Jeff Teague wants the Milwaukee Bucks, the Bucks want Teague, but the Hawks will decide

Jeff Teague is looking forward to a future with the Bucks, but the Hawks will decide that. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)
Jeff Teague is looking forward to a future with the Bucks, but the Hawks will decide that. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

Things are getting very interesting between Jeff Teague, the Atlanta Hawks and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Wednesday night, reports surfaced that the Bucks had signed Teague to an offer sheet with $32 million over four years, presumably to be Milwaukee’s new starting point guard. But Teague is a restricted free agent, which gives the Hawks 72 hours from the moment they receive the offer sheet to match the deal. The assumption is that the Hawks received the offer sheet some time last night.

Often, with restricted free agents, teams have a very good idea how they will handle the situation if the player decides to sign an offer sheet elsewhere and we get closure, one way or the other, on these scenarios very quickly.

We might have to wait on this one for the whole three days though.

Teauge’s numbers from last season compare pretty favorably the other point guards in his draft class and his salary would be solid value if he were able to maintain his current level of production. To wit:


Teague finds himself right in the middle, based on last season’s performance. Keep in mind that each of these players, outside of Jennings and Flynn – who played in Australia last year – have signed deals worth more than $10 million annually. It almost seems like a no-brainer that the Hawks would match the offer, no?

Except that a new regime has taken over since Teague was drafted. He is not “their guy”. Who might be? Perhaps Dennis Schröder, the point guard Atlanta selected with the 17th pick just weeks ago. Beyond that, Teague has already gotten very vocal about wanting out of Atlanta. He’s felt slighted and a lack of love from the team according to Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Vivlamore went on to say that Teague thinks the Hawks are unlikely to match his deal and that both parties, he and the Hawks, are moving in separate directions. Of course, we’ve seen this play out in a similar fashion with other RFAs, only to see the team defy them and match the deal anyway. The Bucks even have some experience with this, having matched a deal Charlie Bell never wanted them to match years ago.

Where does that leave the Bucks? Potentially with a new point guard on a solid contract. And with the rights to another point guard looking for a large contract. All indications are that the Bucks have not renounced the rights to Brandon Jennings to get this deal done. Marc Stein reported that the Bucks have renounced the rights to Joel Przybilla. They have also officially signed and traded J.J. Redick to the Los Angeles Clippers to free up cap space, but have yet to officially announce any of the other reported deals (Luc Mbah a Moute to the Kings, O.J. Mayo’s signing, Carlos Delfino’s signing and Zaza Pachulia’s signing) we’ve heard about in the past week.

The timing of the deals is very important, as not signing those deals means the Bucks can keep the rights to Jennings and still sign and trade Monta Ellis, though Frank Madden indicates they will have to renounce Ellis’ rights to afford this deal (Frank has all this cap stuff covered, he’s a beast). It is also important to note that the Bucks CANNOT work out a sign and trade with the Hawks around Jeff Teague now that he has signed an offer sheet with them. Though the Bucks could still do something with the Hawks around Jennings if they so desired.

Ultimately, we still don’t know quite what’s exactly going to happen just yet. We know the Bucks want Teague. We know Teague wants the Bucks. After that, it’s all conjecture and mystery right now. We’re 11 days into this off season and there’s little sign it’s going to slow down any time soon, with the futures of Jennings and Ellis still hanging in the balance.

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    • For me its just the top stories portion that flips through the last 5 stories on the front page. Everything else loads fine.

      Maybe everyone is super interested in the Bucks now and its being bogged down by the new fan base…

    • I also have that issue, not just the pinwheel spinning round and round either, just getting to the site in the first place.

    • Yes, I have the exact same problem. On a good note, somebody actually wants to come to the Bucks!!!!

      • i commented on this issue very early in this last season…hopefully next season means a transition to a less demented blog layout…

      • What I’ve read (I’m not a firsthand expert) is that, if the Hawks matched the offer sheet, they couldn’t trade Teague for something like three months and couldn’t trade him to Milwaukee for a year. Also, the offer sheet eliminates the option for the Bucks of doing a s&t with Atlanta for Teague.

      • they can’t trade Teague for 3 months or Dec 15, whichever is later, and they can’t trade him to us for a full year though.

      • No they can’t. You can’t trade a player that had their offer sheet matched for three months, and you can’t trade them to the team that gave them that offer sheet for one year. Duh.

  1. Pretty funny really, if the Hawk’s don’t match and Jennings can’t find a new team and excepts the 1-year QO, our PG situation looks like this:


    I put Jennings on the bench because in this sceanrio, I don’t see him playing unless there was an injury. I certainly would think the Bucks renounce there rights to Jennings, should Teague’s offer not be matched by the Hawk’s and we can’t find a S&T for Jennings else where.

    • Randall Delaney

      I don’t know about that. I think keeping Jennings whether he plays or not would be smart. He will draw a good player for the Bucks in a trade scenario. You know teams will need a PG down the road when something happens. Jennings would be a great asset to hold onto. Especially if they aren’t going to sign a good free agent out there. They don’t need the cap space. I hope they pick up Kirilenko. The Hawks almost have to match the offer. Otherwise, they will lose Teague and have to trade for Jennings. Although they could s&t Zaza for Jennings. I say sign Ellis, Jennings and trade them with Udoh, Smith, and Ayon to the Hawks for Teague, Horford, and Zaza. Possible? Good idea?

      • I’m with you, adding AJ-47 as the finally piece to this off-season would be GREAT!

      • I’m with you, adding AK-47 as the finally piece to this off-season would be GREAT!

  2. happyfeethustle

    LOL…Horford! Good one …. :)

    They will not give up Horford- NOOOOOO WAAAAAY

    I do agree keeping Jennings as trade piece would be great idea. You may be able to get something significant down the road. Cant really let him just walk away for nothing, can we? So many different scenario’s running right now. Im starting to see a 1/2 way competitive roster come together if both Teague/ RIDNOUR end up here. Have faith in OUR BUCKS


  3. Jennings will have a no trade clause in his contract if he accepts the qualifying offer, so we couldn’t just trade him anywhere, he would have to approve it. And after what we did to him I doubt he will want to cooperate at all, he would much rather sit the bench and go where he wants next year.

  4. Jeremy, I appreciate your consistent viewpoint on our team and GM. It is as if you hope Hammond has a master plan that none of us can conceptualize yet, but realize we may be on our own. Kind of like religion, I suppose.

  5. Where does this deal with Teague effect our season results? Are we still able to be in the lottery with Teague? I just don’t understand why Hammond is so content with the 7th seed in the playoffs. The bucks have tried this formula under Hammond for several years and we’ve gotten little to no results. It’s time we play the rookies and all our young player and tank for the draft. Signing and trading both Jennings and Ellis is what needs to be done

    • Fact is that the bucks mgmt has been given directive to aim for the playoffs every year. The lack of long term planning is just something you have to get over as a fan if you want to enjoy this team.

  6. This is turning into a good suspense story, with a lot of suspense as to whether there will be a happy ending for the Bucks.
    First of all, I sure hope we get Jeff Teague. We need a promising young point guard to run the show whether we win 20 games, or 40, or 50 — otherwise our young guys won’t develop well and may get discouraged about being part of the Bucks.
    I wonder if there’s any way that we could bring Brandon or Monta back to the Bucks and have it be a good situation for their teammates. What kind of attitudes would these guys be likely to have if they were brought back? Would do you guys think?
    Incidentally, even though I hope things work out for Brandon and Monta in the long run — with other teams! — I’m glad to see them squirm for awhile with underwhelming interest from other teams. My hunch is that both of them could use a healthy dose of humility.

  7. Still only have 1 SG, 1 SF and 1 Drew Gooden on this roster though and all three of those need to change

  8. I’m also wondering how the Hawks’ signing of Paul Millsap affects Al Hortford? Do they play similar styles and would they tend to conflict with each other on the court, or complement each other?
    On a similar note, if we acquired Hortford, how would he fit in with Larry Sanders and John Henson? Would Hortford be able to play small forward and be a good scorer from that position?
    Following from these first two sets of questions, does it seem like the Hawks are in a rebuilding mode? Would Al Hortford at about age 27 maybe want to come to the Bucks and have a better chance of winning now — with a combination of our young guys in Larry and John plus our veteran signings of O.J. Mayo, Zaza, Carlos Delfino and maybe his former teammate Jeff Teague? Would the Hawks maybe be interested in getting guys to fill out their roster for at least the time being like two or three of the following: Ekpe, Ersan, Ish, Brandon, Monta?
    The bottom line here is that I think with Al Hortford we could win 45-50 games next season — and then emerge as a title contender in the near future. Then the Giannis signing makes a lot more sense because he could develop gradually in the context of the Bucks emerging as a top team in the East. I would even consider trading our #1 pick next year to the Hawks to get Hortford because I think he’s worth a top-ten pick, maybe even top-five, especially as he has already proven himself to be a star in this league and is ready to shine even more right away for the Bucks.
    Crazy talk? What do others think? Let me have it! — but not too brutally, please.

    • You are such a moron. Garauntee you’re a hawks fan hahaha this is absolutely insane. We don’t want horford, and he isn’t that great of a player. The bucks need to rebuild, and tanking this season in hopes of a top 5 pick is ideal. The bucks need some young draftee to spark interest back in the city. Playoff births only prolong and ignore the teams problems. We need to install a long term problem signing and trading both monta and Brandon would help given minutes to young and high potential players like sanders and Henson. I hope the hawks match teagues offer because I don’t want any of the three point guards, and I would love to see the bucks take action like the 76ers and Utah jazz

      • To clarify @Sfisch I believe it was crazy talk because the Hawks would not give up Al Horford unless it was for Larry Sanders and another few pieces. Horford is an All Star/All NBA big man with a proven track record and is under a reasonable contract

      • @Charlie
        No need for name calling, and saying Horford isn’t that good is pure non sense. Guy is an allstar and will be years to come.

  9. Thanks, Ted, for pointing out the article, which is a good read.
    One thought I have is that if Larry Drew wants to have Jeff Teague for the Bucks, then he probably thinks that at age 24 or so Teague is on the rise as a player in the NBA — that his strengths greatly outweigh his weaknesses, for now or at least for the future. At least that seems like a reasonable inference.
    A second thought is that if Teague really wants to be with the Bucks (and didn’t just sign with us hoping that the Hawks would match the offer), then it would be risky for the Hawks to force him back and perhaps have a disgruntled, or at least disappointed, player on their hands.
    It’s interesting that Hawks fans are like us Bucks fans in wondering where management is going after the draft and early free agency… in other words, what’s next, and where is it all leading to?


    everyone feel free to head over to jennings vs teague poll where 3/4 of espn things jennings is far better than teague. teague is a safe move for the bucks but that requires giving up jennings our only chance of an all star in milwaukee, will teague consistently hit huge game winners/big shots down the stretch as jennings did on multiple occasions? bet not. we went from having a solid team in jennings and mayo, an improvement from jennings and ellis and than the bucks managed to self destruct that in only a few days

    • I think Jennings is a better player than Jeff Teague, but not for this franchise. I still really like Brandon Jennings, but he is not a good fit for this organization and it’s time for both sides to move on.

      @Guru I know what you mean when you say that Jenning hit some big shots down the stretch for Milwaukee but the truth is that he is one of the worst “clutch” shooting players in the NBA. He shoots 32% from the field during clutch situations (4th quarter or overtime, less than 5 minutes left, neither team ahead by more than 5 points)

      I can think of 3 game winners he hit this season off of the top of my head but I imagine he had at least a dozen game losing shots as well

      • Under 5 minutes sure his percentage is probably low but from what i remember i dont think he missed any last second game winning/tieing shots all season and if he did i would be pretty sure that he hit more than missed

        all im trying to say is mayo is a far better shooter than ellis was which changes the dynamic completely, with teague yea hes a good all around true point guard but he isnt a scorer like jennings so we are leaving everything up to mayo which hes good but not that good

        • I agree that at this point the Bucks might have some difficulty scoring, but it’s scary to give Brandon a green light to be a volume shooter. I’d rather take my chances with a true point guard who is all about helping other guys to score. Let’s see if any players besides O.J. step up as good scorers. Otherwise, though I’m not for tanking, I’d rather lose than go through another season with Brandon jacking up shots with reckless abandon.
          For a point guard with such a high opinion of himself, Brandon’s six or seven assists per game seems rather pathetic. He seems like a sloppy ballhandler, an erratic passer, an inconsistent shooter, an indifferent defender, and a lackluster leader — especially at an asking price of $11 million or so per season. At age 23, perhaps he can improve if he has a good attitude — and I truly hope this will be the case — but his attitude at this point is quite questionable. If I’m being too hard on him, please set me straight.

    • I could care less what the espn poll results are. The majority of voters haven’t spent the last four years watching bucks games. Teague in a landslide