Want/Will/Trade: Draft day desires from the Bucksketball staff

The writers here at Bucksketball have thoughts, feelings, desires and needs when it comes to the NBA Draft and we just couldn’t keep them bottled up or spewing out exclusively on Twitter any more.

Our thoughts on who we WANT the Bucks to take, who we THINK the Bucks will take and if the Bucks will make a trade.

Sepia toned and super impressive.
Sepia toned and super impressive.

Who do you WANT the Bucks to take?

Jeremy Schmidt: Giannis Adetokunbo. I don’t care for your criticisms. I just watched a tape of him destroying everyone in his path under six-foot tall and that’s all I need to think he could potentially be the best player from this draft in three years. I’m all about ceilings.

Jon Hartzell: Jamaal Franklin. He has size, athleticism, and work ethic. His jumper is nothing to write home about but there’s no reason to believe NBA-level coaches couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with it. His friendship with fellow San Diego State Aztec Kawhi Leonard would also be beneficial as Leonard will more than likely mentor Franklin for his initial years in the league.

I also like that he has double-vowels in his first name. That’s super cool. Oh, and did I mention he has a 6-11 wingspan? Yeah. Team Franklin 2013.

Mitch Vomhof: I WANT the Bucks to take a guard: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Dennis Schroeder, and Shane Larkin in that order. Why? It’s high time to start rebuilding the paper-thin backcourt the Bucks have now that Monta Ellis (no he’s not coming back DON’T YOU EVEN SUGGEST IT) is gone. KCP is the dream scenario at this point and if he falls to #15 I’ll be screaming as loud as I can while I speed down to the Bradley Center to give John Hammond a piece of my mind. The Bucks as a team were downright terrible shooting jumpers last year and the cure’s name is Kentavious. Well, maybe not the cure. More like a temporary fix. Like aspirin.

Ian Segovia: Shabazz! Aaaaaaah. He’s the greatest in the universe!

Let’s not think too hard about this everyone. Muhammad is a supremely talented player that went to play for Ben Howland. Howland has spent his entire coaching career proving he can’t get the full potential out of his most talented guys. So I believe there’s a lot more to Muhammad than was shown in his one year at UCLA.
Muhammad is an aggressive scorer, but in the best possible way. He doesn’t isolate. He attacks in transition, posts-up, spots-up, moves off the ball, crashes the glass and gets to the free throw line. After an entire season when the Bucks most aggressive scores did none of that, I am absolutely starving for someone like Shabazz.
Also, his name is Shabazz.

Who WILL the Bucks take?

JS: Sergey Karasev. I made everyone get me their thoughts for this post by Wednesday and now I’m writing mine on Thursday. LOOK HOW MUCH SMARTER THAT MAKES ME! I’m all like, “Damn guys, none of you are even going to mention that the Bucks are possibly going to trade for the 13th pick to take Karasev? Okay, I guess I’ll be the one that’s most informed.” The perks of starting a website.

I’ll weep when they take Larkin and Jon mocks me on Twitter.

Larkin still seems the favorite. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Larkin still seems the favorite. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

JH: Larkin. It makes too much sense. He has good character, point guard instincts, and athleticism. But he’s 5-11 and has a 5-11 wingspan and gross. I just can’t see how a player of that size will be able to be a starting point guard in a league which is constantly getting bigger, no matter how hard he works. His dad is Barry Larkin so, yeah, that’s a thing which means something to some people I guess. Of all the prospects who the Bucks are rumored to be interested in, Larkin excites me the least.

MV: The Bucks WILL take whichever lottery-projected big/forward falls to them. You name him: Cody Zeller, Kelly Olynyk, Mason Plumlee… even Shabazz. Apart from the Brandon Jennings selection in ’09, Bucks management has been infatuated with bigs/forwards as shown by the fact that they’ve drafted one with their first pick in 6 of the last 7 years dating back to 2005. Some have been good (Andrew Bogut, LARRY SANDERS!, John Henson), some have been bad (Yi Jianlian, Joe Alexander), and some have made me weep with their spoiled potential (Tobias Harris).

Regardless, if past performance is any indicator, the Bucks have an 85.7% chance of drafting a forward. This also has an 85.7% chance of making me sad

IS: I don’t have any inside sources, so I’ll just go with the scuttlebutt and say Larkin because he has GREAT CHARACTER and is MENTALLY TOUGH and is all about the TEAM. This is the one draft pick that I don’t want to happen, so that means it’ll probably happen.

Will the Bucks continue their draft day tradition of making a trade? If yes, for who?

JS: If history is any indication (and it isn’t really, because what does history matter in this regard), then yes, there will be a trade. But I don’t suspect it’ll be for a person, rather it’ll be for a pick.

JH: I’ll say no. But, if they did, I would guess it would be a trade to move back in the draft, like 20-25 range, to get Glen Rice, Jr. If his head is on straight, Rice could be a great fit at the small forward spot next to Henson and Sanders. I’m just not confident his head will ever be on straight. I’d be happy if the Bucks took the risk, though, because honestly what do they have to lose?

MV: It’s hard to tell whether the Bucks have learned a lesson from their history of draft-day trades (that lesson being PLEASE DON’T) and this is the kind of draft that teams won’t be tripping over themselves to trade up in. If anything, I suspect we’ll see the Bucks sending players out and/or taking on salary to move up or acquire additional picks. There aren’t really any trade candidates out there that fit the Bucks’ needs and interests, so it seems unlikely that they’ll make any trades for players on draft day. Trade for picks? Now THAT’S a possibility. Yes please.

IS: I’m really into the idea of trading up to grab Jeff Withey, but if the Bucks can trade down to get Jamaal Franklin or Allen Crabbe then I will be a happy camper. Both guys bring length to the shooting guard position which will be a great compliment to the long frontcourt.

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    Trade up for him please. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone that’s NOT “undersized for his position” for a change? I’m with you guys, it seems like they’re going to pick Larkin, and maybe his is good. Maybe his supreme athleticism is enough, and team spirit and work ethic and all that jazz, but I want someone with “good size for his position”. Of course, I have no idea how to make this happen, as I am sitting in Appleton, bored at work.

  2. Trade everything on the team except Sanders and Henson to the Bobcats for next years First. Including this years first. Get 10 wins next year, and have the top to chances at WIGGINS!!!! anyone we get at 15 will be mundane.

    • It’d be interesting to see what you think that we have besides Sanders/Henson that would merit a first round pick value.. and I don’t agree that there aren’t good players available, especially if someone like Shabazz slips.. we will see if Hammond stays true to his Best Available theory instead of panicking and take DJ Augustin AKA Larkin

    • You could include Larry and Henson and Charlotte still isn’t giving up next years pick. That draft is pretty much exactly why they have been rebuilding and putting out bad teams.

  3. Any other year Larkin would seem like a good risk at 15. However, after the past two seasons with small point and scoring guards, I think everyone is really hoping to see something other than a 5’11” guard. That’s going in the wrong direction, isn’t it?

  4. Jeremy.. this is your site and we love what you do, but I am gonna bring up that I said Karasev will likely be the pick in a Tweet to you on June 10th.. not saying, just saying

    Hartzell I can’t figure you out.. you think we SHOULD take a shooting guard that can’t shoot, but we WILL take a point guard that projects to be a backup.. too much optimism man

  5. KCP, Shabazz, Franklin

    If they draft someone under 6′ 5″ I will be mad.

    I don’t even care about talent levels anymore, they will screw that part of it up or trade it away. Just get something different than the huge pile of shit that was last years roster.

  6. I’ve already laid this plan out, but I’m gonna do it again.

    Trade: BJen to Dallas for the #13 pick
    Draft: KCP, Karasev/Shabazz, and Ray McCallum
    Sign: Jarrett Jack to start at point
    Amnesty: Gooden

    instantly become a better defensive team with a young core of wing players and some actual leadership.. not projecting how many wins a team like that would have, but who cares since the 2014 draft is loaded

  7. With the Bucks constantly trading on draft day, doesn’t that tell you something about your draft position? Like mediocrity will get you no where? All the players you want are at the top, but sadly the Bucks are not there. They trade back and get rotational pieces which would be nice if you were a contender which they are not.

  8. The picks I want to happen, could use both picks on guards but I think it will be a G&F.
    Combo #1 Giannis Antetokounmpo / Nemanja Nedovic
    Combo #2 Shane Larkin/ CJ Leslie

  9. Giannis Adetokunbo? Why even show a video of him scoring on a bunch of white guys and ask for me to be impressed? You don’t care for criticism, then you must certainly care to be called a dumb ass…

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