Luc Mbah a Moute traded to the Sacramento Kings

Mbah a Moute will be styling in Sacramento from now on. (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)
Mbah a Moute will be styling in Sacramento from now on. (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

Luc Mbah a Moute, a 6-foot-8, defensive minded forward who rotated between the power and small positions for five years in Milwaukee, has been traded to the Sacramento Kings, according to a variety of tweets.

A number of reporters tweeted about this news, all with varying reports on just what exactly the Bucks would be getting back. They seemed to be tweeting the progress of the deal. So I’ll just give the credit to the reliable Charles F. Gardner, as he only tweeted once he had all of the details:

Reports indicate the 2018 second round pick may be for the right to swap second round picks, but it isn’t really even worth the taking the time to care what’s going to happen to a second round pick in 2018 right now.

Mbah a Moute was due $4.6 million in 2013-14 and $4.4 million in 2014-15 in the last two years of a deal he signed with the Denver Nuggets in the summer of 2011. Milwaukee matched the deal and many suspected Mbah a Moute wasn’t thrilled about it. He went on to have a fairly strong season in 2011-12, fighting through injuries to produce the highest PER of his career (13.9) while still contributing on defense.

Milwaukee bulked up last off season, which forced Mbah a Moute out of what appeared to be his comfort zone at the power forward spot and out on the wing where his size was a real asset defensively, but his offensive game was ill-suited. The steadiest position switch of his career, a complete lack of basketball activity in the off season and a variety of ailments and illnesses last season all contributed to his worst season in Milwaukee.

He’ll get a clean slate in Sacramento and potentially a chance to move back to the power forward spot. The Bucks will get out from under a contract that was no bargain and open up a roster spot that could potentially be taken by a more offensively adept wing. Most post trade rumblings today have been to the effect that this won’t be the last move Milwaukee makes in addressing its wing situation.

Appropriately enough, Mbah a Moute is also Milwaukee’s last connection to its former success with second round picks. Mbah a Moute was selected with the 37 pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. He is the most recent successful Milwaukee second round draft pick and the final one in a decade that produced Ramon Sessions (2007), Ersan Ilyasova (2005), Dan Gadzuric (2002) and Michael Redd (2000) in the forgotten round. Bucks fans haven’t seen a great return in the past few seasons. The Bucks got little to no production out of Darington Hobson, Tiny Gallon and traded Doron Lamb, Jon Leuer and Jodie Meeks before any of them could log many valuable minutes in Milwaukee.

But John Hammond has now acquired three (possibly four if the second pick in this deal isn’t a swap) second round picks in the next three drafts this off season.

Get excited?

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  1. The more I think about, the more I believe this was something that just had to be done. I guess the win for Milwaukee is more so that we’re freeing up money, but the extra picks are nice. I hope for his sake he does better with the Kings.

  2. Good Lord, more 2nd round picks! We have so many, they had to push them out to 2016 and 2018. More Tiny Gallons in the Buck’s future draft plans, I hope not!

    On the bright side, it does give Hammonds some cap room in case he’s taking back players (hopefully a 2 or 3) in any S&T deals involving Ellis and/or Jennings.

    Of course we may just trade both of them for more 2nd round picks! :(

  3. Ok, now is the time for Hammond to make a move that actually HELPS the Bucks in a significant way. He has shown himself to be the master of the neutral or “treading water” trades and acquisitions. Now the Bucks need a player or 2 of starting value.

    Go get Kirilenko. Go get Gary Neal. Go get Jeff Teague. You have the $ and the flexibility. Go after it!!!!!!!!

  4. happyfeethustle

    Sheeeesh…im confused! ( like Bucks front office ?? )

    Give away a defensive asset..for more 2nd rounders-thats it? Couldn’t get a player out of this Hammond?

    Ive been somewhat of a Hammond supporter-so I have faith that he has particular plan in mind with this Mbah A Moute move.

    Good Luck to the Prince of Cameroon- So long Luc Richard


    • Randall Delaney

      Yeah, they should have picked up Marcus Thornton for him…would have been a nice move. This is not a move that seems to benefit the Bucks unless they plan on using the cap space to bring in some good players still (not too many out there so I hope something happens quickly).

  5. In reading a story about Monta Ellis and the teams he is considering it said that the Kings were considering him but need to get rid of Thornton first. So I think we could have made a deal for a player that actually would make a difference but that’s just my opinion…

  6. I’m okay with this deal in that it rids a one-dimensional player with a relatively high cap number (for his skill set) off the books. What I can’t figure out is the direction that the front office wants to go in? This treading water/NBA purgatory of hovering around the 8th seed is just plain ridiculous.

    First they draft Giannis A., a long term project with high upside, and you think, rebuild mode. Then they throw money at OJ Mayo who is not very good, but good enough to help you win a few ball games because of his scoring ability. Then, the real head scratcher, was giving Pachulia a 3 year $15 million deal (a high cap number for his skill set) in an already crowded frontcourt situation.

    I know that there are a slew of teams in tank mode for this upcoming season, but I think this organization owes its fans (or lack thereof) the chance of having a true superstar of the future by getting into the tank/high lottery pick sweepstakes in a draft that could rival that of the 2004 draft. That is the ONLY way this franchise will EVER get out of this situation, and the ONLY way to convince players of quality stature to come to this city via the free agent market.

    Try and do a sign and trade with Atlanta using either Jennings or Ellis to land Teague and then stop signing garbage. I would be okay with the off-season if they hadn’t done the Pachulia deal. I mean, why? I would be okay if they just let Jennings and Ellis go without compensation at this point. Signing Delfino is fine. They do need to fill out a roster afterall. Tank mode. Tank mode. Tank mode. Then in a few years…maybe Beast Mode.

    • Randall Delaney

      Garbage comment JAB. No such thing as tank mode and the 2004 draft was not that great. You thinking of ’03 draft??? A superstar takes time to turn great and by then he will become a free agent and leave Milwaukee. Quit lying to yourself and embrace the moves, good or bad. You can’t tank, and if you lose on purpose karma will give you a top ten pick that turns out be Greg Oden…

      • yes…my bad. I did mean to say 2003 draft. Other than calling me out on that fact, you are the epitome of ignorant fan. Enjoy not having a team in Milwaukee in 5 years. I certainly won’t.

        • I wont tear you apart JAB since Randall already did, (everyone is entitled to their own opinion people). I, too, was NOT a fan of the Zaza signing at first. However, I don’t think its the end of the world, I think we may be have given him a little extra (like a 1 million vs. what another team probably would’ve given him). But, Larry Drew is happy to have him & I bet it’s mutual. Second of all, and A LOT of sources/blogs have pointed to this, I think there is definitely something going on with Ekpe Udoh that we don’t know about. There’s still a lot of teams out there who like him and I could see us flipping him for someone and he’s still an attractive trade chip. Maybe we sign & trade Jennings for Jeff Teague, throw in Udoh and get a DeShawn Steveson or a pick. Something. Who knows, but I think Udoh is going somewhere. Even if it doesn’t happen overnight. Plus, Zaza is a TRUE back-up center. I’ll give the slight edge to him over Udoh.

        • Randall Delaney

          Ignorant would backing up your opinion with facts that aren’t facts. That’s what you’re doing…but you can call me ignorant if you want. The move is being made and it’s time to live with it, good or bad. My opinion is the comment was garbage. I’m not attacking you personally, just the thought you’re trying to get across. No hard feelings…

    • Randall Delaney

      Garbage comment JAB. No such thing as tank mode and the 2004 draft was not that great. You thinking of ’03 draft??? A superstar takes time to turn great and by then he will become a free agent and leave Milwaukee. Quit lying to yourself and embrace the moves, good or bad. You can’t tank, and if you lose on purpose karma will give you a top ten pick that turns out to be Greg Oden…

      • That’s your opinion Randall but just because it’s your opinion, doesn’t mean its correct. Your opinion could be garbage

        • Randall Delaney

          Yes, true. And you’re telling me this because… Take your non-common sense having *** outta here…

    • The bucks are just staying relevant and floating around because were the next team to be discussed on shipping out to Seattle. The BMO is under contract for 3 more seasons I believe and if we do tank, the bucks will take a huge hit. Herb Kohl is almost 80 years old with no kids, I’m sure he’s not pressing on keeping the bucks around and Hammond knows it. If we don’t stay right in the middle you can say goodbye to the Milwaukee Bucks.

  7. First, regarding Luc, when we draft a guy and he plays for us for a few years, I do get kinda attached and invested in him — even moreso if he seems like a good guy, as does Luc. I was frustrated that he never developed much of an offensive game, and I think it might be good for him to move on — but I do want to wish you the best Luc; may you prosper on and off the court, and God bless you. Oh, yeah, and please play really well against teams like Chicago and Detroit and Cleveland.
    It does seem strange to me that we didn’t get any players in this deal, so I’m wondering if this is part of some other maneuvers that are planned for the next day or two. I mean 2nd-round picks are fun for trying to find a Cinderella story, but let’s not go overboard.
    I’m still hoping we can get Teague and Hortford without trading Sanders or Henson. My hunch is that Hortford could be the star player we need to get into the top four in the conference and to set up ourselves as a possibly a contending team for the championship in the next couple of years. Maybe a crazy thought?!? I’m willing to take some flak for this because I’d like to hear what the rest of you have to think, but please go a little easy on me. I mean well.

    • What about Brandon, Ekpe and a 1st-round pick for Jeff Teague and Al Hortford? Or Brandon, Ekpe and Ersan?
      If the Hawks are in rebuilding mode, they might like this.
      I would really like this. Again, I may be crazy, but do mean well.

      • I like the possibilities of those two trade scenarios!! I would be reluctant on shipping Henson in a trade even if it brings Horford, and definitely NOT Sanders!!! I’m not a huge fan of stretch 4s unless you have a great scoring center, so Ersan can go in my opinion. I’d like to package Ersan and Udoh with any trade, especially with Jennings…new coach can equal semi-fresh start.

    • Randall Delaney

      Naw, I think your thinking is somewhat good. I like bringing in Horford, not sure if we give up Ersan but maybe everybody but Ers, Larry and Henson would be okay…

  8. Didn’t expect that move, but can’t say that I expected ANY of the moves so far this off season!

    LRMBM was improving on offense and then he messed up his knee. He really struggled this past year and I hope, for his sake, that he fully recovers.

    Waiting for that move or no move to make sense of all this.

    Scratching head ;-(


  10. Hmm…. The Bucks seem very confused. Bucks offseason thoughts

    -Drafting a guy like Giannis is a great move ….for the future. Which makes no sense if they’re trying to win right now.

    -The Nate Wolters pick was solid… I love when teams use 2nd rd picks on obvious rotation guys who have the chance to get better and instead on overseas guys who probably will not pan out even if they do come over…ala symon swyzek

    -Swapping Jennings for Teague is pretty moot…Teague comes a bit cheaper…their stats are similar and Teague maybe gives you better D..personally I’d take my chances with Jennings to build around..He’s all heart and I think has the biggest chance to actually be an all star or superstar not to say Teague isn’t solid. Its just that honestly the bucks haven’t fielded a very competitive team since Jennings has been there…if you pair Jennings with some great talent I think you’d see a completely different pg who might actually shoot 40%
    – On another note Jennings played hard for a small market team that seemed content to be an 8th seed… I hope he gets a nice payday when its all said and done.

    -Zaza was a horrible signing any way you take it…he’s too good to tank with and not good enough to truly make a difference starting or otherwise. And on top of that he was handed a contract thats way too long….once again not good for a contending team or a team trying to tank

    -Delfino was a solid signing…I’m on the fence with bringing Ridnour back but for now I’ll roll with it …bucks should have found a way to keep them, from leaving town the first time

    -The bucks getting essentially nothing for Jennings, Ellis, Dunlevy, Reddick, or Luc Richard so far….. either your in if for 1st rd picks or your trying to contend….stockpiling 2nd rd picks has never gotten a team anywhere. If you were going to let those guys walk the bucks should have flipped them and the 20 big men we on the roster into picks during the draft or future picks for the wiggins draft which looks to be great on paper so far. And begun the epic tanking that is a yearly success for teams such as the bobcats. Just think a Jennings or Teague/Oj Mayo/Giannis/Sanders led team with at least 2 rookies to insert to go with them is pretty promising or at the least entertaining and hopeful …

    -Giving Luc Richard away wasn’t a great move but it wasn’t bad but it was confusing…. a fully tanked team probably will not compete for a year or two….luc is going to get a pay day in the next 2 years probably 7-10 mil range…but was only snagging 4 mil for a top notch defender with no offensive game…so if your trying to win now you keep him….trying to clear cap space to tank it up or for a big sign and trade, you trade him… I honestly don’t think the bucks have a plan…he was valuable…since he’s gone I’d expect some major tankage to be on the horizon but that doesn’t seem to be the case as our stint of back to back 8th seeds continue. Anyone really see us beating the bulls, heat, pacers, nets, knicks with the current set up?…. yeah didn’t think so..

    So I wonder what the plan is because as of right now it is pretty confusing

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