Stein: Bucks have expressed trade interest in Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce to the Bucks? I'm not counting on it. (Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)
Paul Pierce to the Bucks? I’m not counting on it. (Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Bucks have an interest in Paul Pierce according to ESPN’s Marc Stein:

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Milwaukee Bucks are among the teams that have expressed trade interest in Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce, according to sources with knowledge of the talks.

But sources told that Pierce is most likely headed to neither one of those teams if he leaves the Celtics this week.

Ah, that second line. Most likely, the Bucks would certainly be welcome to adding a player like the 35-year-old Pierce. Despite his advancing age, he’s a capable scorer and he plays a position where the Bucks have badly needed a very good player for quite a few years. Even better, he has the name cache that Milwaukee could sell its fans easily. Think of him as better than Richard Jefferson when he arrived, but still a man who could fall off quickly.

But at what cost would Pierce have to come? The small forward has one year left on his contract at $15,333,334, though it could be bought out for $5 million before June 30 if the Celtics so decide. Given his credentials, still useful skills and expiring contract, Pierce is sure to draw interest from many teams across the league and with the option to cheaply get out of the contract, the Celtics are given even more leverage. Stein goes on to say the Celtics are hoping for a first round pick, which is likely where the Bucks balk.

This is an important summer for Milwaukee, a real opportunity to take the franchise in a number of different directions. Giving up a first round pick that would allow them to select a potentially talented player that would be contractually obligated to the franchise for at least four seasons at an affordable rate to acquire one season of Paul Pierce (at best) is a gamble that doesn’t quite make sense, fiscally or structurally.

There hasn’t been much word on just what the Bucks have offered, but Stein notes the Cavaliers have offered two second round picks. Perhaps the Bucks have attempted to offer a second round pick and one of the many serviceable young players on its roster, a Luc Mbah a Moute or Ekpe Udoh for example. Whatever has been offered, if anything has been offered, hasn’t been enough and, so long as Milwaukee is being reasonable, probably won’t be enough.

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  1. A friend and I have a conversation from time to time regarding NBA players. The conversation is about how a lot of NBA players could be your typical 20/10 guys, or at least close to that, if the coach/gm/whoever would give them the shots. Granted, some players are clearly better than others and should get the touches, but what really seperates some “good” players from “average” players. Sometimes it’s touches (in my opinion). Paul Pierce is the POSTER CHILD for this. That guy has nothing but a gazillion touches to his name. He is a whiny, soft player who I would HATE to see come to the Bucks. I may even suspend my fandom for a period of time until he was gone. Sorry to rant. Really loathe that guy.

  2. I wouldn’t do it because Ainge always over prices his pieces. Granted he is the GM so that’s his prerogative, but he always tries to rip teams off. He won’t pull the trigger on a deal that is equal for both teams. He only pulls deals that are clearly going to benefit him.

    • Ill take my chances on young, cheap youth over expensive, old talent especially when we aren’t even close to competing

  3. I know I mentioned this on Twitter to EB already, but what would be the point of this move? I mean God knows we love to give away young talent, but what would be the reward? He may be able to get into BJen’s ear seeing as they are from the same area.. other than that a couple of spots in the standings ain’t worth it

  4. Huge Pierce fan from Milwaukee. Doooooo it!
    Nothing to lose and my respect to gain!
    Cmon Hammond!!!!!!

  5. The Pierce fanboy. Havent seen them in quite sometime ^^^.

    Adding Pierce for anything more than a 2nd round pick would put the franchise back AGAIN. The Bucks arent competing this year, sorry. Not with this core, not yet.

    Next years draft is going to be downright stacked. The Top 5 picks will be coveted like no other in history.

    Wiggins, Parker, Randle, Gordon, Smart, etc etc.

    Those are impact, franchise changing dudes that the Bucks need to be looking at. Use 2013 as a season to progress Sanders/Henson offensive game, trade away Ilyasova, amnesty Gooden.


    • agreeing to go somewhere when you know you have the option to leave in the summer is not exactly taking a risk or a real change of heart