Report: Atlanta Hawks match Milwaukee Bucks offer sheet for Jeff Teague

Jeff Teauge will be wearing a Hawks uniform again next season. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)
Jeff Teauge will be wearing a Hawks uniform again next season. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Saturday afternoon that the Atlanta Hawks matched the offer sheet the Milwaukee Bucks extended to point guard Jeff Teague.

The team matched the four-year, $32 million offer sheet from the Bucks on Saturday. The point guard, disillusioned with the progress of negotiations, signed the offer sheet on Wednesday.

The window is now closed on Jeff Teague. According to the CBA FAQ, the Bucks cannot trade for Teague for a year and cannot trade him at all without his consent for a year. Simply put: he will not be on the Milwaukee Bucks next season.

This leaves the Bucks in a bit of a precarious position. After little progress in┬ánegotiations┬ábefore last season, Milwaukee allowed Brandon Jennings to enter the market as a restricted free agent this summer. Milwaukee was reportedly very interested in Teague from the outset of free agency after hiring Larry Drew, Teague’s coach in Atlanta last season, as head coach.

Now the Bucks are left with the recently re-acquired Luke Ridnour and the little used Ish Smith as point guards on the active roster. They will now have to decide how to proceed with Jennings. He indicated in March that if it came to accepting the qualifying offer from the Bucks he would look to move on from Milwaukee in free agency at the end of the season.

Jennings’ qualifying offer is for $4.5 million. Recent reports have Jennings was looking for $12 million annually and the Bucks balking at that sort of financial commitment. Yahoo! reported in that same March story that he turned down a four year, $40 million deal in October.

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  1. Wow, what a soap opera. Only the bucks would have such crummy luck. Screw Danny Ferry.

    This is just……wow.

    Well Beno Udrih and Mo Williams are still available, or we could just start Ridnour. Or maybe (gulp) the team patches things up with Jennings? Yikes that would be bummer x 10.

    Damn it

    • Sign Gerald Henderson and Kostas to reach salary floor and roll with luke, Ish, and Wolters at pg. Someone might offer some more 2nd rounders for BJ, and you never can have too many 2nd rounders…..

      • Wasn’t Mo Williams in a big hurry to get out of Milwaukee?
        As far as Beno, he reminds me of Brandon as a shaky ballhandler and passer, but maybe I’m wrong about both. Anyway, I know we’re in a tough spot, but let’s still be somewhat picky about who we select. It’ll be interesting to see how Ish Smith and Nate Wolters do running the show this week.

        • Yea would agree about Beno being shaky, but definitely converts more of his jumpers, and gets the ball moving more passing wise.

          Oh and he also costs a fraction of what BJ wants

  2. here we go….the soap opera with jennings is about to get out of control this season. im sincerely hoping that jennings is not offered a long term contract. prayers up

  3. Serious bummer to lose Jeff Teague!

    I’m really reluctant to sign Brandon. If he really wanted us, and we really wanted him, there should already be a deal. Even at $6 million per year, it would be too much — especially if neither side is all that enthusiastic, and many of the fans are reluctant. Though I’m not in favor of tanking, I’d rather take our chances with other guys, even if it means more losses.
    Most of all, I think Brandon’s apparent attitude is the biggest problem.
    He seems to be immature and mostly wrapped up in himself. He doesn’t seem to be the guy to lead the Bucks on or off the court. I’ve been a pretty big fan of Brandon until very recently; I would be glad to be wrong about him now; and I welcome other observations and opinions.
    One more thing: Brandon is really not a true point guard by temperament of talent. He’s shaky as a ballhandler and a passer. I think his best role is off the bench as a hybrid, mostly a shooter and somewhat of a facilitator. I sincerely hope he gets it together one way or another, and I wish him all the best.

  4. Let Jennings play for his $4.5 million. He should be very motivated to play well.

    Do NOT offer him an extension, especially at this point, when nobody else wants him … that says a lot. The Bucks don’t really want him, and he doesn’t really want us.

    If he plays well, maybe we can trade him at the deadline. Or next summer, he can look for a better contract from someone else and he comes off our books.

    • I agree, this is a huge disappointment, but don’t pay Jennings more than his QO. Nobody seems interested in him and that should speak volumes. I’m sure Hammonds was prepared for this or why else would he have traded for Ridnour.

  5. This is a joke..a player that really would have stabilized the bucks roster for yrs to come, and now we have to deal with drama queen BJ…I think our best bet is to keep Bj for half the yr and then trade his ass so we can hopefully get a 1st rounder half him and then deal with what we got for the remainder of the yr. I like Teague and with Drew together it could prove to be a strong duo..then we get a lottery pick in a great draft next yr, with hopefully another first rounder and plenty 2nd rounders. I like the idea of two studs coming on the bucks with other young players coming in. Sanders, Henson, wolters, and ersan will only get better and we’ll hopefully be looking at being a contender for yrs after…unfortunately this is all retrospect. Look at our luck now…but im optimistic. The good luck has to come at some point. P.S. Gianni will be an all star in 4 yrs, i’m calling it now. This yr will suck but it will ne worth it in the end! Fear the Deer!

  6. You can send a direct message to the Bucks twitter account if you feel strongly enough about the Jennings situation. Not guaranteed to have an impact but if enough people join in who knows?

  7. Offer 5yr $10mil for Bj3.. If he turns it down then rescind his qualifying offer & go with Wolters Ridnour & Ish Smith.. Start Giannis at the SF spot & end up with top 3 draft pick next year with financial flexibility ala Cleveland Cavs

  8. Let the Unintentional Tank begin!?!

    By the way, who has Dominique Jones in the pool for our next surprise point guard? (I know it’s only been one half…)

    • Actually, it’s called the Accidental Tank, as per a good article earlier this month that can be found below in the archives.

      So…Let the Accidental Tank begin?!?

  9. Randall Delaney

    I like Brandon Jennings, and I’m glad he will be coming back most likely. I think if he comes back and plays well everyone will forget about this summer. It will be nice to have good depth at the position. Now if we could get a bit of depth at the SG and SF positions we may have a team… a playoff team! Stay positive Bucks fans! Stay positive!

    • Adam Schnitzler

      I’m with you on this one. I think Jennings is a tremendous talent put into a bad organization with terrible management and coaching. Skiles didn’t know how to run an offense. Their halfcourt sets are absolutely terrible. Why has there not been a post play for Larry Sanders or John Henson? These two will not get any better without a solid coach who knows how to run both an offense and defense. Also when you have a cancer in the locker room such as Ellis, why would you wanna play? I think Jennings with the right coaching and personal attention as say a Greg Popovich gave his players in San Antonio, he could be the future all star we have been waiting for. Same thing happened in Golden State with Steph Curry and Monta Ellis. It didn’t work because Monta wanted the ball all the time. Monta leaves and the Golden State warriors are 6th seed in the playoffs. I’m just saying the Bucks have put together some fine role playing pieces this offseason that could work to Jennings benefit/development. Larry Drew is also a great coach along with a guy by the name of Nick Van Exel. I once again would personally pay Jennings the 12 million a year rather than take a chance on a rookie.

      • Jennings seems like the cancer more than Ellis, hence why we wanted to keep him and how Jennings hasn’t fielded a single offer yet.

        • Adam Schnitzler

          Last time I checked it was Ellis that almost got into a fight with Larry Sanders in the locker room. Real quality guy.

          • And it was Ellis that the Bucks offered a fat contract to.
            Not a single offer for Jennings yet. That should be a key indicator.

  10. Crazy! Why anyone thought this would work out any different than Atlanta signing Teague after every bit of the 72 hours is beyond me.

    That was never an option for the Bucks. It was a move to support the wishes of the new coach. Now Hammond can say he tried his best to give Drew what he wanted.

    Checkmate! Your move Hammond….

  11. happyfeethustle

    Sign Henderson, Go with Ridnour, Wolters ,Ish- someone above approached this idea-I LIKE IT!
    Jennings is a cancer…I dont see ANY possible way that either side can mend fences now-no chance! Bucks MAY be able to forgive/forget & move forward with intentions of improving team Via Jennings. I personally cant see Brandon’s maturity level allowing him to firgive/forget. This situation clearly wont be settled til Brandon is wearing a different taems uniform. Play for the 4.5 qualify offer- I can see how Brandon would be inclined to have a productive year, like a job interview for potential suitors. Maybe that works… UGH-this is frustrating!!!!!!!

    Whichever way it goes- I will be cheering for my hometown squad. Must stay positive


  12. Tough luck on Teague, but Atlanta would’ve been stupid not to match the offer without a solid plan B for this year (which they didn’t have).

    I think I have a bead on Hammond’s thought process though. He never stopped rebuilding since he got here basically, and that’s fine because we don’t have a complete team yet. All of those 2nd round picks he’s acquired in the last few deals sure looks like good trade bait to move up and get a no doubt top 5 type of pick next year. Heck we could even have a few 2nd rounders left over as well.

    I think what happens with Jennings at this point will not matter because, unless he suddenly starts playing like a top five pick, consistently for half of next year, we weren’t going to get anything for him anyway. Hammond knew this and hedged his bets. Henson and Sanders are the only untradables on the roster at this point, so its going to get interesting to see how all those 2nd round picks get flipped.

  13. I had my hopes that as all the Bucks’ offseason moves were being widely panned that they had a plan, that it would start coming together, that Hammond is a clever guy, and so on. I’m beginning to lose hope. I’m wondering if Hammond has run out of ideas. They are screwed. Accidental Tank looks likely now, I agree, but done just badly enough that the Bucks get the 10th pick or so. Woo-hoo!!

  14. I wonder if Eric Bledsoe could still be moved yet once again. The Suns still have Goran Dragic, so I wonder if they’d have interest in moving him for something the Bucks have… as long as it’s not J.Henson. If they packaged E.Bledsoe w/ Marcin Gortat I wouldn’t even mind if L.Sanders was part of that package.

    Point is, I’d rather see the Bucks let B.Jennings play for half a year (mid season trade bait) under a qualifying offer than sign him long term, especially for any price above $7M per year. At $7M per year or less there’s a good chance he would still be attractive trade bait come mid-season.

    • CORRECTION: I’d rather swap E.Ilyasova for L.Sanders in that deal. On a personal level I’d be disappointed to see Ersan go because I’m a pretty big fan of his, but if it meant getting Bledsoe I’d pull the trigger on it in a sec.