JJ Redick is probably gone, but he could still provide some value to the Milwaukee Bucks

Redick is all but gone. (Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)
Redick is all but gone. (Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)

J.J. Redick will almost certainly not return to the Milwaukee Bucks next season.

Since free agency tipped off at midnight on July 1, Redick has become a target for multiple teams, most notably the Los Angeles Clippers and Minnesota Timberwolves. Quite a buzz was generated among Bucks fans yesterday when it was reported that the Clippers may be amenable to a sign-and-trade deal centering around Redick and Eric Bledsoe. The prevailing thought at the time was that the Clippers were ready to part with Bledsoe after locking Chris Paul into a franchise player, long term deal.

Unfortunately, some cold water was thrown on the idea of Redick for Bledsoe later in the evening:

Doc Rivers is said to still be weighing his options with Bledsoe, a young player he’s said to like a great deal. Other potential candidates to work out a sign and trade for the athletic and burly young guard are the Dallas Mavericks (O.J. Mayo), Toronto Raptors (Demar Derozan) and Orlando Magic (Arron Afflalo). Of those players, Redick may be the best pure “fit” for the Clippers, given his health, ability to work off the ball and shoot threes. But he has less of an ability to create offense out of nothing than a Mayo or a Derozan.

Last night, around the time when the rumors for Bledsoe were dying down, the Redick to Minnesota rumors started heating up.

Milwaukee would without question prefer Redick landed with the Clippers rather than the Wolves. A package built around Bledsoe and Caron Butler (his contract would need to be included to make numbers fit) would be a fantastic coup for a free agent that’s leaving Milwaukee either way. The Wolves have enough room under the cap if they renounce the right to Andrei Kirilenko to sign Redick outright for a little over $6 million annually according to Zach Harper.

At this point, it seems the Clippers or Wolves are Redick’s most likely destinations, though we’re still early in free agency. His asking price is likely a little steep for most teams, so it’s going to take a team that thinks it is close to something – the finals for the Clippers and playoffs for the Wolves – to want to invest in him. It’s clear the Bucks are out of the running, either by their choice or his.

But that doesn’t mean Milwaukee’s gotten everything they can out of Redick just yet.

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  1. One thing I am reading a lot about that I don’t like at all is thought of getting back Zaza Pachulia. NO THANK YOU!!!!

    I think just in case Bledsoe did come our way though, why would we keep both him AND Jennings. I would think we’d sign & trade Jennings elsewhere. In fact, regardless, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Jennings in signed & traded…if the price is right, the price is right. I think Hammond could have been just giving the people a little “lip service” on his devotion to keeping Jennings. I know a lot of us wouldn’t mind starting fresh without Jennings, Ellis, and Redick.

    • Anything we can get for Redick would be great though! Even if it was a future pick or something. Something to justify the giving away of Harris.

  2. If the Bucks receive Bledsoe, how about trading him right away to a team that wants him? Trade for Tarrence Ross or Kaldwell Pope????

    • Haha is that a joke? I thi m the Bucks would want him to be their new starting pg. Trade hike away!? Smh

    • Haha is that a joke? I think the Bucks would want him to be their new starting pg. Trade him away!? Smh

  3. Freakin Rivers is ruining everything. You can’t keep both long term Rivers! If you wait to the trade deadline next year, you would have probably missed out on your best shooting guard options. If they really want to win now, they would sign reddick which is what they need, three point shooting. They have enough slashers with Crawford, paul. they need shooters now

  4. happyfeethustle

    Read alot of RUMOR coverage about this possible trade deal. I believe Redick is a good fit for Clippers. Cant create much of his own offense-but,can screen/pop 3s OR screen/roll down the lane-dish to B. Griffin.
    Redick can be KEY piece for Clips to take next step in playoffs. We all know Doc rivers would find ways to get MAX production out of Redick too! Redick is PURE shooter-what team couldn’t use that?

    I know he’s gone (he showed up middle winter from Orlando-did u honestly believe he would re-sign? )-so, lets get SOMETHING for him-PLEASE! Even a ham sandwich on day old bread is better than nothing :)