Bucks Exercise Amnesty Clause on Drew Gooden, Leaving the Milwaukee Bench a Little Less Fun

rew Gooden and his beard are no longer Milwaukee Bucks.(Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)
Drew Gooden in a rare appearance last season for the Milwaukee Bucks.(Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

The ax finally fell today as the Milwaukee Bucks amnestied eventual fan favorite, triple-double threat, point forward, and — near the end, at least — bench staple Drew Gooden. I’ll now take a moment of silence while you go ahead and read the press release:

The Milwaukee Bucks have waived forward Drew Gooden and designated him as the team’s amnesty player as allowed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, General Manager John Hammond announced today.

Gooden originally signed with the Bucks as a free agent prior to the 2010-2011 season. The 11-year NBA veteran appeared in 107 games over three season with the Bucks, averaging 11.3 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 1.8 assists per contest.

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.  *deep breath*  Okay, here we go:

According to cap wiz Frank Madden of Brew Hoop, the amnesty brings the Bucks’ salary number to right around $50 millon (including Jennings’ hold). The salary cap for this year is $58.679 million, which leaves the Bucks with some breathing room as the Brandon Jennings situation continues to drag on. With the added cap space, the Bucks could theoretically take on additional salary in a trade should the opportunity arise.

According to the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, today was the final day of this year’s seven-day window for player amnesties.

Many people derided the Bucks for the 5-year, $32 million deal Gooden signed with the team before the 2010-2011 season, and his name has been linked closely with the amnesty clause ever since it came into existence with the new collective bargaining agreement. But Drew went about his work — who can forget when he was thrust into the starting center role after yet another Andrew Bogut injury? For every cool assist he made, it seemed like there was a wacky mistake on the other end of the floor to balance it out. But he was once the Eastern Conference Player of the Week, and we have video to prove it:

That week was capped off by a triple double (15 points, 10 rebounds, 13 assists) which, incredibly, was his second with the Bucks.

I’ll repeat that.


File that away for your “Obscure Bucks Trivia” night and thank me later.

Anyways, Drew was the kind of player who was fun to watch no matter what the score was. Who else would elicit chants of “We want Drew! We want Drew!” during Bucks blowouts (either in wins or losses) this season? We at Bucksketball will miss the antics, the big man passing, and the ever-changing beard stylings.

Never change, Drew. Never change.

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  1. This would be a very good move if they weren’t going to take on any more salary, allowing themselves to have more flexibility for the future. My general instincts regarding Hammond is that he will mess this up by either giving Jennings too much, or by taking on money for some other mediocre player(s). As it stands now, they have an opportunity to do something drastically good for the future by somehow unloading Jennings for someone who isn’t very good who is on, or nearly on, an expiring deal. If you are going to be bad next year (which they will be anyway), then BE BAD. Increase your odds of getting one of these superstar-potential talents coming into the draft next year and team them with Sanders and Henson (and maybe Giannis in a couple of years).

    This organization needs a direction. This will give you a direction starting next year. Any team in this type of small market situation needs to have a plan. This is the ONLY way to field a team that isn’t just stuck in NBA purgatory (hovering around the 8th seed perpetually). The Bucks have a few building blocks, but they are complimentary pieces. If they land a Kevin Durant-type (or some reasonable facsimile talent-wise at any position) of the future via the draft (when players really have no choice but to play in Milwaukee in that situation), then they are in business.

    Superstars with complimentary pieces equals winning. Winning helps bring quality free agents to teams that may be a piece or two away from doing something special. Even in Milwaukee. As it stands now, the Bucks franchise is a laughing stock because of their recent losing tradition and lack of direction. You want a new arena…better start with a plan that at least gives you a shot at making it happen. Even if you go down (by leaving Milwaukee), go down swinging, Bucks.

      • If the Bucks are truly “going for it” this upcoming season I could see the Gooden amnesty as step 1 in acquiring Danny Granger from the Pacers. It would most likely require the Bucks to send next years 1st round pick though.

        I dont like that idea, but it seems like a very Bucks thing to do.

  2. Smart move is take on a bad contract attached to a draft pick. Dumb move would use that money carelessly to sign some mediocre player. All this extra money worries me

  3. I’d like to see the Bucks bid on Mike Miller, might as well go ahead and pay him 4 or 5 mil to reach the salary floor on a 1 year contract. Not to mention there is a desperate need for SF’s on this current roster.

  4. happyfeethustle

    Whats the salary floor this season? Sounds as if we have not reached that $ amount.
    Obviously there are many ways to build winning teams- but,…if you attempt a tank strategy- you risk monumental backfire. JABS- your post is incredibly detail oriented, almost too detail oriented. If just 1 detail gets “off track”, its a wasted effort-at the cost of the fan support! Tank 2-3 seasons and then what- A Miracle happens? I dont think so- Bucks can make playoffs this season, and they should do everything they can to achieve that goal. High lottery picks are NOT A GUARANTEE of success. Whereas, team chemistry-solid coaching-solid effort- will to compete has always been good recipe for winning. The way our current NBA is setup, the Champs are among 3 or 4 teams at beginning of every season-its very predictable. How many years of High Lottery picks would you anticipate necessary for Bucks to be mentioned in the preseason discussion. I will be a satisfied Bucks fan if the team does just one thing this season- Give us fans some solid Blue Collar effort. That is at the heart of our city, its heritage as a blue collar city still resonates with many fans today


    • The faction of fans like happyfeethustle here are exactly why Herb Kohl and the Bucks are perfectly content with merely making the playoffs and goign home round 1.

      THIS – “I will be a satisfied Bucks fan if the team does just one thing this season- Give us fans some solid Blue Collar effort. That is at the heart of our city, its heritage as a blue collar city still resonates with many fans today”

      Are we serious right now or are people stuck in this bizarro world where the NBA title can be won with an NCAAM mindset? In this sport, at this level, you need TALENT to win games especially in the playoffs. Blue collar work ethic is ideal, but how about infusing that with guys who are actually worth a damn? No UFC is comign to Milwaukee willingly at a price that should be acceptable for a market like Milwaukee so how do the Bucks secure elite talent? Bottom out. This action should particularly be followed by the words: “especially when this upcoming draft features some of the best college players coming out since 2003.”

      • This is exactly why I want to see the Buck give the PG position to Ish Smith, the SF position to our new 18yo Rookie, and the PF position to J.Henson. This will translate to major growing pains for the team (read: bad record), but will also allow these young players to develop and grow on the fly as well as likely give the team a high draft pick for 2014.

    • First of all…fan support is very poor as it is in this current state of the franchise. Solid blue-collar effort is great. I agree with that assessment. The problem is that, oft times, it only gets you so far when you have average talent. If you are content with middle-of-the-road playoff teams or worse, then enjoy it while it is still in Milwaukee. What is the purpose of having a franchise if you aren’t going to compete for championships at any point? In that case, under your logic, let them leave.

    • First of all, it isn’t as if the fan support is all that great as it stands right now. Giving a blue collar effort is great. I agree with that assessment. The problem is that blue collar effort only gets you so far with average talent. If you are content (which it seems you are) with having middle-of-the-pack playoff teams or worse then enjoy it while it is still in Milwaukee. If the organization isn’t going to compete for championships at any point, then what is the point of having a franchise? Under your logic the team will likely be gone in a few years. The team may leave anyway, but at least give your organization and fans a shot. NO KIDDING there are no guarantees in the lottery. But what have they done in the last ten years under their current “plan?” How much of a sample size do you need? Wake up, for Christ’s sake!

      • Being rude does not make you right…it just makes you rude.

        Some are of the opinion that tanking will get the Bucks a high lottery pick in the draft next year and that pick will save the team.

        Others are of the opinion that building a team with good talent and good chemistry will save the team.

        There is plenty of evidence to suggest that option two is just as viable as option one.

        • Rudeness has nothing to do with this. This is reality. I just don’t see how some of the fans can’t see that what they’ve been doing hasn’t been working for the last 25 years (save for that brief run under the early George Karl era).

    • That’s a long shot! I would love for that to happen, though, just like the Bucks could have gotten Josh Smith from the Hawks this past February, or Stan Van Gundy as head coach. Rajon Rondo for Jennings would be amazing considering Rondo has been a proven point guard. However, he does bring attitude – perhaps in a positive way. The Bucks have had a tough time attracting big names. Rondo would be one of them.

  5. P.S. even with Jennings on the team, we will not make the playoffs. WE AREN’T THAT GOOD. I see us being 9th, 10th, or 11th in the conference which will do us good for where we need to be; in the lottery to pick up a future stud. That’s all we need. A guy with extreme talent, hopefully at the two or one spot, to come in and be a difference maker almost right away. That’s what the Bucks need, and it seems to me that Hammond and Kohl are shooting for that. This is weird for me to say too cuz personally I am not a fan of either of those two…