’s one of the strong points of my game. I dunked the ball a little bit out here, so it was cool.”

The Bucks also brought it a player with local ties. Trey McKinney Jones attended South Milwaukee High School and Missouri-Kansas City before transferring to Miami for his junior and senior years. The 6-foot-5 guard shot 38.5% from three and averaged 8.1 points per game in two years for the Hurricanes.

Other workout participants included James Ennis, a 6-foot-7 guard/forward from Long Beach State University; Solomon Hill, a 6-foot-7 forward from Arizona; Adonis Thomas, a 6-foot-7 guard/forward from Memphis; and Stephen Pledger, a 6-foot-4 guard from Oklahoma. Ennis and Hill are projected as mid-50s second-round picks while Thomas, Pledger, and McKinney Jones are projected to go undrafted, according to DraftExpress.

McKinney Jones was happy to return to his hometown for the workout:

“It’s a blessing. For this to be my first workout in my hometown, it means the world to me.”

Wednesday’s workout was also notable for the new faces on the coaching side. Nick Van Exel and Bob Bender – both coaches from Larry Drew’s staff in Atlanta – joined the Bucks coaching staff as they instructed the day’s participants. But you knew that already, dedicated reader of Bucksketball, as we posted about Nick the Quick earlier.

Larry Sanders was also in attendance to watch the workout.

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  1. obviously Tony Mitchell is the only player that mattered in this workout.. would be okay to target in the 2nd round, but doubt he will last that long after all his workouts.. very questionable motor though

  2. I’m thinking if possible the Bucks need to aqcuire another pick, trade in or down. All these players aren’t really worth our pick and could fall. Many teams should be willing to trade out of the draft I would think. The Bucks need some defensive wing types, a point guard, don’t forget a shooter too. Instead of a backcourt of Jennings and Reddick you could have Hardaway jr, Larkin.

  3. Bucks need David West, Al Jefferson, Josh Smith or aquired third pick in draft,,, anything less we go backwards next season…

    • Well you are right about them needing a lot, granted you didn’t include the entire backcourt they need too. I’d be happy if they’d have a real bad year and got a superstar next. This year develop Henson, Sanders, and whoever they draft. They aren’t going anywhere by trading big pieces and mediocre free-agents. Build them up like Indiana, that team reminds me of Detroit’s rise years back. Just a tough team.